WoW Dragonflight Reputation Farm Guide: Fast Ways To Get & Boost Max Renown Reputations in Dragonflight

12/6/2022 5:35:20 PM

Building up your reputation with the Dragon Isles factions in WoW Dragonflight is essential. This allows you to benefit from many advantages and to obtain rewards that can be useful reputation gear or cosmetics. Our WoW Dragonflight Reputation farming guide allows you to discover the new factions of the new WoW expansion and tips to quickly get the maximum amount of reputation.

WoW Dragonflight Reputation Farm Guide

WoW Dragonflight Reputation Guide - How To Farm Max Renown Reputations for Each Faction in Dragonflight

With the release of WoW Dragonflight, there is a ton of stuff to do and you may get enough of just riding around on the Dragon Isles and doing all the open World content, but one thing you would find initially quite confusing was the reputation. There seem to be quests everywhere it can be kind of chaotic and there are things here that are easily missed or confusing such as the ability to get reputation up to 200 faster on your alts. Understanding the different world events and how they tie into the factions, and getting the crafting reputation that lets you buy the 15 crafting knowledge, so there are a lot of things that could be missed here, so we want to put together a quick Dragonflight reputation guide to make things simple, explain what to do and what to expect with these reputations for different factions. So let's get straight into it.


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1 - Unlocking Reputations

Reputations are an important part of Dragonflight. They allow you to unlock quests and expeditions, but also to obtain customizations for your Dragonflight drakes, mascots, tabards, equipment, and job-related rewards. In addition, reputations count towards certain achievements.

Unlike previous expansions, there is no longer a Friendly/Golden/Revealed/Exalted system. The major factions work on a Renom system like the congregations in Shadowlands. Each Renom rank allows you to unlock rewards and purchase items from merchants. The secondary factions each have their own reputation system. This is more similar to the historical reputation levels, but with different words for each faction.

2 -  Dragonflight Main Faction Reputations

All factions are neutral, no reputation is linked to the Horde or the Alliance in Dragonflight. There are four reputations in Dragonflight:

2.1 - Maruuk Centaurs Reputation

Maruuk Centaurs are located in the Ohn'ahran Plains and are a wandering tribe of centaurs that start out with some pretty basic quest tubs all around the map. You can get your initial big burst of reputation just by doing these quests, it'll rank you up quite a few Renown levels and unlock the base systems. And there are two big tasks to do with this faction:

  • Aylaag Camps - These are unlocked at Renown level 4, they're camps that travel around the map every three days and they work as another little quest, so you'll see them kind of next to the main area. It's another little place to grab some quests every three days

  • Great Hunt - Then you've got the great hunt unlocked at Renowned 5m, this is a group event and it's like a horn on your map, you join the centaurs, hunt large creatures and you do a big six-part chain of events. Then from finishing it off, you get the great hunt box which has rep trophies and other rewards. 

  • Centaur Hunt Trophies - And then obviously you can hand in your hunt trophies as well so as you kill rares all over the area, you'll get hunt trophies which you can hand in America either the town in Ohn'ahran Plains for extra rep.

2.2 - Iskaara Tuskarr Reputation

By accomplishing various quests related to fishing and cooking, players can gain notoriety for the Iskaara Tsukarr and the other three major Dragonflight factions. With daily or weekly cooldowns, some of these chores are repeatable, while others can only be finished once. You will receive 1 renown for every 2,500 reputation points you win for the faction.

When you are approximately halfway through The Azure Span's main plot, later in the Dragonflight leveling experience, you will first get access to this reputation based on renown. The mission To Iskaara, which transports you to the coastal settlement of the Iskaara Tuskarr, marks the actual start of progression. You can also embark on the Orientation Iskaara quest from here to get to know several of the significant NPCs involved in its rewards. But keep in mind that even before you can get any benefits for achieving higher Renown levels, you can still gain reputation with the Iskaara Tuskarr.

2.3 - Dragonscale Expedition Reputation

The Dragonscale Expedition reputation is directly related to the Shores of Awakening and you will hear about it very early in the expansion. You'll unlock it on your first quests in the region. With Dragonflight, Blizzard has abandoned the Honored/Revealed/Exalted system and returned to the Renom system from Shadowlands. By completing quests and expeditions, you earn reputation points. You can also complete the weekly Making a Name quest, kill some rare monsters or participate in events. To earn a Renom rank, you need to acquire 2,500 reputation points. Each rank grants you a reward from the steward and unlocks items that you can buy from several merchants, or quests that you can complete. Among the rewards are several epic equipment items with an item level up to 389. You can also pick up recipes for professions, toys, mascots, cosmetic items or customizations for your drakes from Dragonflight.

