WOW Dragonflight Gold Farming Guide - 6 Best Ways To Farm Gold Before Dragonflight Release

11/8/2022 11:58:24 AM

How should you be making gold in WoW currently especially on the run up to Dragonflight when making gold is so challenging at the moment? Most of the time, this question comes from people who have no professions, have little to zero gold, and are unsure where to go from. In this WOW Dragonflight golden making guide, we share with you the 6 best ways to farm gold before Dragonflight releases.


Dragonflight Gold Making Guide - 6 Best & Fast Ways To Make Gold In World of Warcraft Dragonflight

It's always a good idea to discover methods to farm gold in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, since you'll need it to purchase all the great new goods, gain pre-raiding gear, and more. Even while players may earn money by killing monsters and completing tasks, this isn't the most efficient way to become wealthy. Now, let’s check 6 things most novice gold makers should cover in the run-up to Dragonflight release.

1. Best Dragonflight Gold Making Tip - Do Your Callings

Your callings always give you around 1500 raw gold in vendor materials. Most callings are free world quests so that's equivalent to around 500 gold per world quest in addition to whatever reward is also giving you, which can also be gold. You will also freak be doing multiple callings at once which just makes an even better gold per hour. If you have characters with a good reputation and get Paragon boxes that will give you another good chunk of gold. Callings are boring but it's raw gold. No messing on the auction house trying to sell stuff, just pure raw gold, and if you Blitz through it and do the easiest World quests this can be done in absolutely no time on as many characters as you want.


2. Dragonflight Best Gold Farm - Do The Once Per Character Stuff

It's worth a lot of gold. There are various things you can do on every character to get a one-time payout of gold. But the way you can farm gold in Dragonflight WOW is by getting the Darkmoon Faire Pet’s mug. This involves a bit of fishing or a small investment, a short quest line and you get some transmog to sell which is a hefty price tag on it and a decent sales rate. It is important to buy the transmog to sell and not the pets, you can infinitely farm really cheap Darkmoon Fair Pets.


3. WoW Dragonflight Best Gold Making - Alt’s Logout Location

Use your alts that you're not doing anything with. If you cannot be bothered to run callings on every character or if they're simply not high enough level to get callings. Then the best thing you can do is simply lock them out at a location that will make you gold. Generally speaking, this involves logging out next to a rare drop something that sells for a decent amount. You lock in between your characters every now and again kill the rares and over time you'll pick up their drops and make a decent amount of gold. The advantage of this method is some of the rares are in right paid in-the ass places to get to which makes what they drop quite valuable but you can just farm it easily as you never have to leave the spawn location.


4. Best Gold Making Before Dragonflight Release - Use AFK Time

Number four best gold farm Dragonflight is using your time when you're AFK or busy doing something else on your PC. AFK farming is nowhere near as valuable as going out and doing an active farm. It just isn't that the advantage of these types of farms is that you are owning gold, whilst the majority of your attention is playing in them for games, watching Netflix, or whatever else. It's basically time that you wouldn't usually be doing anything well and therefore any gold you earn is a bonus. The best thing you can do is the Big Red Raygun toy farm.


5. Best Dragonflight Gold Farm - Shaping Fate (Korthia)

This is the weekly quest in Korthia where you have to 100% fill the bar doing very stuff in the zone. the rewards of the weekly quests are fine but no better than doing a basic calling and this quest takes a lot longer so why are we bothering? There are recipes and fans that you can get while running around shaping fate that is worth a huge amount of gold. Some of them you can sell for over 500k. These are rare and you need to be doing various things to get them.


6. WOW Dragonflight Gold Farm Method - Professions

We were really back and forth as if to include professions in this best WOW Dragonflight gold farm list because we wanted it to be almost exclusively gold profit and they do require some investment up front for you to be able to turn that profit. You can make your own judgment if it is worth it for you. Anything Shadowlands profession related we would just forget about at this point unless you already have it set up and they're making a profit from it or you just want to farm the professions. We are thinking about the ones from previous expansions that you set up and these are going to make your gold forever because you're selling things that are always in demand like mounts and transmog. A lot of these have daily cooldowns so you just log in once a day, use your call down and that's what's going to be making you the gold. This is lifelong goal making basically.




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