WoW Dragonflight M+ 1-70 Fast Leveling Guide (Gear, Talents, Dracoglyphs, Dungeons)

11/22/2022 2:54:04 PM

Here we give you useful tips to help you level up effectively and hit 70 levels in WoW Dragonflight Pre-Patch and Mythic+ as soon as possible, covering the level-up tricks related to gear, talent points, dragon glyphs, dungeons, and more. 

WoW Dragonflight 1-70 Leveling Guide

WoW Dragonflight 1-70 Fast Leveling Tips in Pre-Patch & M+

The Dragonflight expansion brings several changes and new features to leveling in World of Warcraft. Whether you are new to the game or have multiple characters, here is a list of the changes Dragonflight brings. 

1-70 Leveling Up Tips in Dragonflight Pre-Patch & Mythic+

Unlike Shadowlands, there is no leveling down in Dragonflight. The expansion allows you to level up to 70 and your characters' levels are not changed in the expansion. If you are L60 in Shadowlands, you will be L60 to start Dragonflight, just like in the 10.0 pre-patch.

1. Leveling 1 to 10 Tips

Leveling for new players always takes place in the Exile's Reach, an island off the coast of Tornheim. It takes approximately one hour to level from 1 to 10 through the Exile's Reach, but it can be much faster if you have some experience.

  • If you wish, you can choose to level 1-10 in your race's starting area, as has been done since the release of World of Warcraft.

  • If you choose a Dracthyr Evoker you'll start in The Forbidden Reach, a new area of WoW Dragonflight dedicated to this new race/class. Note that the Dracthyr Evocator starts at a higher level because it is a heroic class, like the Death Knights for example.

2. Leveling 10 to 60 Tips

Depending on whether you are a new player or a veteran of World of Warcraft, the situation is different.

  • New players level 10 to 60 on Battle for Azeroth. Blizzard feels that this is the expansion that best represents the experience the game has to offer. Therefore, a new player will not go to Shadowlands for their first leveling.

  • Older players can choose to level 10-60 on the original game, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, BFA, or Shadowlands. It is Chromie who will send you to the expansion you want and who can bring you back to the current world.  Chromie can be found near the embassy in Hurlevent or Orgrimmar. You can also use the command board of your capital city or the adventurer's guide in-game.

This way you can choose your leveling and enjoy the content of any expansion (including Demon Hunter and Death Knight). The monsters will automatically adapt to your level. You can choose to level one character in Outland, then another in Pandaria or Draenor.  

Since Shadowlands, DK and DH start at level 8. The Death Knight starts at Acherus and the Demon Hunter at Mardum. Allied races start at level 10 and by talking to Chromie, they can choose their expansion before starting their leveling up to 50. This will not change for Dragonflight. The Drachtyr Evoker starts at level 58 in an area dedicated to them, the Forbidden Reach.

3. Leveling 60-70 Tips for Characters and Alts in M+

With the Dragonflight expansion, WoW players can level up from 60 to 70. Upon arriving in the Dragon Islands, you'll begin your quests in the Shores of Awakening and complete the main campaign in Thaldraszus. 

Upon release of Dragonflight, players will be required to complete a series of introductory quests that take place in Orgrimmar or Wuthering Heights depending on whether you are playing as the Horde or the Alliance. The quests are short and consist of talking to several NPCs in your capital city. Afterward, you will be directed to the Dragon Islands to do your leveling. 

Main Character 60-70 Leveling

Leveling up your main character is bound to be a fun experience as you discover the Dragon Isles.  Overall, it takes between 6 and 11 hours to complete the Dragonflight campaign. This allows you to watch the cinematics and read, at least in part, the quest texts. The exact time will vary depending on your mood at the time. If you go as fast as you can, you can go down to between 5 and 6 hours.

It is possible to go from level 60 to 70 in a little over three hours, but we are talking about speed leveling where you automate the validation of quests and already know the efficient routes to follow. This will not be the case for the average player, far from it.

60-70 Leveling Areas in Dragonflight M+

The first time you level up to level 70, you must complete the Dragon Islands campaign in the original order. You will discover the areas in the following order:

  • Waking Shores

  • Ohn'ahran Plains

  • Azure Span

  • Thaldraszus

The first thing to know is that you will not be L70 at the end of the campaign. The first two areas take you a little over two levels each, so you'll probably get to the Azure Span at level 64. 

However, the next two areas are faster. However, you need to be L66 to take the quest that leads to Thaldraszus and L68 to take the last quest of the zone. It is therefore highly recommended to do side quests and bonus objectives throughout the zones so that you can plan ahead. Once the campaign is over, do expeditions and side quests to get to level 70.


  • Some players prepare quests to complete at the launch of an expansion in order to collect a few tens of thousands of XP points quickly. This is especially possible with the Mascot Fights.

  • If you have crafting professions, you can earn XP the first time you make a recipe. There are also quests related to the professions. However, it is mostly alts who will be able to take full advantage of them as the components are bound to take longer to find during your first leveling.

Alt Character 60-70 Leveling

For the leveling of your alts, the situation is different. The thread of destiny makes a return of sorts in WoW Dragonflight, but in a slightly different form as the introduction is much shorter than for Shadowlands.

