Best Questlines In WotLK Classic - Top 5 Must-Do Quests To Level Fast In Wrath of the Lich King

10/26/2022 8:24:26 PM

So you're leveling in Wrath of the Lich King and as much as you love cracking Undead skulls and farming the backside of bears, you're looking for something to really sink your teeth into. In this guide, we are going to be talking questlines with a story, questlines with enjoyable characters, questlines that release that sweet hit of dopamine at a consuming gamer craves well. We show 5 of them for you, 5 of the best WotLK quest lines in the whole expansion, from the Dragonblight, to the Storm Peaks, Grizzly Hills, and Icecrown Glacier. Do these quests can definitely help you level up fast in Wrath of the Lich King. 

Best Questlines In WotLK Classic - Top 10 Must-Do Quests To Level Fast In Wrath of the Lich King

#1 - Best Drakaru Questline in WotLK

Drakuru is a drakari prisoner captured by treasure hunters in Grizzly Hills. Drakuru offers the player a deal, he'll guide the player for the nearby Drak Farron Keep in exchange for breaking him free and cleansing the Temple of the vile Scourge. The player gathers materials and creates potions for Drakuru. As the player is guided through the scourge fortress, Drakuru befriends us. Once at the top of the Ziggurat, the player summons him proper, it is there revealed that Drakuru is not here to cleanse the temple but betrays the Drakari, summoning the Lich King and pledging loyalty to him. For the Player's help, Drakuru offers him a position of power in his new scourge-controlled Empire. In Zul’Drak, the player can once again encounter the Overlord dragoo, the troll recognizes and even welcomes the player offering him quests. The Evan blade takes notice and recruits the player to sabotage and destroy Drakuru 's operations and in the end Drakuru's slain quite violently by the Lich King for his failure.

#2 - Best WotLK Questline The Hour of the Worg

While slaying the Worg of the Grizzly Hills, there's a chance one may drop a book Mikhall’s Journal. The Journal describes a wolf cult that has risen in the area and an eerie openness of the townsfolk to join it. He has sent his daughter Sasha away to stay safe. While investigating the wolf cult, it is revealed a long forgotten enemy has returned, the Archmage Arago, the very man who brought the worgen curse into the world. A reanimated shade he is working for the scourge, despite the Revelation, not everyone believes your story. The player seeks out a blind Seer by the name of Rona and after collecting materials, the player is shown a vision of Solstice Village, a town infected with the worgen curse. Rona tells the player about Sasha who had seen the same vision earlier that day. Sasha is seeking vengeance upon the wolf cult for killing her father and kidnapping her sister. Sasha has captured one of the villagers and is attempting to extract information from him about the location of her sister. This journey puts the player on a path to the mysterious blood moon Isle, conscripted by Arthas to serve the scourge. There, the player slays Argyle's most powerful minions and at the top of the Island's Tower defeats him ending his reign of terror once and for all. 

#3 - Best WotLK Crusader Bridenbrad Questline

This questline is what many would consider the saddest in the expansion. In Icecrown Glacier, High Lord Tirion Fordring enlists the player to locate the Lost Hero Crusader Bridenbrad, is meant to be far in the north at a location known only as the silent vigil. The player discovers a lone campfire and a Crusader flying in pain on the cold ground. Bridenbrad tells the player he's overcome with the undead plague and while he doesn't fear death, he does fear becoming a pawn of the Lich King.

# 4 - Best WotLK Questline Quel’s Delar

While dungeoning in the Frozen Halls of ice Crown, there's a chance a rare item the Battered Hilt will drop. The player brings this item to an NPC in the Argent tournament, but it cannot be identified. The player then travels to the dragon aspects to obtain a reference book, but it was already given to a man in Dalaran. And once in Dalaran, the player kills a spy who is in the city to steal the book. After a few favors for a local, the player is given a disguise to sneak into the enemy factions area of Dalaran. The player is able to obtain the book and returns to Icecrown. Before the item's true nature is revealed, Lana fell, Queen of the sand Lane appears and tells the story of the hilt. 

It is Quel’s Delar, the legendary sword from vanilla wow and now begins the player's Journey to reforge the blade. First, the player travels to the pit of sarum to obtain saronite, the metal made from the blood of the old God. The player then must return to the Frozen Halls to temper the blade in The Crucible of souls, then in the halls of reflection the sword is reborn, but it is drawn to Frostmourne. The sword leaps from its sheath and attacks the player. After defeating the sword, the player brings it to the Sun world to be purified. Quel’s Delar then chooses the player as its new master giving them one of the best weapons in Wrath of the Lich King.

# 5 - Best Matthias Lehner Quest Line WotLK 

During an assault on icecrown Citadel, the player is flung far below the stronghold of the Lich King and discovers a mysterious object. After touching it, the ghost of a young child appears and his name is Matthias Lehner. The child suspiciously offers quests where the player can see through the eyes of Arthas Menothil. Matthias shows the player the futility of fighting the undead Scourge with conventional armies. And the strange object is eventually revealed to be an organ encased in ice. Matthias tells us that he saw him throw it away. Matthias also tells us that now that the player has touched the object, he will be hunted. Suspiciously the next time we encounter the ghostly child, it is at the place where Arthas raised Syndragosa, the undead dragon from The Cinematic. It is not long after revealed that the strange object we touched was Arthas Menothil's heart which he himself carved from his body. Then the player enters a vision where he actually controls Arthas and fights Illidan before The Frozen Throne. Eventually, the player returns to Tyrion 4 during relaying all of this information and Tyrion has his hope rekindled that he can return Arthas to his old self. And after infiltrating the scourge's dark Cathedral, Tyrion peers Into the Heart, it is here that he realizes that there is no office left only the Lich King remains. 

The Best Quests in Wrath of the Lich King

The Lich King then arrives and sub-jews the player Tyrion and their Companions and in an act of defiance, Tyrion destroys the heart of the Lich King allowing him and the player to escape. Once the quest line is done, Mathias Lena is an anagram of Arthas Menothil, the boy being the Last Remnant of Arthas's Soul.