Dragonflight Season 1 Ruby Life Pools Raid & M+ Guide | Preparation for Ruby Life Pools Mythic Dungeon in WoW Dragonflight

12/10/2022 3:03:36 PM

Dragonflight Season 1 Vault of the Incarnates Raid & Mythic+ are about to open. What should we do for Ruby Life Pools Raid & Mythic+? There is our preparation guide for this raid.

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Ruby Life Pools

Color Coding Key

Interuptible ability

Stun / Knock

Cleave/frontal attack

Key Information

Dispel or Purge


Enemy Name


Player Action


Primalist Cinderweaver



Flashfrost Chillweaver

Ice Shield


Ice shield makes the target immune to cc/interupts   until shield is destroyed.

Flashfrost Earthshaper

Tectonic Slam

Stuns / Knock

Primalist Flamedancer

Flame Dance

Stuns / Knock

On death creates a small AoE in melee and ground   swirlies at range.

Flame Channeler



High Channeler Ryvati

Shock Blast


Kick Shock Blast x2 on pull, Channels Tempest Storms   > Break shield before channel finishes


Melidrusa Chillweaver

Heavy AoE damage fight. Dispell tank before 8 stacks   when whelps are active. Awaken Whelps and Frost Overload happen at the same   time.



Creates a small swirly at each player, will get frozen   if you are hit. Creates a shard on ground if not hit that explodes if   touched.

Awaken Whelps

Cleave adds but focus boss.

Summons whelps twice in fight (70 and 30%) that apply a   debuff to tank. Dispel before 8 stacks.

Frost Overload

Break shield and interupt.

Channels a ticking AoE until her shield is broken and   she is interupted. Happens right after Awaken Whelps.


Move Away

Circle on one player that drops an aoe zone. Drop it   away from the group.


Thunderhead mini boss

Breath weapon pointed at random player, tank knock   back, Rolling Thunder bebuff 2 applications, dispel asap

Flamegullet mini boss

Breath weapon pointed at random player, Molten Blood   debuff starts at 50% health and stacks until he dies. Skip or save burst for   50%.


Kokia Blazehoof

Positioning is key to bait good lava drops from both   Ritual of Blaze and Molten Bolder.

Ritual of Blaze

Move out, kill add

Targets a range player with large AoE circle that   spawns an add.

Blazebound Firestorm


Kill add, interupt Roaring Blaze. It first cast is   Inferno which is not interuptable.

Molten Bolder

Bait, Avoid.

Targets a random player with a large fireball that   leaves a trail and explodes on contact leaving a pool. Bait away from   direction of movement.


Erkhart and Kyrakka

2 phases, save lust for p2. Stack Erkhart with dragon   in P1 and focus dragon whenever possible.

Storm Slam

Dispel Tank

Erkhart slaps the tank and leaves a debuff that   increases damage taken. 10 second interval.



Dragon frontal breath


Drop on edges

Targets 1 player in P1 and all players in P2. Drop gunk   away from allies along the sides. Big Magic damage.

Interupting Cloudburst

Stop casting

Interupts and silences anyone casting.