Lost Ark Brelshaza Raid Gate 3 Guide - Battle Items, Gimmicks, Patterns & Tips Of G3 Brelshaza

11/22/2022 4:20:57 PM

For the Brelshaza legion raid in Lost Ark, you'll need 8 fighters to face off against 6 gates. In Gate 3, the Brelshaza will engage in predictable mechanics. In Lost Ark Brelshaza Legion raid Gate 3 guide, we cover the best tips to defeat G3 Brel.


Lost Ark Brelshaza Raid Gate 3 Guide - Battle Items, Gimmicks, Patterns & Tips Of G3 Brelshaza

On the way to the Gate 3 Brelshaza raid in Lost Ark, you will have to split into 3 groups and kill the mobs on each path. At the end of the path, there will be a named mob that has tremendous attack buff and defense buff. Clearing the center path opens the way to him, clearing the left path removes the defense buff of the mob, and clearing the right path removes the attack buff of the mob. After all the paths are cleared, kill the named mob and you will eventually arrive at the battle item-changing area. 

Lost Ark Brelshaza Gate 3 Battle Items

Now the things to prepare the formation of Party 1 as x3 and Party 2 as x3 + 1 is important in this gate so memorize your position. For the battle items, you take time to stop, growing the grenade and swift robe or martian flag. All 3 sidereal skills can be optioned in Lost Ark Brelshaza raid gate 3, Nineveh for damage, Wei for stagger, or Inanna for certain gimmicks.


Lost Ark Brelshaza Gate 3 Gimmicks & Mechanics

When you enter the raid, you will meet the boss with a 170 HP bar. We are going to talk about the major Lost Ark gate 3 Brelshaza gimmicks and patterns first.

Keyboard & Stagger (145 HP)

Around 145 HP bar, the boss moves to the center and there will be 8 meteors falling on each side of x3 and x3 + 1 direction. First, go to your position and touch the fallen meteor, then you will do a keyboard pattern after finishing typing go to the boss and stagger her. Use the whirlwind grenade if the party stagger is back. If there is a meteor that is not taken then that meteor will explode and do massive damage to all 8 players. If you fail the snapper then that's a raid wipe.

Medusa & Stagger (100 HP)

Around 100 HP bar, the boss moves to the center and requires a stagger check. At the same time, there will be a Medusa eye that will shoot the pose either to the inner side or the outer side. If you look in the wrong direction, then it will push you away with massive damage. You can tell which direction it is by looking at the pulse's spreading direction or by how the eye looks like. Round eye means holes to the inner side. Cat eye means pose to the outer side. If it's directing the inner side, you have to stagger the boss by watching the eye. If it's directing the outer side, you have to stagger the boss by not watching at the eye. This eye will slightly move in one direction after every pulse. So you will also have to align well with the eye while staggering. Use the one with the grenade if needed or you can also use Wei on this Lost Ark Brelshaza raid G3 gimmick.

Star, Square, Diamond (43 HP)

Around the 43 HP bar, the boss moves to the center and shows the glow which the color is either red, blue, or yellow. There will be Medusa eye spreading the pose to another side. At the same time, 9 stars will be generated with different colors for every 3 stars. After that, 9 squares will be generated on the other side of the stars, and eventually, 9 diamonds will be generated on the far another side. With that being said, you need 2 people for breaking stars, 3 people for breaking squares, and 3 people for breaking diamonds. 2 people have to break 3 identical colors of stars each that are not the color shown. 


If you get hit by the Medusa, it will push you away far with massive damage so you can use Inanna on this gimmick. For the squares and diamonds, they just have to break 3 shapes and they are good to go. You will have 10 seconds to break your shapes after the Medusa ends. After 10 seconds those who successfully broke the shapes will get shapes above their character. Those who have a square have to gather with a player who has a square and star above. Those who have diamonds have to stay far away from the player who has diamonds and stars above. Then they will get the shield and prevent wiping the attack. 


How To Prevent From Dying

Players who fail to break diamonds or squares will die from this attack. If a player fails on breaking star, then 3 other people will die as well no matter what. which means both players failing the star is a raid wipe. By the way, failing on breaking the shape contains a lot of cases as follows:

1. Not breaking enough amount of shapes in time

2. Breaking other shapes

3. This one is for stars, breaking the wrong color shapes. 

For instance, if a square player accidentally breaks 1 Diamond then he will die and the person who will lack that diamond will also die as well. 


Star Tips

The important part is you have to assign the position for this Lost Ark Gate 3 Brelshaza gimmick before the raid starts since it's hard to improvise it. For the star, one person gets assigned red and yellow and the other person gets assigned blue and yellow. If the boss shows red, then the person with red and yellow breaks yellow, and the other person breaks blue. If the boss shows yellow, then the person with red and yellow breaks red, and the other person breaks blue. If the boss shows blue, then the person with red and yellow breaks red, and the other person breaks yellow. 


