Dragonflight Season 1 Expansion Release Guide: What Activities Should Do in Week 1 in WoW Dragonflight

12/1/2022 4:17:29 PM

Dragonflight Release, Week 1, max level: We're going over the things you should complete and keep an eye out for in this first reset to maximize your character as we wait for the "real" release of the expansion with Season 1 coming in 2 weeks. We have now gotten our the first reset of dragonflight coming, after the release, we are now all still either leveling or fresh out of the leveling experience in a dragonflight, maybe you are already busy leveling your second character, so right as we start this new week and this first week in dragonflight, we wanted to get you a recap of things, you can do in this first week things you should take care of in this first week just in case.

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Dragonflight Season 1 Expansion Release: Week 1 To Do List

Dragonriding Races

Let's go and start with the most useless thing you can take care of this week, because eventually if you're playing enough you're going to end up without too much to do, especially if you're playing, the fewer characters you are playing the more time you will have to take care of this which are the dragon riding races, the dragonriding races will just give you cosmetic rewards, so in particular when you finish all of them, when you get all of the achievements, you're gonna get the special spiked Crimson spolders as a reward for transmog, and then all of of the other previous rewards are all going to be appearances for your dragons, so detail dresses achievements will give you appearances for your Cliffside, while the Drake whereas the azer span achievements will give you the rewards for your Highland Drake, so if you are a fashionista and you want to style your dragon with those colors, that's how you're going to find them by doing Dragon riding races, you might have found or skipped all together the first Quest that gets offered to you right as you learn Dragonriding, there is a guy offering you a quest to join all of the Dragon riding races in the waking Shores, once you complete that that, you will get more quests to go into more zones and complete all of the Dragon riding races and then the quests for the advanced courses of dragon riding, eventually, you will get to do them all, you will get achievement progress as you go on until you finish the full set, and you get one piece of these appearances, we start to the most useless one, because it gives no character power, besides making your dragon look cooler, we all know that cooler transmog makes you do 20 more DPS, so we guess in this expansion, we will know if cooler transmog for your dragon also gives you a dps boost or not.


Weekly Events

Besides Dragon riding, looking at some more action, you have weekly events, so number one is going to be the Siege on Dragonbane Keep, this is the elite, basically, the elite on only Zone that little snippet of land in the working Shores where you do your quests with Wrathion and Sabellian to retake their stronghold, that's going to be filled with Elites, there's going to be a whole bunch of other dailies and weeklies you can do in there, and once in a while every day, there is going to be constantly running an event called the Siege on Dragonbane Keep,  for the rewards can only complete it once a week, and then you just follow the NPCs along and try to complete the event, now completing its solo is going to be quite impossible given the amount of HP and damage that the enemies can do but you know especially at the start of the expansion is going to be quite the crowded event, just to make sure to do it, because you'll get a whole bunch of goodies with supplies wrap materials possible items and gear dropping from this event that you can do once a week, talking about once a week, we are now tripling the amount of events you can do a week, because there are also the center Grand hunts, these can be done three times per week, not just one, there is a catch however the more you do them the lesser the reward, so initially your first every week will get the maximum possible reward from this event and then the second one will be a little bit worse and the third one will be the weakest amount of rewards you can get, the type of reward is very similar to the Siege on Dragonbane Keep, so a whole bag of goodies of things you might care about a lot at the start of the expansion, because you want Artisans metal for your professions, you want the rep for your renowned levels, maybe some early level good gear as well, so we have looked at before how Grand hands work, basically, it's some sort of investigative  hand as you try to catch the big beast, you study its Footprints, it's trail that left behind until you eventually Corner the Beast and fight it and get your reward, now this however unlike the Siege on Dragonbane Keep is not just fixed in one zone, even though it's called the centor Grand Hunt, and you would expect it to be strictly in Ohn'ahran Plains, it can also just go around you can also go,  the last of the events and we are going back to being stationary in one place are the community fists from the Taskbar in their own capital, in their own Hub of Iskaara, you can find this community Feast every three or so hours, you will also see it on the world map as well the fact that a community Feast has started and then you just have to go there, and see what the task cars are requiring of you to provide them for their feasts to get,  another big bag of goodies once again, this one just like the Siege on Dragonbane Keep is going to be on a weekly reset, so you can only do this once per week on every character.


But always check it out if you want some good open world buff:

Poor Quality - Iskaara Soup: Heals you and a nearby player for 5% maximum health.

Common Quality - Iskaara Soup: Heals you and a nearby player for 5% maximum health, and grants 1200 Versatility for 3 seconds.

Uncommon Quality - Iskaara Soup: Heals you and a nearby player for 5% maximum health, and grants 1200 Versatility for 6 seconds.

Rare Quality - Iskaara Soup: Heals you and a nearby player for 5% maximum health, and grants 1200 Versatility for 9 seconds.

Epic Quality - Iskaara Soup: Heals you and a nearby player for 5% maximum health, and grants 1200 Versatility for 12 seconds.

Legendary Quality - Iskaara Soup: Heals you and a nearby player for 5% maximum health, and grants 1200 Versatility for 15 seconds.


Heroic & Mythic0 Dungeons

Then we go back to the more grindy part of your max level experience which is going to be doing heroic Dungeons and then Mythic dungeons, Mythic zero, so to speak dungeons giving you up to 372 item level gear, you might start already trying to look for guides, you know trying to look for some good old pretty best raid gear maybe looking at some special trinkets you might want and what not in Mythic zeros, interestingly enough all of the dungeons of dragonflight, including the four ones we don't get animated plus, we'll be part of Mythic zero, and not the extra four dungeons we get from it class will be part of Mythic zero, so it's once again something you have to do once per week.


Professions & Rewnown

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This is somewhat time consuming although not particularly, what will be a little bit more time consuming and will progressively become more and more time consuming, of course depending on the amount of characters you have is of course the open world grind tied to your professions as well as tied to the different factions you want to focus.