WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Healer Tier List | Best M+ Healer in Dragonflight

11/15/2022 3:55:08 PM

You're going to see a lot of tier lists coming out in the coming weeks with a competitive Focus made by amazing players who push Cutting Edge keys in highly organized groups.

 So let's quickly go over what we're looking for in a pug healer on this list:




-Ease of Play

  • Number one, healing, this might sound obvious, but healing is actually not as high a priority and super high-end keys, because of the need for healer damage, but for the purpose of our list, we're going to prioritize healing more, because we're anticipating our teammates making some mistakes, General miscommunication about polls and strategy, a good pug healer can recover from this to a point, particularly with the recent 40 percent health and damage buff healing throughput really matters.

  • Number two, utility, utility can be the Saving Grace of a pug healer and allow you to cover up things like missed kicks lack of CC or B res dead friends.

  • Number three, damage, well at many levels of pug Keys healer damage won't really matter too much once you get into the higher end content it will start to become a little more important, being able to put out at least some DPS can help make up for a lackluster DPS in the group and the faster things die the less surviving everyone needs to do, so although we won't be prioritizing damage as highly as a top end key pusher, we aren't going to discount it either.

  • Number four is going to be ease of play, we're going to consider this a bit on the list, and season one of a new expansion you've got to learn an entirely new dungeon pool and playing a super complex spec on top of that is not always easy, so at least slightly consider how hard or easy the spec is to play.

WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Healer Tier List

 2022-11-15 155310

S Tier - Resto Druid, Evoker

Resto Druid

Resto Druid is the most well-rounded healer of the bunch, it's got great tools for both single Target and AOE healing, some really impactful cooldowns like flourish tree of life, and Tranquility external damage reduction with iron bark, we don't know if it's the nature of heal over time healing or just tuning, but we noticed the 40 healing Nerf much less on Druid than most other specs, we just always felt like we had what we needed on Resto Druid regardless of the situation when it came to Healing, a utility is interesting when it comes to Resto Druid, they have so much in-cap Roar soothe, typhoon, Vortex Etc, but the reality is you can't realistically Talent into all that stuff without losing some really big Capstone owns, but still, you'll generally be having in-cap Roar and Vortex, and of course a b-res, depending on your build maybe a kick, but will require a bear or cat form, you have a load of defensive options as well like thick hide and matted fur, so the only problem here is you won't have enough points for everything and you'll need to decide what's most important to you, Druid is sort of medium easy as it's pretty easy to get the hang of, but it does take some time to get the details down, and overall Druid is just super solid in all respects and earns a spot for us at the front of the S tier.


Let's start things off with our newest addition to the healing Bunch preservation of Evoker, from a Pure Healing throughput sense, preservation can pump hard in five mans, especially in bursty AOE damage situations which is something we see a lot in the current dungeon pool, and the standpoint of a single Target healer, it's a little less strong with burden Embrace being dangerous to use at times and having to fall back on Echoes and living Flames after that, it's got an awesome set of healing cooldown with rewind basically giving you a redo on any mechanic, you'd like and the burst healing potential of stasis, since the 40 health and damage buff or healing Nerf or whatever you want to call it, preservation only feels better as it's just a speck that can keep the consistent throughput pumping, from the utility point of view preservation can also be pretty strong, you've got group wide damage reduction with Zephyr AOE disrupt with tail swipe a knockback, a practical kick, and bloodlust as far as damage goes preservation can absolutely pump AOE with fire breath cleaving living flame and deep breath which is also an extremely simple rotation that anyone should be able to pull off, they also benefit from the fact that their flame breath heals as well, ironically enough although it's been labeled as an advanced spec, we actually think evoker is quite easy to pick up, and my only real concern with preservation is still the range limitation which we don't see as a deal breaker, but on some bosses in particular, you might require a little extra of awareness from your teammates which is not a pug friendly idea, because of that the fact that we just haven't seen it in action yet, we'll put preservation as a second placed healer in the S tier.

A Tier - Holy Priest, Disc Priest, Holy Paladin

Holy Priest

Let's get into the pre-specs, holy priest has endured a series of Nerfs to both its healing and damage, and the 40 healing nerve did seem to also have an adverse effect on the way the spec plays, because For the First Time in quite a while it seems like holy priest heels don't just top everyone off to 100 instantly, we do still think that the healing profile of holy priest with chunky single Target, heels as well as both Guardian spirit and power word life to use, his tools to bring people back from the brink of death make it a really solid M plus healer when it comes to pug scenarios, it's no secret that the pre-specs lack generally in utility, you have very little to offer from the standpoint of CC, but we do need to consider the power of PI here, still, you're now the only healer without a kick, and don't have anything fancy to offer like bloodlust or battle res, so it seems like while other healers gained utility priests lost it, holy's damage has taken a hit recently with a 14 Nerf and the doubling the cooldown of Imperial Blaze as well, it's still pretty solid, but it's single Target in particular has been brought in line with the other healers, he's a play is a place where holy is going to gain some point since it's a very straightforward spec without a lot of Frills and usually my recommendation when people ask for a noob friendly healer, while on a more competitive tier list, we think we would place it lower for the purposes of this tier list, we'll put it in the front of the A tier, because we think it's got a lot to offer a pug group.

