Dragonflight Best Gear, Gold & Rep Farm - Fast & Easy Way To Get Ilvl 398 In WOW Dragonflight

12/6/2022 12:04:22 PM

Where should you get your gear from in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? Do you need to do dungeons? Do you need to do raids? Do you just need to quest or hunt for world events or invasions? There are so many things to do in Dragonflight because you do need gear whether you are a casual player that just likes to cruise it along and have some fun or maybe you're the hardcore beast that needs the best in slot stat. Well, there's something for everyone. Check the Dragonflight gearing guide, we share the best way to get item level 398.


Dragonflight Gear, Gold & Reputation Farming Guide  -  Best Tips To Get Item Level 398 Gear In WOW Dragonflight

Today we're going to be talking about probably one of the best farms that you can do right now in Dragonflight because you can get simultaneously a 398 clock, an item level 389 neckpiece, a bunch of gold, and a bunch of reputations from all the different renowned Accords. As well as Dragon Accord and also dragon scale and also really cool looking transmogs and colors for your Drake. Probably everybody's searching for groups in the Obsidian Citadel because it is one of the best farming areas at the moment. We are going to break down exactly how to do this farm and the best way to do it.


Dragonflight Reputation Farm

It will take you quite a while to do with the Wrathion. What you need to do is get Wrathion into a true friend which is six out of six or it can be Sabellian because if you get the two at six out of six you can get also a mount and a few extra transmogs. But to get the clock and the neck, you can either go six out of six Sabellian or six out of six Wrathion. You don't have to be above. So basically what you need to do is you are around here and you just kill mobs over and over and over again.


Farming Routes

The best place to farm this is if you go downstairs and you turn right and there's a load of Elementals in a room and there's a little tiny room off to the right and it's a hyper spawn. so you will constantly get mobs that you can grind and grind away. 


Farming Items

What you want to be grinding for are key framings and key fragments. As you can tell, you get a lot more key fragments than you do key framings. What you need is 30 fragments and 3 framings to make a key. Then what you can do with that key is you can hand it in to get a Restored Obsidian key and it will give you rep. Bear in mind, it is a perfect time to do this also because dark mode varies so you get an extra 10%. When you get 20 on the bar there, a rare mod will spawn, it'll create an event where you can kill a spider down here and it will give you an extra 250 rep with Wrathion or with Sabellian. 


Dragonflight Gold Farming Tips

There is an event where you can hand in the exact same way but you kill a dragon instead, so what you want to be doing is just farming up as many. This is where also a rep farm turns into an incredible gold-making farm in WOW Dragonflight. Because these Sargha’s Signet, they are bound and equipped. You don't have to have them, but if you open them up and hand them to this person who called Atticus Belle and say “I have one Sargha’s Signet for you” it will give you 50 rep with Wrathion. 

At the moment, they're selling on the auction house for about 3000 gold. So you can consider all the gold that you could possibly make and it is only 50 rep. Because you're doing the farm anyway, you don't really need these signets, so you can just sell them at the auction house and make a lot of gold. Right now it is incredibly popular but they are selling so quickly. So we would definitely recommend putting these on and the auction house and selling them.


Dragonflight Gear Farming Tips

Then you grind up about 30 Keys ish per Renown or per sort of respect level and then get the items. You need five out of six for the neck which is 389 and then you need six out of six for the clock which is 398. Now people are saying when Mythic plus comes out and the normal Rays come out, all of this will probably get replaced. It will be but the benefit of what you get right now is that it's not only getting free loot, but in the process, you get in reputation with the other factions and you were getting a bunch of gold and you have if you're into it transmogs and a possibility farm mount as well, so it's not just about the gear. Although at the moment, if you want to be getting the best gear possible, this is it. The world bosses scale based on item level, so the higher the item level that you can get, the better gear that you can get.



This is the best gear, gold, and reputation farm in Dragonflight now. To summarize what you need to do is grind the key framings and key fragments, and combine three framings and 30 fragments into a key. Hand them into Wrathion or Sabellion which will give you a rep every time and also a chest that you can open. It'll either be a green chest that gives the 250 gold also fragments and artifacts from different factions that you can then hand. in or an epic chest which gives 850 gold. Once you've done that, you can then get 20 which will then unlock a rare mob for either Sabellion or Wrathion that you kill and you get an extra 250 rep. Then you want to sell your signets and there is one for Sabellion as well depending on which one you picked at the beginning of the week at this Rebellion or Wrathion you get another item that you sell. they sell for up to 3000-4000 gold and then you just do that.

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