Elden Ring Best 1.07 Intelligence Weapons - Elden Ring Int Weapon Tier List After Patch 1.07

11/9/2022 5:29:07 PM

Since there have been various buffs and nerfs in various patches and the major patch of 1.07 changed nearly everything, so we have some new additions as well as some different gradings for Intelligence weapons in Elden Ring. In this Elden Ring Int weapon tier list 1.07, we are ranking the best Intelligence weapons.


Elden Ring 1.07 Int Weapon Tier List - Elden Ring Intelligence Weapon Tier List 

There are a lot of great Intelligence weapons in Elden Ring if you just take a normal weapon and make Intelligence and then give it like a good Ash of War which is true. This best Elden Ring 1.07 Intelligence weapon tier list is about the unique weapons, there are inherently magical to begin with. We have S, A, B, and C as always on this Elden Ring Intelligence weapon tier list thanks to RageGamingVideos. These are the best Elden Ring Int weapons. So even if they're like lower B or C, it's still a good weapon that is worth trying.


C Tier On Elden Ring Intelligence Weapon Tier List

Bastard's Stars

They're a fun weapon type but they're incredibly weak because their moveset sucks, and their range sucks. They're just not very strong. The strongest Bastard's Stars here is basically the only viable one thanks to its Ash of War which looks cool and is very effective. The downside is obviously it's not Wing of Astel which completely outclasses it in all ways. But in Elden Ring 1.07 update, the Stars specifically were buffed to have more attack power in PVE specifically. So it is better but it's still a failure at the end of the day.


Crystal Sword

The regular and rotten crystal swords, there hasn't really been any change to these straight swords. With so many weapons having different changes in various patches and these just see no love at all and have kind of a boring Ash of War. They deserve more of a C grade than a low B. Their output's good all the same when you power sense them and it's nice to have a weapon with scarlet right in a magical style. There's nothing wrong with them and that's why they're on this Elden Ring Intelligence weapon tier list. They're just not that strong either.


B Tier On Elden Ring Best Int Weapon Tier List

Hellfin Steeple 

This is an incredibly useful weapon in the power sense and it's been buffed in 1.07 many ways. The Ash of War essentially likes your weapon on fire with that magical black flame, dealing increased magic damage and generally looking awesome. The buff itself is a sort of mini-attack but that's about it. It works best in a power stance with another weapon like the Dark Moon Greatsword, Death's Poker would be another great pick. Since it's been buffed, the Ash of War Ruinous Ghostflame has a longer duration, attack power improvements, better poise damage, and better recovery on its animations, those are all very nice but not anything to make it majorly different.


Meteoric Ore Blade

A very cool-looking blade with a really cool scabbard. It's one of those gravity weapons. As a katana, it has the katana moveset, a bit of bleed on it by default because of that. But it's that Ash of War that really matters here, the Gravitas Ash of War which is an AOE that pulls enemies in and staggers them dealing damage and hopefully leaving them vulnerable. In this patch 1.07, the poise during the cast has been improved to protect you a little bit while you do it which was very needed. This is a really cool weapon but not super effective on its own.


Ruins Greatsword

Another weapon that deserves a mention on this Elden Ring 1.07 Int weapons tier list is Ruins Greatsword colossal sword that has been both buffed and nerfed in this patch. Essentially they feel more like colossal or Ultra great swords should with improved bass moveset across the board over various patches. But that stupid crouch pokes spam that's been nerfed to have the lower range and a slower animation because you have much more poise damage with these weapons you can stagger enemies and get multiple hits off of them. They should be slow heavy hitting weapons and that's what they are now in the case of the Ruins Greatsword. It's going to have high AR, it's magical has a unique heavy where you slam down and burst out this gravity sort of shot or the Ash of War like the Blasphemous blade a really long-range slam, super effective. As a magical colossal sword, it's very solid and very effective. 


Sword of St Trina 

The Sword of St Trina is a straight sword with an intricate design and engraving. These are the sleep swords. You use an Ash of War, and it strikes out sending a cloud of sleep and an attack that deals sleep damage or rather status build-up. That puts enemies to sleep leaving them vulnerable to criticals or stunning them leaving two big bursts would just say like the straight sword power stance moveset. Effective and fun and one of the few actual sleep weapons. In previous patches, they were improved to have a faster animation on the Ash of War. But since then no change has been made, so they're just fine and certainly worthy of a b grade.


Loretta's War Sickle

Loretta's War Sickle has a really unique Ash of War, a sort of magical leap up and attack and thrust down which is used by certain speedrunners of people skipping areas, due to the verticality you get when you use it. But that Ash of War is effective and has been buffed in this patch, it has more poise damage on the first attack and in general better recovery that might push it over to the edge of A tier if it was also improved on its damage maybe. As it's only the first attack that's had poise and it's just a bit of recovery, it doesn't need to really go up A grade, it's still a solid and effective weapon just slightly better now.