2.4 - Valdrakken Accord Reputation

The Valdrakken Accord reputation is directly linked to Thaldraszus and the expansion's capital, Valdrakken. You'll unlock it when you start your first quests in the region. With Dragonflight, Blizzard has abandoned the Honored/Revealed/Exalted system and returned to the Renom system from Shadowlands. By completing quests and expeditions, you earn reputation points. You can also complete the weekly Making a Name quest, kill some rare monsters or participate in events. To earn a Renom rank, you need to acquire 2,500 reputation points. Each rank grants you a reward from the steward and unlocks items that you can buy from several merchants or quests that you can complete. Among the rewards are several epic equipment items with an item level of up to 389. You can also pick up recipes for professions, toys, mascots, cosmetic items such as gardening tools, shoulder pads, or even helmets and customizations for your drakes from Dragonflight.

They're all unique and individual, we think they've done a great job making these different enough from each other that you're doing different things in each Zone. But before we get into each one one by one, we do want to talk about some overall things that you can easily miss that you should be doing to really increase the rep on a big scale.

3 -  Dragonflight Secondary Faction Reputations 

There are reputations from 3 secondary factions in Dragonflight:

3.1 - Cobalt Assembly reputation

The Cobalt Assembly is a secondary faction in Dragonflight. It concerns a small camp located north of the Travée d'Azur. This is a reputation intended for high-level players because you will only face elite monsters. The reputation level is different and does not have a Renom system. It is divided into 5 levels: Empty, Low, Medium, High, and Maximum. There are no specific quests or expeditions related to the Cobalt Assembly. There is no reputation contract either.

To quickly build up your reputation with the Cobalt Assembly, you must kill their enemies in the Fractured Flame. These are arachnids that are just a short walk away. When you are in the camp, look for the stairs that go up with the guards watching over them. Go up the stairs and you will arrive at the enemy camp. You can then kill the elite monsters over and over again to get items that increase your reputation. These are Cobalt Assembly Middle Arcanum (15 points) or Cobalt Assembly Major Arcanum (30, 45, or 60 points).

3.2 - Artisans Consortium reputation

The Artisans Consortium is a secondary faction of Dragonflight. You will discover it very early, its first NPCs are visible from the Shores of Awakening. It is a faction entirely dedicated to crafts. The reputation level is different from the major factions and does not have a Renom system. It is divided into 5 tiers based on what I see in-game. Note that ranks 1 and 2 are correct, but ranks 3 to 5 may be in a different order: Indifference, Low, Esteem, Admiration, and Respect. 

In order to build up your reputation with the Consortium, you will have to do mostly quests at first. You can find them at the Ruby Essence Ponds, where there are NPCs for certain professions. These NPCs will ask you to unearth certain items, for example, and you will get your first bag of components in 26 slots.

There are also several quests offered in Valdrakken and there are definitely quests offered in several camps on the Dragon Islands. These are not quests that you will particularly want to do while leveling, especially since your quest book fills up very quickly, but don't forget to do them later. The Artisans Consortium is also linked to the weekly crafting quests. There is one for the collecting professions and two for the crafting professions. These quests also reward you with specialization points. The consortium quests also reward you with accessories for alchemy, fishing, or other professions. The faction is undoubtedly the most difficult to understand of the Dragonflight reputations because there is no clear center and indications in-game.

3. 3 - Wrathion or Sabellian Reputation

Wrathion and Sabellian are two major characters in Dragonflight's Waking Shores. By raising your reputation with both dragons, you can unlock new daily quests and obtain new rewards, including equipment and cosmetic items. 

To unlock Expeditions on Dragonflight, you must be at least level 68 and have completed the Dragonflight campaign. At level 70, you'll get the Single Target Allegiance Expedition, which is located at the Obsidian Throne, west of the Shores of Awakening. The quest involves pledging allegiance to either Wrathion or Sabellian. By choosing one of them, you unlock new daily quests and can raise your reputation to the dragon you've selected. Each faction has its own missions and rewards. 

