New ACNH 2.0.6 Patch Update 2022 - Leif’s Wedding Service, Lock Custom Designs On Ground, Trade Bugs & More

11/18/2022 5:57:26 PM

Nintendo just released a new update for Animal Crossing New Horizons update 2.0.6, came out on November 14th, 2022, almost a year after the big 2.0 update which was on November 5th, 2021. Now check this guide and learn everything about the ACNH version 2.0.6 patch update. 

New ACNH 2.0.6 Update 2022 - Bug Fixes, New Features & More

When our game first updated, it didn't seem like anything really changed, but Nintendo has a handy dandy website that lists every change that every update brought for Animal Crossing New Horizons. The only thing Nintendo lists for the 2.0.6 update is General several, issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience. But we don't know what those are, but what we do know is that there's still a lot of problems in New Horizons. Here’s all about the brand new update for Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0.6.

Leif's Weeding Service

Since Nintendo was super vague in general about what the 2.0.6 update entails and what it fixed in the game, we can see if this update fixed Leif's weeding service, because if you've tried it, he usually says you don't have enough weeds on your Island for him to perform the service. So just go ahead and fill the entire island with weeds and when you talk to him, he can weed your Island for a100K ACNH bells and then go back to Leif when you put down 36 weeds and he says you don't have enough weeds for him to pull down, and then update the 2.0.6 to see if anything is different.

But he wouldn't pull up 36 weeds, we just do not have enough, his service only works if you have over 300 weeds on your Island and you cannot get 300 weeds on your Island. There's actually a limit to how many weeds can grow on your Island at a time and the limit is below 300. The only time your Island would naturally have 300 weeds is when you first start your Island, but most players need the de-weeding service once they're pretty far are into the game. So this feature isn't fixed and the limit hasn't been lowered, it's basically a feature that no players can use. 

Trade Bugs, Fish, Sea Creatures

Another thing that Nintendo should have added in this update is the ability to trade fish bugs and sea creatures. We are far enough into the game that many people if they're trying to complete the museum have already been playing for a while, and maybe they just want to say that they've completed their museum in order to get the golden fishing rod and the golden net and if Nintendo let us trade such creatures, we could pull together our resources and our play time to help other players finish their museum. But Nintendo didn't add this, but they did do something very similar in the past. When the game first started, you cannot put DIYs in your storage, so if you had extra DIYs in addition to the ones you already learned, you either had to throw them out or drop them on the ground of your Island which negatively affects your Island rating. Nintendo did this to promote trading of DIYs, because why throw them out when you can give them to another player that is in need and that was great for the first year of the game which promoted trading and helped everybody progress in the game. But on the 2.0 update, they added the feature to let people put DIYs in their storage. Because Nintendo knew the game has been out for one and a half years by that point people are tired of trying to grind for that one DIY, people have already gotten most of the DIYs they want whether through trading or Nookazan or Treasure Islands. So there really was no need to restrict the player from putting DIYs in their storage. And they can just apply that same logic to sea creatures. 

Sugar is Savory Glitch

Now we don't know if there's a glitch or a bug, but for some reason, Nintendo lists fruit jams in the Savory category in your DIY menu. There are savory jams out there, jalapeno jam, pepper jelly, but peach, apple, pear, cherry jams are not Savory, they are sweet. So why are they in the Savory category. Right from the beginning when they added cooking into the game, they could have taken the time for this update to move those jams into the sweet category like they should have been.

When the Flowers Take Over

Nintendo could have also fixed the flower Invasion problem where flowers reproduce way more than weeds do, and flowers are just taking over players Islands left and right. 

Lock Custom Designs on Ground

New ACNH 2.0.6 Patch Update 2022

Another thing we would all appreciate is the ability to lock custom designs on the ground. Because everyone has been there, you're walking around your Island beautifully path and there's something dropped on the ground that you want to pick up. You press Y and then rage ensues when you accidentally delete a custom design, when you wanted to pick up the dropped item. Photoshop top has layers you can lock, white as a Nintendo allow you to lock the custom design layer. It's just a little quality of life thing that Nintendo could have added so easily. But they took this 2.0.6 update to improve the gameplay experience whatever that means.

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