Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event Guide - How To Get Free Gear In WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms

11/15/2022 3:25:39 PM

The World of Warcraft Dragonflight Primal Storms Pre-Patch event is going to be a perfect way for your new-level characters or alts to catch up in gear and levels. Just this gear will last halfway through Dragonflight leveling where players will start to find replacement pieces around level 65 quests. Today we are talking about everything new in the WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Pre-Patch event and how you could benefit greatly.


Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event Guide

Firstly let's talk about how the Primal Storms and Primalist Invasions change everything for you in the WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch event. Starting November 15, you can participate in helping ward off attacks from the Primalist with a new quest in world events. Setting the stage for Dragonflight's launch. 


Dragonflight Pre Patch Event Primeval Essence

During the event swarms of Primalist mobs will spawn in certain areas marked from the minimap across Azeroth. Every 30 minutes or so, a mini event spawns where an elemental Lord will spawn and nearby mobs will become imbued with the invading element and drop primeval essence, the currency for the Dragonflight Pre-Patch event. The boss is surrounded by a shield that is removed by killing 100 imbue mods in the area. Once the shield is removed, the boss can be killed for loot and more primeval essence. Primeval essence can be used to buy gear and other items from Quartermasters tied to the WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Pre-Patch event.


These tokens can be gathered from a variety of sources.  Primalist mobs during the Primal Storm boss can drop 3 to 5 and the Primal Storm bosses drop 15 to 20 Primalist Essences each. The quartermaster sells great gear, the bracers, belt, cloak, rings, and one-handed weapons costing 25 each. The boots, gloves, shoulder, and necklaces, cost 35 each. The helm, chest, pants, and two-handed weapons cost 45 each. This is going to be a great way to get you some amazing gear if you're a fresh character to last you through half of the leveling journey in Dragonflight.


Dragonflight Pre Patch Event Rewards

Heirloom Trinket

The last reward for this Primal Storms Dragonflight Pre Patch event is a new heirloom trinket that you earn from retaining a rare drop from all elemental lords and combining them. This also comes with a sweet achievement attached to it as well.


Feat of Strength

Every recent Pre-Patch event has a feat of strength attached to it and the Primal Storms are no different. To earn this feat of strength, you must participate in killing every Elemental Lord boss in each Invasion.


Dragonflight Pre Patch Event New Class

With the release of phase 2 of the Pre-Patch expansion patch, players with Dragonflight can create and play a new drag theory Evoker, a hero class that serves as both a race and a class combination. They are the newest hero class and begin their adventures at level 58 in the new zone of the Forbidden Reach. This zone dives into the mysteries of the past as enemies and potential allies new and old are drawn to this place of ancient power.


Dragonflight Pre Patch Event New Dungeon

This also includes a new dungeon to explore with Uldaman, Legacy of the Tyr. After returning to the Dragon Isles, Queen Alexstrasza learned of another disc locked away within Uldaman one that holds the memories of the Tyr himself. Believing this knowledge is needed to restore the power of the aspects. Alexstrasza has asked her mortal allies to brave the perils of Alexstrasza and recover tears and memories to secure the future of dragon kind.

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