WotLK Classic Naxxramas (15) Boss Guide - 10/25 Man Full 15 Boss Raid In Wrath of the Lich King

11/2/2022 6:19:32 PM

In World of Warcraft, Naxxramas is one of the most famous raids. The raid is available on 10 or 25, and naxxramas is a pretty long raid with 15 bosses. So in today‚Äôs guide, we talk every boss in Naxxramas Wrath of the Lich King. 

WotLK Classic Naxxramas Guide - 10/25 Man Full 15 Boss Raid In Wrath of the Lich King

1. Anub'Rekhan

Thank him facing the entrance and cleave the ads that spawn during the fight. The boss will cast local swarm after a while, if not killed fast enough, don't stand in the swarm and have the tank run in a circle with it if they can handle the damage. Locusts also spawn so airy them down and if you die with the dot on you, you will spawn even more of them. So don't die.

2. Grand Widow Faerlina

Don't stand in the fire, she has a lot of ads since she has an in-range buff that can be dispelled by using a priest to mind control a worshiper and silence her to dispell her. So you need to keep them alive and do that, if you want to cancel even rage or you can just cliff them all down and use all your rallies and not care about the mechanics if you have a really strong tongue and you'll get an extra achievement for this as well.

3. Maexxna

This is a easy boss you don't have Arachnophobia, small spiders spawn during the fight that need to be aoed, she also pushes people behind and stacks them in webs that can be freed by ranged DPS. And she also storms everyone from time to time for a few seconds, but mostly she just sits there and does nothing until she dies.

4. Patchwork

There is the big Abomination Patchwork, that doesn't really do anything, so just stand behind him and kill him before he goes berserk in 6 minutes. He only does damage to the tanks, so have them healed up and he also goes red and enraged at 5% left HP and deals a lot of damage to the tanks. So he might kill a tank or two, but it's fine since he'll die in a few seconds anyway.

5. Grobbulus

Easy fight, the tank just needs to move him around the walls of the room, so there isn't too much poison on the ground and some slimes will spawn, that should be tanked by an off tank and they are weed down with the boss as he also injects people with poison that can be dispelled that drops another one of those poisoned crowns on the ground. But it's a big room so you'll have enough space to kill him.

6. Gluth

Next up the fight with the doggy stars just as you run in this tunnel and you start taking damage from here, so everyone needs to run fast down. Careful not to fall down in the hole inside it, then take clutch to the door since a bunch of zombies will keep spawning and running towards him. If they reach him, he eats them and heals, so half off tanks, grow them all away from the boss and CC them. After a while, he will cast decimate, bringing everyone's health down and giving healers heart attacks. This includes the zombies and now they will all start running towards him. But they are very low, so finish them off before they reach him and then continue damaging him at the door while she's seeing the rest of the incoming zombies until he dies.

WotLK Classic Naxxramas Guide

7. Thaddius

Split your radiant with melee on one side and range on the other side and kill them at the same time, melee on the left and range on the right. Jump over to the main platform, careful not to fall down and he will turn you into a battery. Check if you are negative or positive, negative stacks on his left side and positive on his right side. This also gives you a buff of 10% increased damage for each person with the same polarity as you, so you can stack this up to maybe 11 if everyone is sitting nicely and not dying. So you have a lot of increased damage. But you do damage the people with the opposite polarity, so careful how you run around. Just run in a circle on the left when you need to swap and don't stay close to anyone of the opposite polarity. And he will keep shifting it for random people throughout the entire fight. It's a long fight he has a lot of health, but if you don't die and keep the stacks up, it should be killable before he berserks. 

8. Noth the Plaguebringer

Noth, you need people that can decrease his curse, he spawns a bunch of ads during the fight, just cliff them under the boss and after one and a half minutes, he teleports out of the fight. If you don't somehow manage to kill him before then and waste your time, with one more minute of easy to kill ads before coming back and dying.

9. Heigan the Unclean

The dancing boss, ranged and healers should stay on his platform and you need to run around during the fight as melee or tank. There are four quarters in this room that throw green poison. You need to keep moving from left to right and repeat that for the entire fight. After one and a half minutes, he also teleports back to his platform. If you don't somehow manage to kill him before then, any green comes out faster. So everyone has to run while ranged can still damage him with instant casts while running for extra min max points. He will repeat this until he dies, so he'll usually die after one or two teleports. 

10. Loatheb

Orange sports spawn during the fight stand near them as they die to get a buff to their crit chance, but it will cause no threat as well, so don't let tanks get this. He casts a necrotic Aura from time to time that prevents all healing for 17 seconds to everyone. So have everyone healed up before that happens, apart from that it's mostly a damaged sponge since he has a lot of health. So keep the buff up on damage and kill him.

11. Instructor Razuvious

This is a harder fight since you need some coordination, he does too much damage for tanks to hold him, so you need priests to mind control his ads and healers also need to heal those ads while they're might controlled by the priests. Take two at a time while keeping the other two behind and not damaging them. The priests use those ads to taunt him and have a bone shield ability, that should be kept up too. Once another dies, take the next one until the dice two and repeat until he is dead. There might be some aggro loss between fights, so some people could die, but he doesn't have much health so it's a short find.

12. Gothik the Harvester

This is mostly an AFK boss since he just throws ads at you for 4 minutes that are easily killed and their souls go on the other side and opens the door for more ghosts until he finally comes down and doesn't do anything apart from throwing some Shadow bolts and then dies, since he has only 3 million health.

13. The Four Horsemen

The four horsemen are the final challenge of this area, each boss has a stacking aura that will affect you if you sit in their quarter. So you need to fight damage in their corner and avoid getting more dead tree stacks to be safe. You can damage the first two together if you have a lot of DPS or you can play it safe and split the radian too and keep swapping every three stacks. After the first two are dead, go on the back and avoid the purple zones on the ground and the last rider is the most dangerous so you can just stand away and let ranged finish it off if you don't want to get hit.

14. Sapphiron

This is a quite easy boss, he does some AOE damage cast blizzards that damage and slow you, so don't stand in them. He life drains people with a dot that can be recursed, so he doesn't heal and flies up as he turns some people into ice blocks, that you need to stand behind so you don't killed while he's in the air. And that's all he does, just repeat this until he is dead. 

15. Kel'Thuzad

He has a boring phase one where people won't notice if you are AFK, stand in the middle of the room and dance will come to you from every direction. Rogue should deal with the Banshees and melee with the Abominations and use some AOE on the skeletons too. But be careful not to pull all the extra ads that seated there since they despawn at the start of phase 2 instead of helping him. Finish up all the ads, then you need to split your raid across the room. You can make melee groups of three people stacking around him, he casts frostballs that need to be interrupted because they one shot himana Burns randomly people, Frost blast will freeze a player and people around them for a few seconds. Also spawns red zones on the ground that you need to move out of, he also mind controls people for 20 seconds that need to be cc'd until they get freed. And finally he calls 5 bucks to help him, those can be tanked by an off tank away from the boss while the rest of the group finishes Kel'Thuzad off, and sends him to shadowlands to die as a boss again. 

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