Once you have completed the Dragonflight campaign with a character (this one should probably also be L70), your secondary characters get several benefits:

  • Your alts automatically benefit from WoW Dragonflight.

  • After the first two quests at the Shores of Awakening (where you have to kill proto-drakes and collect scales), Sendrax will give you the option to choose an area for your leveling.

  • The expeditions are unlocked automatically.

This makes leveling much easier. You are free to go through the WoW Dragonflight campaign again or to level up to level 70 by choosing the areas in the order of your choice or even to gain experience by doing expeditions and other side quests.

WoW Dragonflight Gear, Talents, Dungeons & Tips for Leveling 1-70 Fast in Pre-Patch & Mythic+

Here are our more tips for leveling up efficiently and getting the most out of WoW Dragonflight content!

1. Talent Points Setting for Each Level

Leveling is greatly changed by the talent redesign. When you reach level 10, you can choose a specialization for your class. In addition, you will gain 1 point to spend on one of your talent trees.

There are two talent trees:

  • A talent tree dedicated to your class.

  • A talent tree dedicated to your specialization.

Your first point should be spent in your class tree. At the next level, you will have one point to spend on your specialization. Then the next one will be for the class tree and so on. With prepatch 10.0, at level 60 you will have a total of 51 talent points to spend, 26 on your class and 25 on your specialization.

At level 70 in Dragonflight, you will have a total of 61 points to spend, 31 for your class tree and 30 for your specialization tree. Note that you will be able to create templates in order to, for example, switch from a Mythic+ build to an AoE, Single-Target or PvP build.

Note that you will receive additional abilities during your leveling. You don't need to put points to activate some of them, you will receive them automatically.

2. Get Your Equipment Ready

Your leveling speed will depend on your equipment at first. The higher your average item level, the faster you will kill Dragonflight monsters. If your average item level is below 250, we recommend you take full advantage of the pre-patch event to acquire ilvl 252 items.

Feel free to go to the Dragon Islands with an ilvl of 200 (we started at 180 in the beta), but you'll progress more slowly and get better equipment quickly. Try to get above 230. If you're at 260+, you're in the clear. If you are playing in mythic raids, be aware that you probably won't change gear until level 67-68.

Gear To Get For Fast Leveling

  • The first items you'll find at level 60 will be level 226 green items. Sometimes you will get a rare (232) or epic (242) proc. This goes up gradually with your level. At L70, green items are ilvl 323, rare ilvl 333 and epic ilvl 343. We are talking about the stuff you get in quests or on monsters in open mode. 

  • Before you set out to assault Dragonflight, sort out your bags and your bank. Make sure you organize them so you don't start quests with only 20 available slots. If you can have 100 free slots, that's much better. Also, sort your alts if you usually send them equipment.

  • Review your equipment and skills, so that you focus on anything that allows for quick movement and makes it easier to slice up monsters on a chain. Change your specialization if necessary.

  • You can also purchase items like these:

    - Healing and DPS potions for obvious reasons

    - Spectral Flask of Power to increase your main characteristic for an hour

    - Guild banners that allow you to gain XP.

    - An item that allows you to teleport to the capitals Orgrimmar or Stormwind

    - Gunshoes: Allows you to advance very quickly for 20 seconds.

    - Goblin Glider Kit: To fall slowly in case you don't have an ability to do so.

    - Light Step Hoofplates: Increases the speed of your land mount by 20%. Useful as long as you don't have your drake.

    - Fried Bonefish: Increases your movement speed after killing an enemy.

Tip: In the Waking Shores, the quest A Gift for Miguel allows you to acquire your first bag of components (26 slots). This is a great way to avoid overloading your other bags.

3. Collect the Dracoglyphs to Level Up Faster

Do I have to collect the Dracoglyphs to level up faster? Yes! However, we will qualify that. If you want to collect all the Glyphs, it can easily take an hour the first time you do it. Some of them are difficult to access and you don't know the geography of the terrain. 

When you get your drake, we recommend taking half an hour to collect several Dracoglyphs. It is important to improve the Vigor of your drake in order to fly longer. If you don't feel like validating all the Glyphs, go to line 7 which allows you to reach a Vigor of 5, which allows you to fly almost indefinitely once you understand how dragon flight works.

4. Dungeons Leveling on Dragon Isles

What about dungeon leveling on Dragon Isles? I wouldn't recommend it because you don't have access to all the dungeons immediately. You unlock them progressively as you level up and it won't go any faster than if you do the campaign quickly.

Also, and this is obviously an important element, you will have to do the campaign anyway to unlock certain features like expeditions and major reputations. In short, the game inevitably brings you back to the main quests.

That said, the dungeons are there and you're bound to end up going through them, especially if you want to go through them to make up for a lack of XP or to get from level 68 to 70. Here is the list of dungeons:

Leveling dungeons:

  • Hollow Fougerobes

  • Halls of Impregnation

  • Pools of Ruby Essence

  • Nokhud Offensive

Maximum leveling dungeons:

  • Algeth’ar Academy

  • Azure Vault

  • Neltharus

  • Uldaman: Tyr’s Legacy

That's all about our WoW Dragonflight 1-70 Leveling Guide, hope to help you hit the max level easier and faster. If you want to get some gold for building your character, check out the cheap WoW gold for sale on our site.

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