Square Tips

For the square, assign people in 5, 7, and 12 o'clock directions. The player at 5 o'clock will break 1, 2, 3. The player at 7 o'clock will break 4, 5, and 6, and the player at 12 o'clock will break 7, 8, and 9.


Diamond Tips

For diamonds, assign people in 1, 6, and 11 o'clock directions. The player at 1 o'clock will break 6, 7, 8. The player at 6 o'clock will break 9, 1, and 2, and the player at 11 o'clock will break 3, 4, and 5. 


You want to put supporters on either square or diamond since these shapes are easier to break than stars. Also, you can throw a whirlwind grenade on the shape to break it faster. With all these positions set, your party will not be confused about their role.

Red & Blue Mark (0 HP)

At zero HP bar, the boss moves to the center. There will be 4 blue marks on the x3 position and 4 red marks on x3 + 1 position. Party 1 steps on x3 and 42 steps on x3 + 1, then you will get the color mark above the character. Soon red and blue spears will randomly appear in either direction. Players have to step on the spear with the correct color. There will be 4 red and 4 blue spears in total and you have to at least successfully step on 6 spears to resolve this gimmick. You can figure out how many spears are done by looking at the stacks below Boss's HP. If a wrong-colored player steps in, then that spear will not be resolved. Also as long as the mark color matches, it's okay for multiple people to step on one spear. 

Star & Pentagon

2 periodical Lost Ark Brelshaza raid Gate 3 gimmicks that are done alternatively, star and pentagon. The boss moves to the center and summons a star and the pentagon on each side of her, you have to see which shape she is showing and aggro the correct shape to her in time. For the opposite shape, you have to remove it by touching it. If it's successfully done then there will be 4 circles glowing on x3 + 1 position. Every 2 players have to step on the circle according to their party numbers. Then players will get a shield that prevents pause attacks that almost guarantee kill players. If you feel putting the shape in time, the glowing circles that give your shield will not appear.


How To Prevent From Dying?

If someone fails to step on the circle in time, that part of the player will not get the shield and the touching wrong shape will not make the shield as well. In these cases, players who don't have a shield can use time stop right after getting hit by the first pose. Be sure to use the time stop at that correct moment because she also attacks for a long time which can kill you after the time stop ends if you don't use it at the correct moment.


The boss moves to the center making a maze, she will start early attacking all the places which will most likely kill you. There are some safety spots on the other side of the maze, several players will have yellow marks. Those players have to go in the direction where there's a glow in the minimap. Other players can go to any part where it's safe. You cannot use any skills including the spacebar in this gimmick of Lost Ark G3 Brelshaza. But you can use battle items that can help you like Swift Robe or Marching Flag. Be careful not to touch the wall while escaping, since it will pull you inside which will most likely kill you by the AOE attack. 


How To Prevent From Dying

If even one player who has the yellow mark fails to go into the glow spot, then all the players will be charmed for several seconds.


Lost Ark Brelshaza Gate 3 Patterns

Now, we are looking at some normal patterns for Lost Ark Brelshaza legion raid Gate 3. One thing that you have to know is once per normal patterns if players get hit by it, a snack will be stacked below her HP. If it reaches 5, then she will do an enhanced pattern that is able to counter. So let's go over these enhanced patterns first.

Throwing Scythe (Enhanced Pattern)

The boss throws the scythe in the AOE range, you can counter her at the end of the pattern. 

Hulking Spear (Enhanced Pattern)

The boss summons clones which poke where she is. You can counter her at the end of the pattern. 

Slash (Enhanced Pattern)

The boss slashes into 3 different directions with the clones, you can counter her afterward.

Piers with Clown (Normal Pattern)

The boss pierces the front with the clones in or out. The boss does AOE damage on the outside if the attack color is purple, and inside if the attack color is blue/.

In and Out/Out and In (Normal Pattern)

The boss area attacks outside and then inside if it's red. If it's blue inside first then outside.


Spin (Normal Pattern)

The boss spins if someone gets hit by it, then she spins once again at the end.


Drawing Shapes (Normal Pattern)

The boss draws shapes on the field that does AOE damage to that area. 


Spiral Pattern (Normal Pattern)

The boss AOE your chest in a spiral shape.


Wave (Normal Pattern)

The boss summons waves that will hit every direction except for one side.


Rage (Normal Pattern)

Around 80 HP bar, she starts to rage and every single pattern she does will deal more damage with faster attack speed.


Explosive Orbs (Normal Pattern)

The boss fires 4 orbs that explode. If she is in a rage, then she fires more orbs that chase players afterward.


In Prison (Normal Pattern)

The boss does AOE attacks that influence players. Then she pierces forward which is able to counter. She does an AOE attack for 4 times if she is in rage mode,


Dash (Normal Pattern)

The boss dashes forward hitting all players in the path. If she's in a rage, she does this 3 times in a row making triangle.



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