8 Best & Rarest Armours In Elden Ring 1.07 - Where and How To Get Rare Armor Drops in Elden Ring

10/27/2022 8:02:09 PM

Today we show you 8 of the rarest armor pieces and armor sets in Elden Ring and where you can also get your hands on them. 

8 Best & Rarest Armours In Elden Ring 1.07 - Where and How To Get Rare Armor Drops in Elden Ring

1. Redmane Armour Set & How To Obtain

This is one of the most coveted armor sets in the game, they look incredibly awesome and is this set hard to farm. So meet at the impassable Great Bridge site of Grace and run Northwest past all of these soldiers and dogs having a fight and toward the edge of the cliff, you will find the redmane knight that we're going to farm. There are 3 farmable redmane knights in Castle redmane itself, but they're very spread out and none of them are anywhere near a site of Grace. The reason to farm this guy will become apparent in just a second. Once he is dead, jump off the cliff and kill yourself. Once you die, opt to resurrect at the stake of America and it will put you on a cliff just above his spawn location. Now you can jump straight back down, kill him again, rinse and repeat. Killing him and respawning three times is much quicker than trying to farm all three of the knights in Castle redmane which is why it is preferable to do it. Also, make sure you're doing things like wearing the silver Scarab Talisman and using the silver pickled foul foot. If you need more, usually the ingredient that you're lacking for this is the four-toed foul foot and another great reason for farming this knight is because there is a load of penguins around that will drop that item. 

2. Black Dumpling & How To Obtain

The best place to farm this one is going to be at the guest Hall gray site in the volcano Manor. This headpiece is horrific, a mask forced on a victim's head to lend torture an extra degree of Cruelty, it signifies one's fears and makes them acutely aware of all forms of pain. When the Black dumpling goes on, the torturer no longer seeks answers only to inflict suffering without hope of relief. Also as it says it raises your attack power when you suffer from Madness which is a very unique effect. So this can be paired with something like the unendurable frenzy as a way to intentionally trigger it on yourself to get that 10% damage boost that you get for wearing this headpiece. As for farming it, literally head out into the next room and you'll see one of the first generation Albanaurics wearing it. Head south into the previous room, there will be four more in here and another one that runs down the stairs at you for a total of 6 that you can farm in very quick succession. Then you just want to run back or teleport back to the guest Hall gray site and do it again, rinse and repeat until you have the black dumpling. As there is 6 of them to farm despite, the fact that this may be the rarest one on the list, it shouldn't take too long because there are 6 and they die very quickly.

3. Blue Silver Set & How To Obtain 

This is worn by the wolf riding Albanauric archers, it's incredibly awesome and unique and is it hard to farm. Killing Latana when you first meet her at the slumbering wolf's Shack. You lock yourself out of a somber ancient dragon smithing Stone but she drops this whole set at From the ordina gray site, head Southwest and there will be a few wolves and three archers all stood around these cliffs, they are lethal and will all back each other up as soon as you shoot one, they'll all start shooting. So it is not an easy farm. So the alternative is to fight the Archers in the town itself, but that's arguably no easier. No matter which way you look at it, farming these archers is tough because they are crazy strong in terms of damage and defense. There's no easy way to put this. 

4. Guardian Armour Full Bloom

This is a very specific chest piece, we could show it off. Since we were in the minor Erdtree Church where we farmed the rest of the Guardian set and the sword spear, however, despite the fact that all the Guardians here are very clearly wearing this armor, they do not drop it. You can only get this armor from the Guardians with the large flowers near the Erdtree Sanctuary site of Grace in The Royal Capital before it becomes the Ashen Capital. So if you want this, you need to farm it before you change the world state, it has a very cool effect that it raises the HP Recovery effects of your flask of tears, but greatly lowers your fire damage negation.

5. High Page Set & How To Obtain

This one is far rarer as there are not many high pages around, it does not have any gloves and it shares the page trousers with the regular page set, so you're actually only farming for the hood and the clothes. This is best farmed in Leyndell Royal Capital as there are a few around there and the quickest one to farm would be from the West Capital Rampart site of Grace. Run out towards the gargoyle and the golden seed and double back on yourself, head down the stairs and there is a page on your left hand side. It's a short run and you won't aggro any enemies, so you can just quickly keep farming that one. 

6. Mausoleum Solider Set

The easiest place to grind for this one is at the Eastgate Bridge Trestle in Northern Liurnia. As we load in, you'll see we are not wearing a helmet, that's because this set doesn't come with a headpiece, it just has the circle to the gauntlets and the Greaves. Head East towards the wandering Mausoleum and just kill all of the mausoleum soldiers around here, there's also a mausoleum night that you can farm for the night set, but hold that thought there is an easier one and we'll come on to that once we've finished talking about the soldier set. It's a good job there are so many Mausoleum soldiers here because the drop rate is abysmal, it took hours and throughout this total too clear,e we didn't get even one piece of their armor set. 

7. Mausoleum Knight Set

The best place to farm for this one is way to the Northeast in the black knife catacombs. As soon as you load in here, head back outside and a mausoleum Knight is right in front of you. With the right weapon and enough damage, one backstab will kill them. So though the grind for this one is quite slow, it's very painless because the sight of Grace is right there and you can usually kill this Mausoleum Knight before it even aggroes. Make sure with all of these farms that your Discovery is way higher than mine currently is bump up that Arcane skill, use the silver Scarab, use the silver pickled foul feet or this will take you an eternity.

8. Mrionette Solider Birdhelm & How To Obtain

For the final piece of armor, meet at the southern Ionia swamp Bank in caelid. A metal Helm formed in the likeness of the face of a bird worn by the avionette soldiers crafted to serve the sorcerers. The construction of this Helm is remarkably crude. For a doll, the only thing that matters is that it does not break. 

The easiest way to farm it: 

We've come here for a reason and that's because there are three nearby Avionettes that you can kill without not needing to aggro any other enemies. Straight away head Northwest and you can aggro one of them right here. As soon as you've taken out that one, head back to the gray site and now you want to go Southwest and there are two more on either side just here where we’ve placed the Waypoint. It's as simple as that, just grind them and you will probably have this one in no time at all. 

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