Once you've made up your mind, talk to Irion or Sabellian and choose who you'll be loyal to until the next weekly reset. By clicking on the button of your choice, the two dragons fly away and you immediately receive a new quest: The keys of loyalty. It is important to note that this is an elite expedition and that it will ideally be necessary to be in a group to defeat the monsters and recover the requested items. The quest requires you to bring back 30 key fragments and 3 key templates found on elite mobs in the area. The quest rewards you with an Obsidian Reinforced Chest.  On the other hand, it is a good way to increase your reputation because by bringing a Large Obsidian Key to the dragons, you get: +100 reputation with Wrathion or Sabellian and +25 reputation with Valdrakken Accord At the same time, you get quests that allow you to recover supplies from the Dragon Islands, gold or even reputation with the Valdrakken Accord and items. 

4 - Farm More Reputations by Doing Quests

Reputations come naturally when you enter an area and talk to NPCs or do certain quests. There are several ways to gain reputation that can be applied to all reputations. 

4.1 - Leveling Quests

First of all, leveling quests allow you, if completed in full, to unlock the top Renom ranks with the major factions. Each area also has one or more dungeons attached to its reputation and you get reputation once you complete the dungeon.

4.2 - Side Quests

Secondly, do the side quests. They are very interesting and can be completed quickly. You accumulate reputation points by the hundreds and this allows you to evolve quite quickly.

4.3 - World Quests

Then, do expeditions, the world quests that appear on your map. They sometimes repeat quests that you have already done during your leveling. You will have to kill mobs, bosses or collect components. They allow you to gain several dozen reputation points depending on the zone where they are located.

4.4 - Weekly Dungeon Quests

Finally, you have the weekly quests. We don't have much information about them yet, but if it's like Shadowlands, many of them will allow you to complete dungeons, arenas or battlefields to gain reputation. The only major quest that you should not skip is the quest given by Therazal, the emissary of the Dragon Islands. The NPC is located in the central square of Valdrakken, the capital located in Thaldraszus. These are the two dungeon quests from Cynthia and Feldrin in the north of Valdrakken, these give you two dungeons to do so one each and you can pick 250 reps for a faction of your choice. So if there's one that's lagging behind or one that you want to push just over the limit, these dungeon quests can give you a nice little boost. And if you're doing dungeons as well to gear up then it's a no-brainer really grab them.  Then on top of these two things is the world quests, World quests are everywhere and give loads of reps so knock these out as you find them, go for the items you want the rep you want

4.5 - Huge Reputation Quest

The quest Aiding the Accord gives you 500 reputation points towards the 4 major factions, as well as a Valdrakken Treasures chest which contains 250 Dragon Island supplies, ilvl 363 equipment, ornamental items, and several copies of Primordial Chaos, a crafting component. So grab this and start going around earning your reputation, you're renowned with the different ones and this is a massive boost that just kind of just goes on top of everything.

5 - Gain More Extra Reputations with Bonus & Buff

In addition to the above methods, you can also get more extra reputation from the following aspects: 

5.1 - Alt Rep Catch Up

You unlock a lot more World quests as you get your renowned up with the different factions, but one of the big thing you need to be aware of is if you're looking at doing alts and if you want to bring everyone up at the same time or if you're already leveling your alts, there's one huge thing in these reputations. If you get to rank 10 or rank 20 with all of them, they all have the same reward. So if you get to level 10 with the Valdrakken Accord, you'll get Word of a Worthy Ally of our Dragon Accord and that will give you 100% increased rep gains on your alts for that faction. So if you get everything to turn, you're also getting 100 % across the board, and then if you get it to rank 20 renowned you get 200% up to rank 10 and then 100% up to rank 20.

5.2 - Buy a Contract from a Calligrapher or at the Auction House

A contract is a consumable that gives a reputation bonus when you make shipments.  Note that you can only have one active contract at a time, and the contract does not have a time limit.

5.3 - Quest Bonus Event

There is an event (Expeditions Bonus Event) that gives a 50% reputation boost when you make expeditions. When the event is active, we'll let you know via the "Dragonflight Now Live!" module accessible from the right-hand column on the site. 

5.4 - 10% Rep Bonus from Human Race

If you play a Human, you have a racial talent that allows a 10% gain in reputation.

5.5 - Seasonal Events

During various seasonal events, rep buffs or bonuses will be unlocked as festive prizes for free. For example, in WoW Anniversary the temporary buff gave a 17% reputation boost, in Sombrelune Fair the Sombrelune Top Hat from Gelvas Crasseporte gives a 10% bonus to reputation gains for one hour.

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