What is Silver in Skull and Bones?

Silver Coins in "Skull and Bones" serve as one of the in-game currencies and are the most common form of currency in the game. They are used by players to purchase a wide range of items, including blueprints, weapons, and cosmetics for both the player's character and their ship. Essentially, Silver is the main economic resource that players need to accumulate to enhance their gameplay experience and progress through the game.

What is the Use of Silver in Skull & Bones?

Skull & Bones silver lets you:

  • Repair your ship and set sail for the next battle without delay.

  • Access fast travel to chase down that horizon even quicker.

  • Purchase new items to keep your ship and crew in fighting form.

  • Engage in commerce with outposts, trading your silver for valuable commodities.

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How to Get Your Silver Fast in Skull and Bones?

In "Skull and Bones" players can get Silver through various methods, which are essential for purchasing new items, repairs, or accessing fast travel. Here are some strategies outlined in the Screen Rant article to farm Silver quickly:

  • Attack Rival Ships:

    Engaging and defeating other ships is a primary way to earn Silver. Players should use their scope to assess a ship's difficulty before engaging and focus on attacking lone vessels to minimize risk.

  • Raid or Trade with Forts:

    Players can either raid forts for a big haul of Silver and other valuables or trade with them.

  • Sell Commodities:

    Throughout your adventures, you will collect commodities that can be sold at various outposts. The value of these items fluctuates, so it's important to sell them when they are worth more.

  • Complete Contracts:

    NPCs offer contracts that players can complete for Silver. Kingpins provide more significant rewards, and job boards at outposts refresh with new tasks regularly.

  • Loot Shipwrecks:

    Shipwrecks can be found in dangerous waters and often contain a good amount of Silver, presenting a low-risk opportunity for collection.

  • Call for Help:

    If a battle becomes too challenging, players can use the "Call for Help" function to bring reinforcements.

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  • Plunder Forts:

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  • Trade Commodities:

    Dominate the market with a wealth of Silver to buy low and sell high.

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