WoW Dragonflight M+ Tank Tier List & Rankings - Best Mythic+ Tank in Dragonflight

11/10/2022 4:09:23 PM

If you are intended to excel at tanking in World of Warcraft and wonder about class picking, today we’ll bring you a Dragonflight M+ (Mythic+) tank tier list, which ranks the best tank class in WoW Dragonflight.

Dragonflight M+ Tank Tier List

WoW Dragonflight M+ Tank Tier List & Rankings - Best Mythic+ Tank in Dragonflight 

Tanks are incredibly powerful in World of Warcraft, their DPS is on par with some of your DPS classes, they are stout, and are going to heal themselves up. To know about the WoW Dragonflight best tank class, take a quick view of the WoW Dragonflight Mythic+ tank tier list by TanknSpankgg, ranking six tanks from the best to worst. 

S Tier: Protection Warrior, Vengeance Demon Hunter

- Protection Warrior is one of the best mythic+ tanks in Dragonflight, and has absolutely phenomenal class tree ever since they came out, the only thing that's been happening is that it's been constantly getting nerfed, and even with the nerfs, it's still one of the best trees in the game. When you're going through this tree, you're taking something that you want for your spec pretty much and there's really great synergy between the class and spec tree with some of the bleeds and some of the way that stuff works. Prot Warrior has hands down some of the best defenses for tanks, they have pretty much 100 up time on Shield Block and Ignore Pain, they have more healing in their kit than they ever have, and they've also got very good utility with low cooldown AOE and single Target stuns as well as Commanding Shout and they have one of the strongest tier sets among tanks, it's solid consistent damage and defensive boost and it doesn't really require you to change anything negatively to your rotation to get it, they're consistently strong damage in both single Target and AOE. They really don't have any weaknesses, there's nothing that Warrior's probably gonna struggle with, they are going to be put in the S-tier.

- Vengeance Demon Hunter: this class got some buffs to its AOE damage, and a slight nurse to its single target damage, it’s gonna go in S-tier along with Prot Warrior. Demon Hunter is one of the best defensive tanks and simple to play, you're pretty much maintaining demon spikes as you're 100 uptime defensive, it's extremely strong, and playing around Meta, you're just unkillable during Meta, it is now very tank-centric as their play style is going to revolve around Frailty, applying Frailty with your Sigil of Flame as well as with Spirit Bomb, you just do crazy amounts of damage and healing, it has a really good magic resistance. It just feeds more into that drain tank style of play, nerfs can hurt this class quite a bit as it doesn't have a lot of sort of buttons to play around different situations, or you're pretty much just tanky inside demon spikes and inside meta, if you've got a lot of AOE classes doing damage, it's nice for your tank to be able to to bring it on a little bit on the single target side absolutely.

A Tier: Blood Death Knight, Protection Paladin

- Blood Death Knight: Blood DK is going to fall in A tier, there are several talents that buff Death and Decay, so you're increasing your damage, you can deal 5% more damage and receive 5% more healing while standing in Death and Decay. If you're in your Death and Decay, everything's great and you go to hit a shattering bone and as you're hitting it, your Death and Decay drops off and now you're doing a quarter of the damage with your big AOE nuke that you otherwise would be, so it's just those mistakes are punished very harshly when it's played well, it's still one of the most self-sufficient tanks, they're very tanky, it's almost impossible to die if you're playing it well, they also have great mob control, which is the best in the game among tanks. If you're someone who's going to do 40 or 50 keys a week, Blood DK is going to be very strong for you for you, if you're someone who maybe plays Frost DK and raids and you want to take four or five keys a week for your friends, Blood DK is probably not going to be the easiest spec to do that because of the high skill cap, the other thing their tier set is significantly stronger in Mythic plus than in a raid, because you're getting hit a lot more, so you end up 20 to 30 percent up time on your 10 percent damage buff, which is pretty nice.

- Protection Paladin: this spec is going to fall behind Blood DK in A tier, it's not the tankiest, but it is fairly tanky and probably will feel a little bit tankier this season, even though Avenger's Shield now isn't granting holy power, it's still actually one of your main sources of damage, especially in AOE, it's also great new extra block. There are talents for that getting extra Parry, there's also more of the importance of staying in your consecrate, you get healing from that more damage reduction, and there are even nodes for extra damage reduction inside your consecrate. 

B Tier: Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk

- Guardian Druid: its play style is pretty much the exact same it was for all of season one, season two, mostly season three and four, they're very strong and they do good AOE damage. A great thing about Guardian Druid is that it's a very straightforward offense van defensive rotation, and it's a very easy class to pick up, if you're learning tank, you can consider starting with Guardian Druid especially if you're someone who maybe you heal or you DPS an array and you want to build a tank in Dragonflight Mythic+, it's not nearly as punishing of mistakes as some of the other classes. The downside to this class in Dragonflight is, there are just so many two and three-point nodes and there are a lot of times when you end up having to take talents that you don't want or can't really make use of. And the lack of mobility in the class tree really hurts the spec overall.

- Brewmaster Monk: the last tank class is probably ranked at the bottom part of the tier list, it does a ton of AOE damage and that can be really good especially a Mythic plus, its downside is it's a glass cannon, so it doesn't much defensive.

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