Dragonflight M+ (Mythic+) Tier List - Top 5 DPS Classes for World of Warcraft Dragonflight

11/18/2022 4:54:40 PM

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is around the corner, it’s very beneficial to max out your DPS at the beginning of the game. So follow us to check out the WoW Dragonflight M+ tier list with the top 5 best DPS classes & specs to go with for Mythic Plus.   

Dragonflight M+ Tier List

WoW Dragonflight M+ Tier List - Top 5 Best DPS Classes for World of Warcraft Dragonflight 

AoE and single-target DPS are important in Dragonflight Mythic Plus, considering that, what are the top DPS classes in the game? This is the WoW Dragonflight M+ tier list by Riplockthegod. They are largely selected on the list because of the utility, single-target, and AOE damage, as well as crowd control, start with the best DPS class and earn the highest profits of WoW gold benefits. 

Top 1 - Feral Druid

Feral is a melee DPS spec for the Druid class in Dragonflight 10.0, this spec has great utility, such as healing CDs, you got a lot of things that can help the group out. With the Feral Druid, you can also have really strong output on the single target damage when you need to, and the sustainability damage on the single target. So you will keep up the same damage throughout the whole fight. Speaking of AOE damage, you are able to do insane AOE damage with the Rip and Rake that multiplies on every target that you hit, so you do a lot of burst, now you only press Rip and Rake and you have it on every target that you attacked. In addition, you also have high mobility and flexibility for raids.

Top 2 - Enhancement Shaman

The next Mythic+ DPS class we are going to talk about is Enhancement Shaman, which is an all-around good class, its core gameplay is similar to that in Shadowlands. Look at the strengths of Enhancement Shaman, it also has pretty good group utility for dungeons, the Windfury Totem can boost other melee classes in your group. For the single-target damage, you have insane single-target consistency over a long period of time and it's gonna do a lot of damage like all your abilities hits really hard. This spec comes with strong AOE, it can funnel AOE and cleave into a single target to get priority target damage. There is an ability that is called Fire Nova, when you put Flame Shock on a target, you do an AOE blast around all enemies, it's it hits like a track, you can also get a lot of Maelstrom, so you can get a lot of procs on your Crash Lightning. Lastly, Enhancement Shaman also has decent crowd control. 

Top 3 - Demon Hunter

Move to the third class, which is the Demon Hunter, and Havoc is usually the most popular spec. You got everything you kind of want, you have great utility for the team with the stunts, you have really good single target damage, you have insane AOE when you need to on the consistent too, it's instantly applied by this bomb, you don't need to wait to do anything, you don't need to set up as an Affliction Warlock or anything like that. For the CCs, Demon Hunter has strong crowd control in the form of stuns and kicks.

Top 4 - Unholy Death Knight

At the number four spot, we have Unholy Death Knight, in terms of utility, you have Death Grip, Anti-Magic Zone that reduces magic damage, and a lot of others to help your group. For the single-target damage, you have good sustainability damage on a boss fight, maybe you drop a bit off when you don't have CDs but you can still put out pretty good numbers in your burst and consistently do it during the fight. As a Death Knight, you kind of need some time to set up your diseases and spread your dots on all targets, but when you have that in a rolling effect on the target, you will do insane AOE damage. For the CC and slow, you have Chains of Ice that reduces the movement speed on the target. Unholy DK is a solid damage dealer for Mythic+ content and also one of the tankiest specs in WoW Dragonflight. 

Top 5 - Affliction Warlock

The last class on the top five DPS list is Affliction Warlock, which is a top ranged DPS in Dragonflight Mythic Plus. The first advantage of this spec is that it offers excellent utility, including Soulstone, Healthstone, Fear and Banish, and Demonic Gateway, as well as the AOE crowd control ability Shadowfury. Single target damage is the only thing they are lacking, when you do a boss where there's only one target, they lack a lot of damage, if you put multiple targets like 2-3, you will succeed a lot more. You can cast your Malefic Rapture on all targets, which is going to benefit you a lot. for the AOE DPS, you’ll have multiple ways of dealing with strong AOE damages. This spec also comes with amazing crowd control abilities, you have only different Curses that will reduce the cast time and they reduce movement speed by target, such as Curse of Exhaustion and Curse of Tongues.

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