Dragonflight Best Raid & M+ Healer - Ranking Top 3 Healers In World of Warcraft Dragonflight

11/21/2022 6:07:44 PM

Today we're looking at the best or top 3 healers in WoW Dragonflight and we're going to be combining the performance in the raid and Mythic plus. So classes in this Dragonflight healer rank are doing well both in high-end Mythic content and Mythic raiding content so far. Keep in mind this is looking at top-end content. If the healer you're playing right now does not make the Dragonflight best healer list, does not mean you should not play them considering you're paying a monthly subscription to get the most value out of your money.


WoW Dragonflight Best Healer - Dragonflight M+ & Raid Healer Rankings

A lot of people are playing pre-patch and they're determining which heroes are going to be strong based on that pre-patch information which can be very misleading. Because on live service right now you have covenant abilities, conduits, and legendaries which are not going to be available in Dragonflight or right now in Dragonflight beta, and on top of that you do not have the biggest change that is the increase to player stamina and creature damage which is only available at level 70. For the people who are playing purely pre-patch, there are going to be a lot of things that are changing when Dragonflight is going to launch, and you also have to consider that the 40 stamina change is going to impact healers that tend to do a lot of overhealing or healers that provide some passive damage reduction.

Dragonflight Top 3 Best Healers Raid & M+

1. Dragonflight Best Healer - Resto Druid

Restoration Druid is going to be the Dragonflight best healer m+ if nothing changes from right now to the release of Dragonflight. Dragonflight is going to be known as the Resto Druid expansion. Resto Druids are going back to some other glory days back in the previous expansions, almost an Undisputed King in meticulous content because the 40% stamina change really did allow their hearts to do the work.


M+: You can do a lot of the M+ content right now in beta and you can allow your hearts to do a lot of the work for you and then if someone needs or the group needs AOE healing, you have a lot of AOE healing burst potential. Because there's a lot of things that are going to both your wild growth. Things like the soul of the forest, set: rejuvenation, lifebloom, wild is going to be impactful, and they can also be flourished for extra HBS. Resto Druid is going to feel right at home in Dragonflight Mythic plus.


There are very interesting spec talent tree notes that you can invest your points and there are multiple different builds that are emerging right now, especially if you combine them with something like feral form. On top of that point, Resto Druid is an easy healer to start with but has an incredibly high skill ceiling which means that you can invest a lot of time into Resto Druid. Because you will have to optimize or no damage patterns. You will have to optimize your DPS through multiple different means and that is only a good thing. Resto Druid is relatively durable, it has a decent amount of utility.


Raid: But when you go into raid situations, a lot of the power of Resto Druid comes from their HBS. Resto Druid is not going to be considered a mandatory raid healer but instead the Dragonflight best raid healer. A lot of that power is coming from the fact that they provide good HBS and that can change at any given moment. You also have to consider that you will always have at least one Druid in your raid group because you need that mark of the wild which is an insanely strong grade both in raids and Mythic plus content.


Disadvantage: Some of the negatives about Resto Druid right now is that they do not get any healing increase by dealing damage which a lot of other healers do. So you have to make a conscious decision when you want to apply moon fire, sun fire going through your feral form apply bleeds, and things like that which can be off-putting to someone who's looking to start Resto Druid. Restoration Druid is probably going to be the most hyped and best M+ and raid healer in Dragonflight unless something changes.


If you're someone who's looking to play Resto Druid, you're going to be very happy. Because it is a relatively really easy healer to pick up and it has a high skill set that allows you to spend hours in order to optimize your Druid gameplay.


2. WoW Dragonflight Best Healer Class - Preservation Evoker

Our second best Dragonflight healer M+ and raid is going to be Preservation Evoker. It's important to note that there is a new healing class approaching in Dragonflight and Blizzard does not want the class to feel or be relatively weak.


