Elden Ring 1.08 Best Rune Glitch - Rune Farming Locations, Routes & Tips In Elden Ring Patch 1.08

12/8/2022 2:41:59 PM

A brand new update has come out for Elden Ring. Patch 1.08 has just dropped with some really awesome new features and some exploit patches and big changes for rune farming which we're going to get into a little bit later in the Elden Ring 1.08 rune farming guide. If you are interested in farming runes fast and easily, this is the Elden Ring best glitch after patch 1.08.   


Elden Ring 1.08 Rune Glitch - Best Rune Farming Methods & Tips In Elden Ring Patch 1.08

Firstly we're going to be going over all of the best Elden Ring 1.08 glitch for rune farming that is still working after this update and the major change in regards to the number of runes you obtain from farming now. Most of you guys are probably aware of the best location to farm is in the Underworld and it seems like the developers have actually nerfed the amount of Elden Ring runes you obtain in this location in general from the enemy. So it is kind of less but doesn't worry and don't panic, we going to show you the best working Elden Ring 1.08 rune farming method which will still give you millions of runes.


Elden Ring 1.08 Best Rune Farming Locations

To start the Elden Ring patch 1.08 rune farm tutorial, firstly we're going to head over into the best farming area in the Underworld.


Elden Ring 1.08 Best Rune Farming Routes

1. Find White Mask

Now we are going to very quickly show you how to get Underworld. Come to The First Step, there should be a character standing right in front of the actual rest point by the name of White Mask. If you come here and he isn't in this location, you're going to make your way over to the second spot where he hangs around at the Rose Church.


2. Finish the Quest

If you find him here, you're going to walk up to him, speak to him and he's going to give you three very easy PVP based quests which you are going to go ahead and complete after finishing them. You're going to return to White Mask, speak to him and he's going to give you a reward.


3. Interact with the Reward

This reward is actually going to be a medallion where if you go ahead and open up your inventory, you click on it, you actually are going to be able to interact with it, because there is a teleporter. If you click on it, it is automatically going to teleport you to the Underworld.


4. Teleporter (Alternative)

If you for some reason cannot do these quests, maybe you've killed White Mask, you've attacked him or you just simply can't find them. There is an alternative method to get to this area, but it is harder because you have to come to a secret snow area. You need to get this part of the map unlocked, but once you do have it unlocked, you want to come specifically to the location at the corner of the map. There is going to be a teleporter where if you go up to it, you click on it, it is also going to take you to like a secret cave in the Underworld in the Red Zone where we are going to be doing our farming spot. Either use the Medallion or the teleporter once you are in this location.


Elden Ring 1.08 Best Rune Farming Spots

We're going to go ahead and dive into all of these awesome Elden Ring patch 1.08 rune farms.


1. Elden Ring Rune Glitch 1.08 - Palace Approach Ledge-Road

Requirements: This is one of the best rune farm spots after patch 1.08. They nerfed the number of runes you obtain from all of this specifically the enemies. So for this, you're going to need two things. One is a bow and arrow, the second one is going to be a sword. Specifically, the end-game boss sword preferably because it's just really overpowered. With these two items, you could either shoot down the bird that is on the bottom platform.


Farming Tips: Now the XP that you gained from him does not seem to be affected by this patch 1.08 nerf. It still gives you about 12 000 XP if you're on your first playthrough. All you need to do is very simple, just shoot the bird. He's going to get attracted towards you, he's going to run at you and he's going to fall down the cliff. Getting himself killed and rewarding you your runes, you can just simply sit back at the rest point, reset the bird shoot them again and just rinse and repeat that keep shooting the bird now.


Runes Gained: Before this update, this used to give you roughly 120 000 runes. Now if you do the exact same thing, you only obtain roughly about 70 000 runes. However, it is still worth it because you're going to be roughly getting about 70 000 runes every 5 seconds which just beats all the other farming exploits in Elden Ring.


2. Elden Ring 1.08 Rune Exploit - Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance

Requirements: Moving on to an actual D2R 1.08 Rune farming glitches for this one, you're going to travel to the very first rest point.


Farming Tips: You're going to proceed to actually jump down the Cliff, hop on your horse and then stick to the left side of this like Cliffside. Keep running all the way until we get to like the rock tree, and proceed to start jumping on the roots. Then do like a huge jump behind it. There is going to be a rock sticking out which you're going to proceed to land on. Once you're on it, start climbing to the left side again, there's going to be a tree sticking out, jump past it. Once you are on this part of the cliffside, just proceed to jump off the cliff to a single jumped and a double jump. It's not swinging your weapon after about 30 to 40 seconds, you're also going to get runes.


Runes Gained: We used to get around 300 000 runes every single time, now it's about 250 000 to 225 000 runes, and sometimes it's 270 000. But it's still a lot of runes you're going to be obtaining from this Elden Ring rune glitch 1.08. After you receive your runes from falling, open up your map until you put back to the original rest point where you can go ahead and once again rinse and repeat this.


3. Elden Ring Patch 1.08 Rune Exploit - Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance

Requirements: Now moving on to the next exploit, this one requires you to once again go back to the rest point you were just at.


Farming Tips: But this time jump down and go to the right. Keep running straight all the way till you get to the rocks. You're going to make your way solve like on your right side of the rocks and then you're going to proceed to actually start jumping on the side of it. Start scaling it, and start jumping into the platforms of that because there are a bunch of like invisible platforms that you're going to go ahead and jump on. Then proceed, and jump on top of the actual rock platform itself, the big one on top. From this point onwards, you simply are just going to go to the edge of the map. It doesn't matter which edge because all of them will work. You're just simply going to go ahead and jump off of it with a single jump and a double jump, start swinging it open and after about 30 to 40 seconds, you're going to get your runes. You're going to open up your map, teleport back to the usual rest point and then rinse and repeat this and find yourself as many runes as you could possibly want again.

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