WoW Dragonflight How To Level From 10-60 In 3 Hours | Best Dragonflight Prepatch Leveling Guide

11/17/2022 4:08:50 PM

WoW Dragonflight pre-patch is finally released, bringing along some experience changes chromie time. To account this, we are going to be presenting a new leveling guide, set a new 10-60 speed run world record in only 3 hours and 21 minutes. We’re going to be talking you the exact route (containing both horde and alliance factions) to use, so you can run it for yourself.

WoW Dragonflight How To Level From 10-60 In 3 Hours - Best Dragonflight Prepatch Leveling Guide

Level From 1-10 in Dragonflgith Prepatch

First and foremost, if you're not leveling an Allied Race, you need to reach level 10. While every race will be presented with multiple options, choosing exile's reach. The other racial starting zones will either provide you with too little experience or they'll lock you into a questline until well past the point where you've reached level 10. However, exile's reach was tailor made by blizzard to get your characters exactly from levels 1 to 10 and it also happens to be relatively easy to complete. If you're playing a Demon Hunter or a Death Knight, your only option will be to level through your class starting zones and this will put you well past level 10 by the time you finish. 


How To Level From 10-25 in WoW Dragonflight

Once you've reached level 10, you'll want to do a few quests to acquire a dollar on Hearthstone, this only takes a few minutes and you'll save a lot of time over the course of the 10 to 60 leveling process. To kick things off, you'll need to speak to chromie and begin the legion questline. If you're unsure where to find her, head to the Orgrimmar or Stormwind Embassy depending on your faction and look for a gnome sitting on a big hourglass. If you’re horde, you should now run outside of the Orgrimmar Gates and talk to Holgar Stormaxe. Alliance players will head to the storm and docks and speak to Recruiter Lee. Each of these NPCs should have a dialogue option that starts with this tale before and you want to select it in order to skip the broken shore introduction. 

Once you've reached Dalaran, you can turn in the nearby quest to receive your dollar on Hearthstone. From here, head to your factions section of the city and take the portal back to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. If you're playing a Mage, Monk Vulpera, Dark Iron Dwarf or some combination of the two, then you don’t need the process we just described. Each of these classes and or races have abilities which completely remove the need for a dollar on Hearthstone. Lastly, if the Darkman Fair happens to be active while you're leveling, this is the ideal time to swing by and grab your 10 experience buff. Now you should be ready to start the round.

There is a subject that is really important for both The Horde and Alliance, that being rare mobs. Throughout the 10 to 60 leveling route. you'll have the chance to encounter many different rares within the cataclysm revamp zones. Each of these rares gives roughly a quest's worth of experience, so it can be extremely helpful to hunt for them while you're leveling. 

Horde level 10 to 25 route:

Once you've reached the Orgrimmar portal room, take the portal to Silver Moon and then use the Orb of Translocation behind Lor’s themar Theran to reach Tirisfal Glades. From here, head to Silver Pine Forest and begin the questline. This zone is deceptively efficient, as it has a lot of unskippable cutscenes which appear to make the whole questline take a really long time. That being said, the last two-thirds of Silver Pine have incredible quest density and minimal travel time. So you'll very quickly catch up an experience. Midway through the questing experience you'll get sent down to gilneas. Don't panic, this is simply an extension of the Silver Pine questline. Within the first area, you'll see a giant edit named Korok the Colossus and you should kill him in order to receive a hidden quest. From here, continue along the quest line in gilneas until you get returned to Silver Pine. Around this point, you should hit Level 20. When this happens, set your Hearthstone to the nearest in which is either the Sepulcher or the Forsaken front and then use your dollar on Hearthstone to portal hop over to Orgrimmar. At this point, you can learn your riding skill and activate war mode. If you're Vulpera, place your camp before you, then TP back to it. Majors or monks can use portals or Zen pilgrimage respectively as a replacement for the Dalaran Hearthstone. 

Towards the end of the zone, you'll reach the quest Sowing Discord, which tasks you with killing a camp full of elite dwarves. It can be fairly difficult to solo these mobs as their auto attacks hit extremely hard. If you find yourself struggling with this quest, dragging the mobs over to Lord Godfrey and waiting for him and the other NPCs to whittle the dwarves down. Afterwards, you should kill one of the nearby crocodiles as he begins a hidden quest. Once you've completed this quest, you can abandon Silver Pine Forest and move along to Hillsborough Foothills. The final two quests in Silver Pine are full of unskippable RP, so they're not worth completing. 