Disc Priest

Disciplined priest recently got some big Buffs to its damage in five mans and is honestly an absolute blast to play, we think the dragonflight version of disciplined priest is a massive improvement over shadowlands, powerward Shield feels extremely strong, atonements are making health bars move in the addition of powered life feels like a tool, that's been missing from disc's kit for a long time, because once someone gets critically low a disc, it can be pretty difficult to get them back up again, discipline is still at its strongest when you can use your damage reduction abilities to prepare for incoming damage and predictability has never been a Hallmark for pug groups, not much to say about utility for disk as it's essentially the same as holy priests, so let's get on to damage, the 30 increase in damage provided by the sins of the many change is fantastic for this reason, and it seems like blizzard has finally found a way to separate discs, raid damage from its five-man damage and help balance it for both, All Things Considered I'd say it's the damage is pretty close to Holy priest and you're obviously going to spend a lot of globals doing DPS no matter or what because of the nature of atonement healing, ease of play is where discipline is going to drop a bit, it's always been a tough spec to learn and while we think the dragonfly version of it is actually much easier than past versions, it's still a fairly unforgiving spec that along with the overall play style being a bit unfriendly for pugs, we'll Place disc at the back end of the A tier.

Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin retains a lot of the classic things that has made it always a pretty good M plus healer, versatile healing kit with great cooldowns and a load of utility and survivability, and solid passive damage, while Paladin's healing didn't feel as strong as Druid and evoker, it was another spec where we felt, we usually had what we needed to get the job done regardless of the situation, and unlike Miss Weaver monk, we didn't feel like having to run out of melee momentarily was the end of the world, but coming in as someone who didn't play a ton of Paladin in shadowlands, we felt like the spec was really fluid and enjoyable, Paladin still excels at utility with things like Bop, sacrifice, newly added b-res, and blessing of Seasons rolling over from shadowlands, you've also got a kick on a nice short CD and personal immunity to help yourself out by cheesing some mechanics, group wide damage reduction feels great in M plus particularly after the 40 healing nerves as well, and we think Paladin is just in a great place in regards to utility ability, from a damage perspective Paladin is pretty much metal to pack, but your consecration judgment and crusader strikes will keep the damage flowing and as you build up holy power and melee range, from a difficulty perspective, we'd put Paladin toward the more difficult end of the spectrum compared to most healers, we do feel that melee healing in general is harder to do while you're learning new mechanics, so for the sake of a pug tier list.

B Tier - Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk

Resto Shaman

Resto Shaman has seeds some big damage Buffs over the last week or so, but unfortunately, the problem with Shaman is a little deeper than or aboves, from a healing standpoint Shaman gets the job done with a solid kit that feels like a very stock healer, you've got your damage, over time spell, your direct heals, and your AOE heals in dragonflight, Shaman has a number of potent healing cooldowns and from a throughput sense is solid enough, it's just lacking that big oomph that we see from many of our higher tier specs, and it doesn't make up for it in any other area, from a utility standpoint, Shaman still has a solid kit of totems and abilities that cover most situations, ranging from AOE stuns, Purge, bloodlust and a kick on a low cooldown, but with the bokers joining the Fray with their bloodlust and many other healers gaining kicks as well as the talent tree possibly veering you away from things like Tremor totem, it feels like Resto Shaman has lost ground in the utility department rather than gained it, damages where Shaman really lacks and despite large Buffs the problem is really that Shaman deals no damage passively, Shaman damage is tied to Long cast times, making the DPS hard to get out and the loss of Vesper totem is still felt really badly as acid rain is just a joke of a substitute both from a damaged and fun perspective, if Shaman is allowed to plant their feet forget about healing, and just hard cast damage spell after damage spell, they'll look fine but that's just not the reality of how M plus really works, all that said Shaman is a very straightforward healer to get the hang of which is going to save it for our bottom spot, but we'll put at the front of the B tier.

Mistweaver Monk

The final spot is Mistweaver Monk, how did we end up here again the spec looked, so promising at the beginning of dragonflied beta, because of the fun of this weaving, but as the beta went on it became obvious that it was falling behind many of the other healers especially as throughput became more and more a focus of them plus, while the play style of punching things to do healing is neat, and all monk has very few tools for moments where you're forced out of melee, and particularly after the 40 healing nerve, just felt like monk didn't have the tools, and particularly the cooldowns to get the healing job done, and for all the negativity, that's been thrown around regarding Shaman, we felt like mistweaver was the hardest spec to just keep the group alive on, among still got some nice utility, particularly the very versatile Ring Of Peace, not to mention the five percent physical damage buff, that's great given the power of melee specs, you got a nice low cooldown kick and lots of mobility too and pretty good CC, and even from a damage perspective, the damage can be quite nice when you get some good spinning crane kicks out and has respectable single Target as well, so difficulty is where monk gets us a little bit, and the main reason why we put it behind Shaman in the bottom tier, having to stay in melee to get most of your healing out versus, playing at range just feels like a step up in difficulty from Shaman.

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