Fastest WoW Dragonflight 70 Leveling Tips & Tricks - How To Quickly Get To Level 70 in Dragonflight

12/2/2022 5:44:21 PM

The Dragonflight expansion is finally here, it's time to level up all of your alts and get ready for some Dragon riding adventures on our way to the new max level of 70. But quite a few things are changing for leveling in Dragonflight. We'll be able to fly very early on, you may find yourself too lower level to continue your campaign quests and then there are also so many different ways you can get experience for you to play around with. So we're going to go through some of the best Dragonflight leveling tips and tricks to make sure you don't get lost and you can level in the most efficient or most enjoyable way for your play style.

Fastest WoW Dragonflight 70 Leveling Tips & Tricks - How To Level Up Faster To Get XP, Rewards & More

#1 - How questing works nowadays

If you didn't play through shadowlands early on, this might be new to you, quests in Dragonflight will very clearly be marked as main story quests, that's the big icon with the shield around the exclamation mark and then non-main story quests or side quests which are just a plain old exclamation point with no shield. You have to complete main story quests to progress through the zones and to unlock end game content. So those are the ones you will want to prioritize in every case, they also usually provide you with significantly more experience when compared to any side quests. One of the most efficient ways to level through shadowlands was to focus solely on those main story quests and Skip almost everything else you come across. You can go back for the side quests later on if you really want the various rewards.

While you can do this in Dragonflight, there is one very important factor you need to know. There is not enough experience just in the main story quests to get you to max level. In fact, if you try to only do main story quests and nothing else, you will run into level restrictions for moving into the next zone. You need to be level 66 to continue certain quest lines in the Azure Spam, level 68 to continue certain quest lines in Thaldraszus, and then you need to be in level 70 to finish off the campaign. If you just try and do main story quests, you will hit those break points below the level you need to be. So you aren't going to have to get some experience from another source besides the main storyline, so all you do is focus on that main storyline and you run into a roadblock because you can't pick up the next quest. 

#2 - Kill every rare

There are plenty of other ways to earn experience to level fast in Dragonflight. To start with, kill every rare you come across on your map. Remember the icon has changed to that four-pointed star for a rare spawn, so whenever you've seen this icon on your minimap, run on over and help kill whatever is over there, you might get some shiny loot but you will always get a good chunk of experience. With everyone leveling together in the early days of the expansion, all of these rares are going to fall over very quickly too, so it's not going to be any kind of big time investment but then you'll walk away with some free XP.

#3 - Complete every bonus objective

There are also bonus objectives scattered around that you might run into while leveling, they just ask you to kill a few extra mobs in the area, maybe find a named mob and kill it and generally just spend a bit more time beyond the other quests given to you. These will also reward you with very good experience for the time invested, so always complete the bonus objectives you come across. 

#4 - Side quests

There are plenty of side quests you can complete as you level up as well. Between main quests, rares, bonus objectives and side quests, you'll have more than enough experience to meet those various level requirements and hit level 70 before you finish the main story campaign. So if you're doing all of these, don’t worry about your level, side quests don't reward as much experience, so it's technically slower leveling overall, but they do reward a lot of reputation. So if that's something you're interested in for Dragonflight, just complete side quests as you level, you'll have to go back and do them at max level if you skip them. 

# 5 - How to level faster

If all you care about out is speed and leveling as quickly as possible, getting your Dragon riding as early as you can is also going to speed up your overall leveling time quite significantly. Dragon riding just by itself is going to speed up everything you do including your leveling and your questing, so getting it early will speed everything up. So if you're interested in speed, skip over almost everything you can until you learn Dragon riding. So only complete main storyline quests and go back for everything else later, this will probably speed things up quite a bit, but you will be leaving a lot of content that you'll have to clean up later if you want things like reputation. So it's gain some now for lose some later.

