Lost Ark Summoner Class Guide: Release Date, Engravings, Identity Skills & Builds

11/22/2022 4:35:34 PM

After the release of Reaper, the Summoner is going to be the last new class in Lost Ark before the end of 2022. The roadmap confirmed that it is coming in December. In this guide, we’ll look to the Lost Ark Summoner class release date for NA/EU, engravings, identity, skills, as well as build types and tips. 

Lost Ark Summoner class guide

Lost Ark Summoner Class Guide

Summoner is an upcoming Mage Advanced class in Lost Ark, this class calls forth elemental spirits to fight for them, they are able to deal with various unique attacks, around water, lightning, earth, and more. When it comes to strengths and weaknesses, the Summoner class has decent DPS and good stagger and is also a wide and ranged dealer that is good at party combination. However, their mobility and HP are relatively low. 

Lost Ark Summoner Release Date NA/EU

When will Summoner come to Lost Ark NA/EU? The developer mentioned that they want to release both classes before the holiday weeks, the Reaper class went live on November 16, which is before the week of Thanksgiving, so the global release date of Lost Ark Summoner is expected to be December 21, prior to the Christmas holidays. 

Lost Ark Summoner Class Engravings

The Summoner has two class engravings, one is Overflowing Commune (Communication Overflow), another one is High Summoner (Master Summoner), the exact English version is probably different. Below are the engraving bonus for each level. 

Overflowing Commune (Communication Overflow)

Overflowing Commune class engraving works by increasing the duration of the summons by 5%, 10% and 20%, increasing the damage of summons by 10%, 17% and 25%, and increasing the summons movement, attack speed by 3%, 6% and 10%, also decreasing the command skill cooldown by 3%, 6% and 10%.

Level 1 (Nodes 5): Summon duration +20% for Maririn, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, and Kelsion. Damage +10%.

Level 2 (Nodes 10): Summon duration +25% for Marinin, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, and Kelsion. Damage +15%.

Level 3 (Nodes 15): Summon duration +30% for Marinin, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, Kelsion. Damage +20%

High Summoner (Master Summoner)

Max Summoner engraving works by consuming one fewer orb for identity, increasing damage by 2%, 5%, and 10%, and increasing crit rate by 3%, 8%, and 16% for ancient spirit skills. 

Level 1 (Nodes 5): -1 Ancient Elemental skill's Elemental Orb count. +5% all Elemental Damage.

Level 2 (Nodes 10): -1 Ancient Elemental skill's Elemental Orb count. +10% all Elemental Damage.

Level 3 (Nodes 15): -1 Ancient Elemental skill's Elemental Orb count. +15% all Elemental Damage.

Lost Ark Summoner Identity Skills

Unlike the other classes that use the identity as a secondary skill or additional effects, Summoner’s main DPS is from the identity itself.

Ancient Spirit Skill

- Orsch: mostly used in weak point gimmicks, decent weak point skill can destroy its armor like Valtan

- Ali Marge: has a decent stagger and weak point.

- Phoenix: decent dealing skill, it has great performance at Chaos Dungeon.

- Zahia & Rigueos: not generally used skill, might be good at emergency survival.

- Akir: the backbone of the summoner’s skill. 

Summon Skill (Command Skill)

- Pauru

- Marilyn: makes the enemy stunned.

- El Seed: a self buff skill that increases the damage of summoner.

- Shurdi: a buff skill that increases your critical rate.

Lost Ark Summoner Build Options and Tips

Overflowing Commune builds rely on the summons, and increase the duration and damage of the summons. She has four summon skills, two additional dealing skills, and one buff skill. Master Summoner builds rely on their identity, and increase the damage of the summoner’s identity. The Summoner's own identity Ancient Spirit is the core of the high summoner build. Skill combos consist of personal attack buff, identity deal, and identity supply. She has two attack rate buff skills, one critical rate buff skill, four identity supply skills, and one additional dealing skill.  

Speaking of the build stats, the summoner has only one dodge skill, swiftness can be important for its survival and specialization is essential for her deal. For engravings, which is quite typical like Sorceress class, you can use Hit Master, Grudge, Keen Blunt Weapon, High Summoner, and Cursed Doll. Other gear pieces and items used in the build is also depending on your Lost Ark gold and target. 

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