Alliance level 10-25 route:

For Alliance players, start by heading towards the storm and flightmaster which is located in the Southeastern corner of the trade district. Use the toy scouting map to modernize the provisioning of the Eastern kingdoms, which unlocks all the major flight points across the continent. If you don't have this toy, you can unlock it permanently from the heirloom vendor for 5K Classic WotLK gold. Talk to the storm in flightmaster and fly to Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwyn Forest. From here, walk to Tower Watch which can be found just past the border to Red Ridge Mountains and begin the questline. Continue normally until you reach the quest Prisoners of War which you'll get shortly after reaching Camp Everstill. The quest from here on out are sparse filled with RP and take a while to complete, so we do not recommend finishing them. At this point, you should head back to the flight master in Lake Shire and fly to Darkshire in Duskwood. Once you reach Duskwood, you'll want to complete almost the entire questline there including the hubs on the western side while Duskwood does have a lot of travel time between its hubs, the overall quest density is high enough to make up for it. The only Quest that you should not complete is the final one which tells you to kill more lot in, as it requires a ton of travel time for a minimal reward. Upon reaching that quest and completing all the other ones, return to Stormwind. At some point within Duskwood, you should also hit Level 20. When this happens, set your Hearthstone to Darkshire and then use your dollar on Hearthstone, so portal hop over to Stormwind. You should then learn your riding skill and activate war mode before returning to Duskwood. Mages, monks and and dark iron dwarfs can use their abilities as a replacement for the Dalaran Hearthstone.

Level From 25-35 in WoW Dragonflgith Prepatch

Horde level 25 to 35 route:

By now, you should have reached roughly level 25. Horde players should now be entering Hills red Foothills and you'll want to complete the quests in the zone until you reach level 30. At this point, you can set your Hearthstone to the sludge fields and then return to Orgrimmar in order to learn flying. Unlike before, you will not immediately be using your Hearthstone to return to hills rat. You should head over to chromie and select the Warlords of Draenor questline, you'll be directed to speak to an NPC called Vanguard battle mage who can be found on the bottom floor of the Orgrimmar portal room. Talking to this NPC will cause you to be teleported to the Blasted Lands and from here, you'll need to run all the way to the dark portal and complete the Warlords of Draenor Intro Cinematic. Contrary to popular belief, the wad intro is actually one of the most efficient questlines in the entire game and if you skip it, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Upon reaching Frostfire Ridge, complete the entire questline to set up your Garrison as this provides you with a Garrison Hearthstone. You'll also want to finish the next few quests to where you kill ogres, gather supplies, construct a barracks and rescue all in umbrahide. After completing these four quests, use your regular Hearthstone and return to Hillsbrad Foothills.

Alliance level 25-35 route:

Alliance players will follow a fairly similar route, after leaving Duskwood and returning to Stormwind, you should speak with chromie and begin the Warlords of Draenor questline. You'll be directed to speak to an NPC called Vanguard Battlemage who can be found just inside the entrance to the Stormwind Mage Tower. Talking to this NPC will cause you to be teleported to the Blasted Lands and you'll need to run to the dark portal in order to complete the wad intro. Once you reach Shadow Moon Valley, complete the entire quest line and set up your Garrison as this provides you with a Garrison Hearthstone. You'll also want to finish the next few quests where you kill Pale Orcs, gather supplies, construct a barracks and rescue Qiana Moonshadow. Around this time, you should receive a quest in your Garrison from Cordana Felsong named Meet Us at Starfall Outpost. Complete this entire chain up until the quests Soul shards of summoning and Cleaning Up Gul’var, as things slow down immensely from that point onwards. You should now fly south and completely bloodthorne cave bonus objective along with the nearby quest, A Matter of Life and Death. Once this is done, fly further south to just outside the entrance of Spiers of Arak where you'll complete the Zorker's Fall bonus objective in Talador. 

Now enter spiers and begin the questline there. You're going to be questing here until you reach level 35, at which point you should finish up your remaining quests and immediately return to Stormwind. The reason for this is because Spires of Iraq is a peculiar zone because while it does have fairly high quest density early on, it falls off significantly towards the end. After you reach southport, you can construct the stock train Brewery which gives you a 20% increased experience buff within Spiers of Iraq, as well as a localized Hearthstone ability on a separate cooldown. While this buff is nice to have, it's nowhere near as impactful as many people seem to think it is. By the time you get this 20% XP buff, you've already completed most of the efficient quests in the zone, so it doesn't end up helping you that much. While you quest, keep an eye out for treasures called Offering to the Raven Mother, these give rested experience on top of the normal pickup XP so they're extremely efficient. You'll also want to pick up the qanted quests from a poster within the Stocktron Brewery as they give great experience and can usually be completed alongside other quests. When you hit Level 35, you should abandon spiers and return to Stormwind.

How To Level From 35-45 in Dragonflight Prepatch

The next section of this guide will cover levels 35 to 45, but if you're a monk, you should complete the entire Peak of Serenity questline at this point. These quests are really easy to complete and give fantastic experience which is one of the reasons why monk is the best leveling class in the game. 

Horde level 35-45 route:

Horde players should have just returned to Hillsbrad Foothills and you'll pick up the questline exactly where you left off. While completing quests within South Shore, run east along the shoreline until you find an area filled with Naga. Killing one of the Naga will give you a secret quest which tasks you with killing 15 more. Once you reach level 40, set your Hearthstone to Tarren Mill and return to Orgrimmar in order to learn master riding. You can then immediately hearth back to Hillsbrad and continue questing until you've completed the entire zone. The only two quests you'll be avoiding are stag witches and a haunting in Hillsbrad. The former is an RNG nightmare as you'll rarely be able to get the quest items to drop without wasting a lot of time. The latter is a quest chain that's fairly isolated in the Southeastern corner of the zone, so it tends to be a waste of time to complete it. It's worth noting that some quests in Hillsbrad such as Yetimus the Yeti Lord or the Durnhold Challenge are elites which are designed for a group of players. For most classes, these are extremely difficult to solo. Trying to solo them once if you're feeling confident.