Another tip for you related to Dragon riding is to gather the Dragon riding glyphs while you level. After you learn how to drag and ride, you'll be able to see the dragon riding talent tree. Most of these bonuses are passive, but they're going to improve your overall Dragon riding efficacy in a variety of ways. One of the main restrictions you're going to run into while leveling related to Dragon riding is running out of vigor points. If you run out of vigor, you have to stay on the ground until those points regenerate, which means no more Dragon riding during that time which means slower questing and slower traveling. If you unlock these Dragon riding talents while you're leveling, you improve your dragon riding, you'll be able to fly more often and for longer which should both speed up your leveling but also make it quite a bit more fun. 

Unlocking these talents is simple, throughout the Dragon Isles you can find dragon glyphs, they're up in the air or in high spots around the map. There are 12 in each zone and you can gather them all while leveling.

When you're questing near a glyph, go grab it, most of them are going to be a short detour and they can help speed up your leveling later on quite significantly. You can also learn any of your dragon riding talents anywhere in the world, just gather enough glyphs for the next unlock and you can learn something new. So you don't have to return to a dragon rider or anything like that, making it super efficient while leveling. 

#6 - Do I need any items?

Because we'll get dragon riding so early in and it essentially lets you fly for the rest of the expansion, specific items that were previously quite useful for leveling things like Goblin Gliders, they've lost a lot of their typical value. They might still be good up until you get dragon riding, but there aren't that many situations where they'd be a massive time saver and a period of time you're questing before you unlock dragon riding is so short, so don’t stock up on gliders or any extra min max items like that. 

#7 - How to maximize rep gains while leveling 

Another note is that if you want to maximize your reputation game to our leveling, complete any and all side quests you come across. They’re going to help you reach max level a little early in the storyline, but the main advantage is quite simply the reputation gains. If ramp farming is something you're wanting to do to collect the cosmetic rewards, pets mounts, titles, transmog, or even just maximize your professions, you are going to need to do some rap farming, a huge part of those rep gains and farming is going to be doing side quests and extra quests. The experience from side quests isn't all that amazing, but you will need some extra source of XP to get to max level and if you decide to complete all side quests, you'll probably hit max before you even finish the story and you will have a lot of reputation to kick start your max level adventures.

#7 - The profession tricks

You could level exclusively through professions. There is another very interesting option for getting some extra experience while leveling professions, you can get experience from professions in a variety of ways. The typical option for leveling is to pick up both herbalism and mining and then just pick any nodes you come across, each node you pick will give you some extra experience and you can sell the raw materials early on for boatloads of gold. It's an easy double whammy, get some extra XP and some extra gold all while leveling on your way to 70. Something else you might be interested in if you're super looking forward to profession progression is that starting with double gathering professions and gathering while leveling will let you earn some professional knowledge with those professions. That knowledge isn't going to be useful to you if you plan on abandoning these professions, but The Artisans metal that you get for earning knowledge will be useful. So double gathering will potentially give you a few extra Artisans metal to kick-start your professions progression at max level.

What is new about gathering is that crafting professions can net you some amazing experience gains in Dragonflight as well. There are various bonuses tied to the first time you craft an item or recipe, the first craft bonus, you get some professional knowledge along with some Artisans metal, but you also get a big chunk of experience, it's the same amount or a little higher than a typical quest turn in making it very lucrative if you can craft a lot of your recipes early on. You don’t have to quest too much if all you want to do is level to 70 in Dragonflight by farming your own materials and crafting things with them. 

The last good source of some extra experience while leveling is going to come from dungeons. So if you don't want to do too many side quests and you also don't want to spend too much time on professions, dungeons might be the best answer to reaching your experience goals and keeping pace with the levels required to work through the entire story campaign for Dragonflight. So work through the main story quest line, you need to do that no matter what, you also need some experience from side quests right as dungeons, professions or bonus objectives of any combination of those activities. The main questline alone is not enough, you can complete all side quests to get a jump start on reputation farming or you can rush through the main quests and just do a few extra things on the side if you really want to level quickly in WoW Dragonflight.

That's all of our tips and tricks to make your leveling experiences efficient and enjoyable as possible for you. How are you going to level to 70 in Dragonflight? Are you going to zoom through the main quests first and go back for everything else later or take the scenic route and collect and complete everything as you level through each zone?

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