A Tier On Elden Ring 1.07 Int Weapon Tier List

Royal Greatsword

Not only is this a beautiful-looking colossal sword that benefits from the buffs of the colossal swords, but also the nerf of the poke. It comes with its own unique Ash of War Wolf's Assault which has been buffed in this patch surprisingly. They gave it more hyper armor on the ashed was the end of it which just kind of like ran out of it and now it's just stupid. In a previous patch, it was also made faster. So compared to before you can just spam the Ash of War and ignore everything, trading damage being staggered is just not really a thing that you needed to worry about. Overall, it's just a really good colossal sword with great AR as well as great range great move set, and the new better place to stagger enemies more. This weapon's kind of nuts now and it'd probably be an S grade if they still had that stupid poke.


Fallingstar Beast Jaw

This one's just a colossal weapon rather than a sword. Fallingstar Beast Jaw is essentially a colossal hammer style of play with a gnarly design. Colossal weapons in general were improved to have slightly faster attacks and more poise in their attacks. So staggering enemies more often and so this weapon benefited from that. previously. You can just spam this shot of gravity from long range, and target an enemy and it's just super accurate and super threatening in PvP or PVE and it can stagger bosses. So you spam it, then take a critical and then continue spamming it. The basics are improved with better attack speed and poise, so it's more viable to use just as a weapon.


Sword of Night and Flame

Sword of Night and Flame has a unique Ash of War where you ready the blade and then you have a light or heavy to choose between. The light will send out a laser beam which would normally need high sorcery to use or with the heavy, you can send out that wave of fire. It used to be a lot stronger because you do stupid damage. Now you just do very good damage and it's been buffed in this patch. Its attack power is better in PVE you have better control where you can change the direction of the normal attack so the laser when you're using this. And they've actually given the weapon damage detection too on these ashes, so when you thrust with the laser or swipe with the fire, the actual sword will deal damage now, increasing its burst ever so slightly if you use it at melee distance.


Starscourge Greatsword

One weapon turned to two, which means you have a minor move set where you're just doing the double light attack with both in a sort of power sense way. Or you can heavy attack which just ends up using one. However, Ash of War is just incredible that cry can be buffed by the raw Medallion and the explosive damage it does is awesome. This weapon is just effective, double hits of colossal swords really hurt and staggers. The thing is with the colossal buffs and nerfs, this one just wins because it never had that crouch poke in the first place. It's just better with faster attacks and bigger poise damage to hold people in place.


Death's Poker

The Ash of War allows you to do three things, hulk and blow up the frosty death orb, follow it with a light to send out the fire on the ground to burn those that stand in it. Or do a heavy to specifically blow up the orb in a massive radius and deal much more damage. The only change since then was that prior to 1.07 two handing of great sword buffs and this weapon benefits from that because not a bad one to use on its own. Even though the weapon itself is very boring looking, the Ash of War is just too cool. This is the final A Tier best Elden Ring 1.07 Strength weapon.


S Tier On Elden Ring 1.07 Intelligence Weapon Ranking

Dark Moon Greatsword

Dark Moon Greatsword has somehow been buffed even more. It was still top of the pack s-tier best Elden Ring Intelligence weapon after 1.07. Even though the Ash of war has reduced stamina consumption which was never an issue for the strong and charged attacks. Then it's also got damage detection on that weapon swing too. So when you do the heavy attack and throw out that swipe, the sword will also hit dealing extra damage AKA meaning trading with it in PvP or using a melee range, you just have more damage. The truth is, you can do so much damage with this weapon at range. With the charge attacks, you could be so stupidly effective with it in PvP. You can run it in various builds and it's cool as hell.


Wing of Astel

The reason this is the Elden Ring best Intelligence weapon 1.07 is that you've got a curved sword that can be used in power stance for some of the fastest combo of attacks and the best running attack for raw catching. It has a unique heavy attack where you can either do one or two quick-range attacks at short range, costing no FP. Not to mention Nebula itself the Ash of War, it's one of the highest burst DPS outputs in the game. You just spam it the target and it just blows them up and it's a multi-pop, it's an insanely good weapon and definitely S tier.



Obviously, Moonveil is one of the Elden Ring 1.07 best Int weapons. So much damage to this day on this Ash of War whether you're doing the vertical or horizontal swipes. But even baseline like it's a katana, you got bleed build up, great stats, great moveset, it's a super fun weapon to use and that's why it was essentially the most popular weapon in Elden ring. It's still strong after all the nerfs and different changes to it. In patch1.07 update, it was also completely ignored, and yet it's still really effective.


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