WoW Dragonlight Best Addons - Top 30 Must Have Addons In Dragonflight World of Warcraft

12/7/2022 7:36:21 PM

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is finally here. With a new revamped UI, you won't need that many Dragonflight addons anymore as in previous expansions especially not for the minimap or bags or bars or the cast bar or even the unit frames. But there are still quite a lot of useful minor addons that will help you out. So let's go over all the 30 best Dragonflight addons.


Dragonflight Addons Guide - 30 Best Addons For Leveling, Healing, UI, Nameplates & More In WoW Dragonflight

The WoW Dragonflight best addons can significantly simplify routine tasks like trade and questing. The most common way to install addons is via an addon manager, of which there are several options. In this Dragonflight addons guide, we bring the best user interface (UI), most beneficial, and absolutely necessary addons for Dragonflight in World of Warcraft.


No.1 Dragonflight Addons - All The Things

This is the best WOW Dragonflight addons that track everything that you acquired and helps you find out what else you are missing including everything like transmog, mounts, pets, achievements and shows you when hovering over an NPC you are missing from them and shows you where you got all the items you have in your bags.


No.2 Dragonflight Addons - Altoholic

Altoholic keeps track of all your characters and you can see them all at a glance including their gold and items and total time played or professions.


No.3 Dragonflight Addons - Auctionator

Auctionator makes buying and selling stuff at the auction house faster and easier and shows you how much items are worth at the auction house on their tooltip. As well as how much it costs you to craft items with professions if you were to buy all the materials from the auction house.


No.4 Dragonflight Addons - Bartender4

You don't really need anything for the bars anymore since you can easily move them with the new default UI and Dominos doesn't work anymore. But if you want the best addon Dragonflight, you can use Bartender4 for more control and more features like having bars hidden unless you most over them and you can also use the mask for skins for the buttons.


No.5 Dragonflight Addons - Clean Icons Mechagnone Edition

Speaking of the buttons if you want them to be more HD, get Clean Icons Mechagnone Edition. Its AI upscales all abilities and item icons in the game to make them look a lot higher quality and less pixelated.


No.6 Dragonflight Addons - Broker Moneyfu

Broker Moneyfu keeps track of all your gold across every character with a button on the minimap.


No.7 Dragonflight Addons - Details

You will need Details to keep track of your damage and healing, especially in raids and Mythic plus dungeons when they get released. So you know who to blame for wiping.


No.8 Dragonflight Addons - DBM (Deadly Boss Mods)

When the raids come out, with Deadly Boss Mods, so you know not to sit in the fire.


No.9 Dragonflight Addons - DejaCharacterStats

DejaCharacterStats lets you customize the attributes and all the stats better and gives you more freedom in what you want to see there.


No.10 Dragonflight Addons - Gladius

Gladius is good for Arenas to keep track of your enemy stats and trinkets.


No.11 Dragonflight Addons - Handy Notes

Handy Notes shows you the treasures and rares on the map as well as every important thing you can find like the dragon clips. So it's super useful to have and silver dragon that keeps track of the rares too and also gives you a warning when one spawns nearby and shows you what rares you are missing for achievements. This is very important, especially for the clips, you will need to get those early and this helps a lot to find them.


No.12 Dragonflight Addons - KUI

KUI gives you better nameplates and helps you keep track of the enemy held and your dots on them a lot easier. It works for enemies' and allies' nameplates too.


No.13 Dragonflight Addons - Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus gives you a lot of quality-of-life features like automatically selling junk or auto repairing, a better wardrobe for transmog, and a ton more settings you can play around with.


No.14 Dragonflight Addons - LUI

You can use this World of Warcraft Dragonflight for the unit frame. But it is currently not fully working properly.


No.15 Dragonflight Addons - Shadowed Unit Frames

If you want more customizable unit frames, we recommend Shadowed Unit Frames. 


No.16 Dragonflight Addons - Mapster

Mapster lets you customize the map, make it larger or smaller, show your coordinates, and lets you clear the fork to reveal it if you haven't explored the zones yet.


No.17 Dragonflight Addons - Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text shows you exactly how much damage you do with each spell, so you can keep track of how much damage you do with everything easily.


No.18 Dragonflight Addons - Mouseover Action Bars

Mouseover Action Bars let you make action bars show only when you mouse over them without needing a full button addon like Bartender and it also lets you move the micro menu, the back bar, and the dungeon finder icon. So you can move it up there to the minimap again.


No.19 Dragonflight Addons - Narcissus

Narcissus helps your ego with nice options for screenshots as well as a cleaner interface for the achievement frame and shows you the talents of people you are inspecting better and lets you save looks for yourself or for your dragons at the barber shop.


No.20 Dragonflight Addons - Opie

Opie gives you cool rings that you can activate with custom key bindings and you can add whatever you want on them.


No.21 Dragonflight Addons - Pawn

Pawn shows you what items are upgrades for you and how much better they are compared to what you currently have equipped.


No.22 Dragonflight Addons - Pet Tracker

Pet Tracker shows you the pets you are missing on the map.


No.23 Dragonflight Addons - Raider. IO

Raider. IO shows you Mythic plus scores and right progress and the chances you have to never get invited in groups if it's too low.


No.24 Dragonflight Addons - Rarity

Rarity keeps track of rare mounts and how many attempts you have on them and how lucky or unlucky you are.


No.25 Dragonflight Addons - Rematch

Rematch offers a new interface for pet battles that helps you store teams easier and search for pets faster.


No.26 Dragonflight Addons - Storytime

Storytime changes the quest to feel more like an RPG.


No.27 Dragonflight Addons - Titan Panel

Titan Panel has a lot of options, as well as one of the best WOW Dragonflight leveling addons. You can keep the XP per hour on up for when you are leveling to see how fast you are leveling.


No.28 Dragonflight Addons - TomTom

TomTom helps you with waypoints to coordinate your type way and the numbers. It gives you an arrow and the time, it will take you to get there and you can see it on the map as well.


No.29 Dragonflight Addons - Total RP 3

Total RP 3 is for a goldshire.


No.30 Dragonflight Addons - World Quest Tracker

Word Quest Tracker will help you at level 70 to see all the work quests at a glance instead of going into each zone and checking them one by one.