WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Gearing Guide: How to Get Easy 366 Ilvl Gear & Weapons Quick in Dragonflight

12/5/2022 10:21:10 AM

Season 1 begins on January 13th or 14th, depending on your location, therefore it's time to start aiming for high item level gear, so how to get easy 366 Ilvl gear and weapons quick in Dragonflight? This is a best gearing guide for you.

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Location to Spend Tokens

In order to get the bloody tokens which you can spend to buy here, it's a Fieldmaster Emberath, and the he's called the War Mode Quartermaster, he's located right around here, in a cave the entrance is right here, it's in Valdrakken, it's the main city.

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366 Ilvl Gear Options

You can buy basically every single piece of 366 Ilvl gear, the only downside is that he does not sew any jewelry or trinkets, but if you need a weapon to boost up your damage or just to keep threat as a tank or have more healing as a Healer, then we would definitely recommend actually doing this.


How to See Tokens World Quests

Another thing that a lot of people probably do not know, on your map, you cannot see any PVP world quests at all, they're just all normal world requests, normal world requests so check this out, when you fly out of Valdrakken, you'll notice that PVP requests will pop up for us, so we're outside of it now, it'll land right here, and then you'll see that Quacks and Attacks popped up here, if they don't announce that the reports are actually  bloody tokens, they still give tokens but not a lot, it's between 50 to 100, and if you kill any players there while doing other world quests you can get more, sometimes, Overcoming A Mountain: Krolkoth that get gear like this one right here, you basically just have to kill an elite, and it's not too bad, Obsidian Bulwark where you actually have to kill players, and sometimes those can give like 500 to 750  bloody tokens, another note, Valdrakken World quests spawn every day, and you'll always have two a day, so if you have alts that are a little bit behind, you can definitely  turn one mode on, and go do Overcoming A Mountain requests super fast, super easy gear like we said it's a 366. Doesn't take that much time at all.


Gear Scales to 408 / 2 Piece Bonus

Another really cool thing is if you do decide to play around in Dragonflight with the world mode on, the Ilevel actually is scaled up to 408 which can make you a lot more powerful, have more stamina, more strength, the two set is also really decent, it works without a war mode being on, so if you want some extra verse while doing dungeons or just in general you can also just grab a two-piece really fast and there you go you got 105 verse.


2 World Quests Daily / Premade Groups / ILVL Scaling

Some of the PVP world quests require you to kill a pretty high Health Elite mob, but if you go into the custom pre-made group options, you can easily find a group that's doing it at almost any time of the day, Krolkoth WM ON Tank also give about uh 50 to 125 bloody tokens, Krolkoth World quests only take about one to three minutes each, and if you do both of them a day, you can easily get a 366 piece every single day on any tune, this is a huge a boost for alts, and it basically takes no effort at all, another thing to note, the Ilvl from Cascading Conflict and Overcoming A Mountain: Krolkoth will scale with your current Ilvl, we have about 361 Ilvl, we've done quite a bit of M zeros, so we have pretty decent gear, Overcoming A Mountain: Krolkoth can also upgrade to Epic quality, so they can go up to like 376 which is pretty good gear for early on into the dragonflight expansion, Dubious Duck usually a pretty easy one up every single day, all you have to do is basically just kill the Ducks they give you about eight percent towards your 100 goal, and that's super easy, you can solo it on any tune definitely worth doing if you're trying to get  your alts geared or if you're missing a couple of pieces that are just super low Ilvl, because you got unlucky. Feather Ruffling Duck, you can also like write a mouse like it's kind of cool and you can knock enemy players, and birds back if you're getting attacked, as you can see these requests give minimum around like 50 bloody tokens, so overall, as long as you just keep doing these you'll easily be able to acquire a full set of 366 gear like all the armor pieces and a weapon, and it's definitely worth it in our opinion.


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