Top 10 Best Trinkets Coming To WotLK Classic Phase 2 - Most Powerful Trinkets In Wrath of the Lich King For All Specs

11/17/2022 11:33:13 AM

Today we're going to count down some of the most powerful trinkets that will dramatically boost your DPS in a raining environment that are coming very soon in later phases. We also include some cheeky, very underrated utility trinkets, so we're going to be covering trinkets that will drop in Ulduar, Trial of the Grand Crusader and Icecrown Citadel and even Ruby Sanctum.

Best Trinkets In WotLK Phase 2

Top 10 Best Trinkets Coming To WotLK Classic Phase 2 - Most Powerful Trinkets In Wrath of the Lich King For All Specs 

1. Flare of the Heavens

This is a spellcaster trinket that drops from general vezax, 25 man hard mode which means it's one of the highest item level trinkets that you can get in this phase. It's a fairly simple trinket but very powerful, and better than others trinkets due to the raw stats, it has 120 crits, a proc effect of 850 spell power for 10 seconds with only a 45 second in 10 cool down. Most casters will still pair this with a very overpowered Illustration of the Dragon Soul from obsidian sanctum 25 man since that trinket is still so powerful. 

2. Trinket Comet's Trail

In Ulduar, melo DPS will be aiming to get the Comet's Trail which is essentially an upgrade from a meteor at Whetstone from King Imran in heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. Comet drops from the Algalon the Observer bonus boss of Ulduar. This boss can only be unlocked with a quest obtained inside of the instance from the iron council encounter. This will send you on a small quest chain to kill more bosses inside Ulduar before you can finally get the Celestial Planetarium Key to unlock Algalon's boss room. Trinket has 240 raw attack power and a haste proc of 726 for 10 seconds, if this will be perfect for an holy death Knight's opener to optimize their gargoyle damage and many melo DPS will still continue to pair this with a Darkmoon card.

3. Mjolnir Runestone

With some other DPS out there including the hunter, that scale extremely well with armor penetration. So they prefer to obtain Mjoinir Runestone from foreign on 10 man hard mode. This has 102 crit chance but a proc effect of 665 armor penetration for 10 seconds is a great trinket, it literally activates specs that have previously been behind the other DPS in phase 1. So obviously we're talking about the Combat Rogue, if you're a warrior, Feral Druid and a Marksman Hunter, not saying that they're really bad in phase 1 but y items like this trinket, both their DPS dramatically. Along with other things, not saying this trinket all you give is trinket and very curly specs are viable because the Marksman Hunter for instance still needs that Skyforge Crossbow, but it's a big piece in the puzzle.

4. Death’s Choice

Now we move on to the Trial of a Grand Crusader with Death's Choice. A mellow trinket that drops from the Twin Val’kyr encounter that provides 288 attack power and a proc to either increase your strength or agility depending on which is the highest stats and that lasts for 15 seconds, and it is a very high prague chance. Because this is a trinket that dynamically increases your strength or agility, it means it's sought after by every single melo DPS in the game and Hunters, so it'll probably be the most contested item of this phase. 

5. Reign of the Dead

The most contested Caster trinket of this phase will be Reign of the Dead if you play a horde, for some reason in this phase the loot and tear sets have different names depending on your faction but tier sets will also look different. Most casters want this trinket drops from the last boss Anub’arak, it has 168 spell power and a unique equip effect. Every time you deal a crit with a non-dotability like for instance a shadow bolt, you gain a Shard of flame, and when you get three shards he will fire a pillar of flame for around 2000 damage and this can only happen every two seconds. So it basically is a buffed version of a lightning capacitor from ilhoof in karazhan. The damage weirdly has no visual effect in the game, you just see the damage happen like in floating combat text. It doesn't scale with spell power buff, it does have a chance to script based on your actual crit on your character. The damage can also be increased by a percentile damage increasing buffs and debuffs and it works off AOE abilities, plus fire mage talents that increase fire damage will increase the damage of the proc, so it will very likely be fire mage priority loot. Especially as you will need to start gearing up your fire mages in preparation for Heroic Icecrown Citadel. 

6. Juggernaut’s Vitality

Trial of a Grand Crusader also drops some great utility trinkets for the tank, Juggernaut’s Vitality. This has a total of 216 stamina on it, so it's going to increase your people by over 2000. And your news effect will increase your health by 5000, so that can be very useful for surviving big damage mechanics. It does share a cooldown with other Battle Master effects, so other trinkets that increase your health. And you also can't equip two of these anymore, that's a recent change that's added in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. So it's very likely that tanks will pair this with the Heart of Iron from Ulduar since that is a nice amount of stamina 22 with that good 432 dodge rating for 20 seconds buff.

7. Deathbringer’s Will

For the most iconic, most powerful and most desired trinket in WotLK phase 2 - Deathbringer’s Will. This is a trinket that drops from a deathbringer saurfang and has a heroic version of 277 item level. Every non-caster spec wants this item, unfortunately you can't double equip these because in ICC, Blizzard made a change where you can't do that. Server heroic version has 167 base armor penetration with this unique effect that will transform your character into either a very cool Wolver, Taunka, Iron Dwarves, Tuskarr or Gorioc for 30 seconds and that's how long the buff does last for. And the buff changes depending on your class so for instance a death knight will ever gain 700 strength, 700 haste or 700 crit for a full 30 seconds whereas a hunter will gain 700 agility, 700 crit or 700 armor penetration. The only downside to this trinket is one in PvP and you need to mount up the proc effect will prevent you from mounting up, so you'll have to make a cancel or a macro to remove the buffs. 

8. Phylactery of a Nameless Lich

Casters will instead be desperate for Sindragosa’s trinket, the Phylactery of a Nameless Lich. This has 172 spell power and a proc that procs off your dot damage instead of direct damage. and you think about it every single caster apart from the Arcane Mage has some form of dot and the proc is 1207 spell power for a full 20 seconds with a 30% proc chance. So every caster apart from the Arcane Mage will want this item. It will proc from the balance druid T10 4p set bonus that causes your critical extra damage as a dot for 4 seconds 

9. Sindragosa’s Flawless Fang

This WotLK phase 2 trinket has 258 stamina with an on-use effect that increases your resistances to all schools of magic by 268 for 10 seconds. With resistance buffs provided by the Raid like Druid Mark of the Wild or your own if you're playing a paladin, it will be your own resistance aura, this will prevent 30% to 60% of magic damage and can prevent more with aura mastery in a ballpark of 40 to 70% of total damage. There's a little RNG evolved when it comes to magic resistance stats, but it will definitely reduce magic damage taken and has the most amount of stamina on an item in the game until cataclysm turns up.

10. Glowing Twilight Scale

Lastly, we have one of the highest item level trinkets in WotLK Classic phase 2 of 284, the Glowing Twilight Scale, probably the most powerful healer trinket in the game. As a very unique effect very similar to Glyph of Holy Light, your direct heals cause the tiger to heal themselves for 402 points each second for 6 seconds, but it also affects everyone within 10 yards. So it's a free AOE hot on your healing spells and it will pop off your AOE healing spell, so it is ridiculously overpowered. 

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