Best Dragonflight Level 70 Gearing Guide: What To Do First at Level 70 in WoW Dragonflight

12/8/2022 11:53:56 AM

What to do at level 70 in WoW! Untangling the Dragonflight endgame and giving our first-week review of Dragonflight features like the leveling experience, professions, dragonriding and more! This guide includes discussion of the WoW news of the week and answering questions.

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Profession specialization knowledge feels really scary to spend, because there's no way to refund it, there's no way to move it around,  it's important that there's no way to refund it or move it around or else the whole point of the specializations is so that you have to really invest at least early into being good at XYZ specific thing, so that you have a Avenue through which to distinguish yourself from your competitors in this big market especially with the region-wide auction house right, and if your competitor was not specked into the thing that you've worked on, but they could just kind of move their points in there make four of them and then move their points back, then you haven't made a specialization system, you've just made a bunch of extra work, so it's we agree with the need to have those points feel important, and it is true that you will eventually be able to get all of the things, it's not like you're locking yourself out of certain trees for ever but the decision of what to do first it definitely feels big.


Initial Endgame

For the end game now that we're at 70, the initial impression is overwhelming, just because there's so much to do, and there is a distinct lack of time gating, in past expansions, blizzard has kind of held your hand and walked you through, and this time, it's more like here welcome to the restaurant, there's 111 things in the menu, and if you want to find out what you'll get from each thing or exactly how to pursue it, there's clues hidden you know inside the clock and underneath the tiles in the kitchen, it's great content.


What To Do First at Level 70 in WoW Dragonflight 

If anyone wanted a list of things to do at level 70, please check it:

Finish the Campaign

The initial recommendation is finish the campaign, if you have not done that already, not the one of nine chapters thing that we think we are actually time gated on, but finishing the leveling campaign if you manage to hit 70 before that, because that's going to unlock World quests you might want those.

Dragonriding Glyphs

Second would be to get the Dragonriding Glyphs, if you did not do that yet, they are very easy to get, what we did was we got handy notes to mark their location on my map, and then we just took like an hour, and we zooped around and we went and got them all to spend all of my dragon writing glyphs, this is something we had kind of put off during leveling although you certainly can do it while you're leveling, but it's not as hard to do as you think it's going to be it makes a big difference in how easy it is for you to get around on your dragonriding Mount, and fun tip that we learned way too late you do not need to go back to the dragon riding trainer to spend your glyphs, you can open up your glyph interface from the big button on your minimap, and just like spend your points there, so um don't feel like you have to go back, because you sure don't once you've done that it's kind of a do you want gear or do you want stuff or do you want gold or do you want everything gear will help you get the rest of those things.


If you're looking to gear up, we would say run dungeons, if you plan to gear up especially working your way up to doing the full round of Mythic zeros, this week and next week before the raid opens, there are eight dungeons that you can do, we believe they give 372 loot I'll double check, but of all the things that we've done so far this week that was the easiest way to get just raw item level, there are other sources of gear but they're a little bit more involved even if they don't require groups.


Speaking of those sources of gear, you can do events, such as The Siege on Dragonbane Keep, the three centaur hunts, tuskar Soup pot thing, and the something something the accord quest that has you get 4 000 reputation, those things can all give you gear, they're not guaranteed to but they can and the thing about that gear is it's going to kind of scale with your item level, so if you're going to do the Mythic dungeon World Tour, do that first before you turn in that weekly and before you do your suit pot and your siege and dragon Bane keep, because you could get better gear, if you go into it at a higher item level.

Cobalt Assembly & Obsidian Throne

There are also 389 pieces from open world content, there are necks you can get from the whole obsidian Throne grind, and 389 rings that you can get from the Cobalt assembly, both of those things are more of a project, there's reputation involved, there's dailies, there's quite a bit of activity, but if you are Min maxing before raid, it's probably a good idea to go for it.


If you're not Min maxing, the world is your oyster, there's a bajillion things to do, there's no wrong answers, you can get all of it eventually if you really want, so don't stress too much about what to do first, but find something that looks cool to you, and go do that first, you know do World quests, and Side Quests for reputation, go chase down that thing in your quest log that you forgot where you picked it up, but it's still there, because you're afraid to drop it, work on professions, do some pet battles, go fishing,  there's a lot of options, but whatever sounds fun to you is the right answer.


How to Get Ichabod

This week, the Feldrake twitch drop came and went, but the Ichabod thing is still here that is the new pet for the support a streamer program he looks like this, you can kind of think of it as a shot pet except instead of buying it from the blizzard story, what you need to do is gift two twitch subscriptions to an eligible streamer's Channel while they are live streaming in the wow category, not while they're offline they need to be live, and then you will get a redeemable code in your Twitch notifications, and that is only available to get until end of day on Dec 12th.





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