M+: Preservation Evoker just like Resto Druid is going to shine in M+ content because you do have things like your empowered abilities which honestly can bring people from the brink of that the whole group can get topped up by these relatively low cooldown abilities which cannot be said for a lot of other healers after the 40 stamina change. Preservation Evoker you do have to get used to the playstyle because it is a new class that power abilities feel really strong. Especially because they have a relatively low cooldown, you have a good DPS with a relatively simple rotation as long as you can cast or aim your fire breath, you're going to be relatively okay. You can also get rewarded with healing through your damage with talents like life-giver’s flame.


There seem to be multiple different builds for Mythic plus and raid depending on how you want to spend your essences which is only a good thing because it's going to provide variety to your healer and probably elongate your playing time as Preservation Evoker in the next expansion. Preservation Evoker has some really strong pursuing capabilities probably one of the strongest M plus healers in Dragonflight depending on the talent build you're running. Because you have multiple things like tip the scales, rewind, or stasis which basically allow you to bring the whole party from the brink of that to full HP.


Raid: When we go to raid comparison, Preservation Evoker is not all that mandatory, and think a lot of its power is going to be tied into the HPS that it can provide. You do have a rate both in terms of the blessing of the bronze which honestly is not really comparable to a lot of other classes buffs. You do have to answer increased mobility, you do have things like rescue which can be really strong in niche situations. You could also argue the Preservation Evoker using something like a temporal anomaly in raid situations can provide absorbs, but you cannot really compare to absorbs the temporal anomaly provides something like this is increased raptor ramps which are incredibly powerful.


Disadvantage: You also have to consider the Preservation Evoker has a 30% yard healing range for the majority of its heals which is significantly lower than other healers and can be a deal breaker depending on which raid and counter you're doing. But given the fact that they're so strong in Mythic plus and they're pretty decent in raid situations, it is important to list them in this WoW Dragonflight healer ranking.


3. Dragonflight Best Healer Ranking - Holy Paladin

The last class we going to include in this Dragonflight raid and Mythic+ healer list is going to be Holy Paladin. Holy Paladin has always been a strong healer and that is regardless if you think the direction or the play style of Holy Paladin is fun. Holy Paladin this list is going to be the reverse of Resto Druid in the poker because the true potential is going to lie in the raid healing. Because the niche of sustained tank healing has always been strong, especially at the start of a new expansion. The niche can also be increased depending on how the tank tuning goes. So if the tanks are going to require constant babysitting, every single Mythic and raiding guild is going to bring at least one Holy Paladin.


Raid: The fact that Holy Paladin in raid situations can have multiple builds in terms of range in terms of maraad's, you have a lot of various choices and you have to consider that the maraad’s build provides so much spot healing that can be really strong in progression. You can be the healer that's going to be responsible for saving the people from the brink of that, especially in that high-end Mythic raiding content. You also have to look at the fact that Holy Paladin does provide damage reduction, you do have the evil order which is not again exclusive to Holy Paladin but it does provide 3% damage reduction to the whole raid and that can be increased up to 15% damage reduction when you use aura mastery for really heavy AOE situations. The combination of a strong niche sustained tank healing and the fact that you provide damage reduction is very attractive for any raid leaders looking to create a healing composition for the next expansion.


M+: Holy Paladin is not going to be as strong as something like Resto Druid, or Preservation Evoker in high-end Mythic plus content. But it's hard to ignore the utility that Holy Paladin can bring to the group. Holy Paladin is a very toolkit and utility with things like immunity. You have a one-minute blessing of sacrifice which can be a very strong tank defense, you also have blessing protection which can situationally be very strong. Holy Paladins also have battle res which again we have to see how the engineering battle res is going to turn out but that could be potentially very good.


Disadvantage: There are a couple of negatives to Holy Paladin, it can be somewhat difficult to play a melee healer especially if you're inexperienced. Especially given the fact that melee build is going to be strong in M+ environment. Because again you have an interrupt that requires you to be in melee, you have to say the strike that gives you holy power and you have to be in melee. Holy Paladin can have many issues following your basic rotation but people will find ways around that.


Above is a list of all the World of Warcraft Dragonflight top 3 best healers that are really strong right now when you combine their Mythic plus and raid performance. Anything can change because a lot of the healers do depend on their HPS numbers which can be changed relatively easily.