Alliance level 35-45 route:

Upon returning to Stormwind, Alliance players should take the Deeprun Tram over to Ironforge, Mages and Dark Iron Dwarves can use portals or a mole machine respectively to reach Ironforge as it's significantly faster than taking the tram. Monks will not be able to accomplish this by using Zen Pilgrimage. Once you've arrived in Ironforage, you'll want to fly to the southern section of Loch Modan and start the questline in the Valley of Kings. From here, you should complete every single quest in Loch Modan as it's by far the most efficient leveling area for the alliance. Throughout the zone, there are 6 interactable objects called Stolen Explorers League Documents and they'll give you a quest whenever you interact with them. A few of these are directly in your questing path, but many are off the traditional route so you'll have to take a bit of a detour to pick them up. 

Here you can see the locations of all 6 Explorers League Documents. Each of these objects gives full quest XP for minimal effort, so it's absolutely worth going out of your way to pick these up. 

How To Level From 10-60 In Only 3 Hours in WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch

How To Level From 45-60 in Dragonflight Pre-Patch

We've now reached the final section of the Dragonflight prepatch leveling guide which covers levels 45 to 60. Both Alliance and Horde players should use their Garrison Hearthstone Upon finishing Loch Modan or Hillsbrad Foothills respectively. However, the exact route you'll take through wad differs a bit for each faction. 

Horde levels 45-60 route:

Horde players will fly in a straight line until they reach Gorgond, and from here you should follow the questline until you arrive in Beastwatch. At this point, you'll be prompted to choose between the Savage Flight Club or the Lowlands Lumber Yard. The Flight Club is a significantly better choice as it gives you access to a ton of efficient quests. From here, go north and complete the quests for Stonewall Arena and Grand Canyon. While completing the quest A Harsh Reminder in Affliction Ridge, Round ‘Em Up, a wide variety of mobs and pop your champion's honorability. This spell has a hidden effect which causes quest starting items to drop while you kill certain enemies with the buff active. Under the Draenor exploration tab, there's an achievement called prove your strength which can help you keep track of which quest items you've already collected. Ideally, you should use this buff only when you've rounded up a few different mobs of at least 2 different types in order to maximize your chances at getting quest items. After you've finished all the quests within this area, continue along the rexxar questline. You'll want to use your champion's honorability once again on the basilisks and steam furies that you'll encounter during the quest on the mend. Later on, you can use it again while killing ogron during the quest fair warning. After you finish the quest Chains of Iron, you should complete the nearby bonus objective Valley of Destruction. Upon returning to Beastwatch, you'll receive another quest named strike while the iron is hot. 

Now you'll want to complete the miscreet mire and razorbloom bonus objectives just south of beastwatch. While you're here, make sure you use the Champion's honorability on the nearby packs of wasps and ravagers. If you have leftover time in the buff after getting the wasp and ravager items, you can try to get the Orc Thorn and Botani Bloom drops in case you're still missing either one. Finally, head east and complete the entire Crimson fan questline and upon finishing it return to beastwatch to hand in all of your remaining quests. You should now leave Gordon and travel South towards Talador. But on your way there, you should complete the bonus objectives Ruins of the First Bastion and Tailthrasher Basin. Continue flanks out the Talador and construct the Arsenal in Vol’jin’s Pride. Do not complete any of the other quests here as the main purpose of unlocking the Arsenal is to gain access to some efficient bonus objectives. You'll want to complete the bonus objectives Mo’gron Logworks, Zangarra and Aruuna's Desolation in that order. After picking up the nearby treasures, head even further to the South and complete the Zorkra's Fall bonus objective. From here, head to Spiers of Iraq and progress through the quest line until you reach level 60. 

Alliance level 45-60 route:

Alliance players should use their Garrison Hearthstone to return to wad. From here, fly West to Talador and complete the Aruuna's Desolation bonus objective. You can then head north until you reach Fort ring and you'll want to construct the Artillery Tower to unlock the Zangarra bonus objective. Ignore all the remaining quests in Fort Ring and head east to complete the bonus objective. When it's done, fly north into Gorgon and complete two more bonus objectives to help Thrasher Basin and Ruins of the First Bastion. Once they're complete, you can head to the Eastern section of the zone and start the questline. Continue along until you reach high pass and at this point, you'll be prompted to choose between the Sparring Ring or the Logging Camp. The Sparring Ring is a significantly better choice as it gives you access to a ton of efficient quests. From here you'll head to Affliction Ridge and follow the exact same path as the aforementioned horde route. At some point along the way you should hit Level 60. 

Now that you've finished leveling in chromie time, you'll need to get from level 60 to 70 in Dragonflight.