Dragonflight Pre Patch Leveling Guide 10-60 - 10 Best Ways To Level Up Fast In WOW Dragonflight

11/2/2022 4:43:50 PM

It's time to get your alts leveled up in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Today we're covering the best way to level up in the 10 through 60 range for Dragonflight pre patch. So right after your starter zone and this is going to be the perfect WoW Dragonflight pre path leveling guide for those who are just looking to get a whole bunch done before the expansion kicks off. Or if at any time in the future you just want some alts.


WOW Dragonflight Pre Patch 10-60 Leveling Guide 

In this World of Warcraft Dragonflight prepatch leveling 10-60 guide, we got to cover the things that are different, because several things have changed for Dragonflightand it's good news for levelers. So first Blizzard has massively squished XP requirements, this makes 10 through 60 significantly faster. While a few levels take marginally longer, 1 through 60 have been nerfed by 56.9% which is absolutely humongous and it synergizes fantastically with what is already the fastest leveling route currently in the game. This change kicks off November 15th as does this next change in chrome time. Now, let's check the 10 best ways to level up in Dragonflight prepatch.


1. Chromie Time System

The chromie time system will be extended to level 60, meaning You can level 50 through 60 in any expansion. Previously you had to do that in the Shadowlands which was a total drag. The threads of Fate mode were still something that ended up being quite slow. So all this is good news getting into Dragonflight itself, then to cut a long story short, it is a much more alt-friendly expansion in terms of end-game mechanics and the importance of professions will reward you having alts a little bit more. If you're watching this Dragonflight pre patch leveling guide before November 15th then we'd recommend getting your characters to like level 40 or level 50 and then waiting until November 15th before doing 50 through 60. Because it will be blisteringly fast and will be something you can do on any continent.


2. Warlords of Draenor

The fastest place level Bar None in Draenor. Draenor features a leveling campaign that does a really good job of rooting you around the different zones and letting you pick up side quests and do bonus objectives which themselves reward a fairly massive chunk of experience. If you play well, you will hardly believe how fast you'll be able to level up new characters. To start doing worlds of Draenor just go up to chromie and you'll be able to select Warlords of Draenor. Once you've got that Brad Chrome Quest, the rest of it is handled by the game. So it is just absolutely fantastic for leveling up in new characters.


3. Other Good Place To Level Up

The intro experience itself is quite fast it's quite XP dance as is both for your starting zones and especially the zone for Grant even with it being nerfed quite a bit in the past. That being said Redridge mountains, Loch Modan, Tirisfal Glades, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad Foothills are all extremely fast zones if you have flying which you unlock at level 30. That's because those like Warlords of Draenor zones actually were very much designed for ground mounts first and that means that the quest density with flying is just extreme.


Going back to Ward though, the Horde starting zone of Frostfire Ridge is a little bit slower than Shadowmoon. But overall this won't really be a problem, especially because our characters are going to hit extremely hard with the setup that we're going to make. Install an addon called Azeroth Auto Pilot, it guides you around the place. It will take you through a travel time-optimized route of each zone.


4. Heirloom

Now, let's make our leveling faster at making our character an unkillable god. Heirlooms are awesome items that will scale as your character levels up. So you'll want to go into your main character unlock the heirloom gear and you'll want to upgrade that to be you know up to level 60. Now heirlooms as of Shadowlands no longer grant you bonus XP. This is a change the Blizzard made because they already made leveling faster anyway, so it would have been ridiculous if heirlooms gave XP. But the thing is they're still great. The two and six-piece bonuses each give you a 30% decrease to rest at XP consumption. 

That essentially means that your rested XP will last far longer. This can be super impactful and great for your leveling time. The best thing you can do is use them now. This is essentially the case if you're making a few characters that you want to level. Use heirlooms with all that rest at XP, you really will be leveling very quickly. Heirlooms will also make you very powerful because they scale with your level as do the enchants that you can put onto the heirlooms, so you can enchant your heirlooms.


5. Enchant

Like consumables, enchants play a strong role in optimizing your character for leveling. Those enchant will scale with your level and especially at the start, they will make you an utter god of death. So generally speaking Elemental Force for your weapon, Mark of the Satyr for your neck, and then just whatever your ideal secondary stats are for the other slots. These will make you super powerful early on, you will be able to just demolish mobs basically just by looking at them. You'll be you'll just be blasting through the quests at a crazy pace.


6. XP Boost

There are two XP boosts in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight right now. One of them is from activating War mode. War mode is quite handy because when that's activated, you will get an XP boost usually around 20%. Blizzard's intent is to make up for how PVP being active would usually slow you down, but ultimately most people turn War mode on for the XP boost. so even if they are of the other faction they'll probably just ignore you. Also when you've got War mode on you can use your PVP talents and some of those PVP talents are actually super powerful that will depending on your spec.


The other level boost in Dragonflight is a 10% XP boost potion from the Battle for Azeroth service metal vendor. If you happen to have a whole bunch of service medals just lying around.


7. Mounts

The next best WOW Dragonflight leveling tip is mounted. So mount levels do actually change they did change with Shadowlands so that you get your normal ground mount level at 10, your fast ground mount level at 20, slow flight at 30, and fast flight at 40. That's all just via the regular flight trainer NPC in the home cities. That means it's important that you actually get this training on your character, especially the flight. Getting that training would normally require a bunch of travel time. But if you are doing Legion or you're doing Warlords of Draenor, you will get a second Hearthstone that's the Garrison HearthStone for Ward and the Dalaran HearthStone for Legion. So what you can do then is you can just hearth back to your home city, learn whatever mount skill you're going to learn.


8. Speed Boost Potion

If you want to get really sweaty and level up as fast as possible, you could try using some of the speed boost potions. Such as skystep potions and gunshoes to move really fast, maybe even some goblin glider kits as well. But since you can fly at level 30 and getting to level 30 takes absolutely no time, leveling is just so fast, you don't need to.


9. Addons

Leatrix Plus (Dragonflight): It's a great lightweight addon that adds a few more options including things like fast loot, as well as handling a few other things like automatically repairing gear and rendering junk items.


NPCScan: If you're leveling through the cataclysm zones, we'd really recommend having NPCScan. It will light up when the rare mob is nearby and that's good because those rare mods actually grant you half a quest's worth of XP. So if they're there, you may as well use them.


10. Multiple Player Leveling

If you've got multiple characters to level, then be sure to log into all of them and park them added in at all times. So they are getting that rest at XP. If you're leveling up 3-5 characters, that is a hell of a lot of rest at XP that you could be accruing. So absolutely make sure to do that and then combine those with the six-set heirloom bonus. If you have a boost in your account perhaps through purchasing the new expansion, but you have multiple characters you want to level. Be sure to use your boost on a non-allied race character. Because the unlock requirement for the Allied race Heritage armor sets is to level two level 50 without using a boost. So if you're going to do some leveling anyway, you may as well do your manual leveling on the Allied race characters. So that you can get the heritage armor set.


That’s the 10 best tips and tricks in the Dragonflight pre patch leveling guide. Overall, leveling is not a crazy prospect in World of Warcraft these days. Do remember to enjoy the journey while you are leveling, unless you're the sort of player who really enjoys speedrun-type gameplay.

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