Dragonflight Season 1 Full PvP Gear Guide - How To Get Max PvP Gear In WoW Dragonflight?

12/10/2022 5:55:15 PM

It's time to gear up in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. We want to get this quick PvP gear since PvP gear is really quick to get. Here comes the question, what is the best way to get full PvP gear in WOW Dragonflight? In this guide, we're going through everything for getting fully PvP in Dragonflight.


How to get Full PvP Gear in Dragonflight?

They have changed the way PvP gear gearing works basically. You can get the best in slot gear right now for the honor that will increase your PvP item of the 411 immediately. You don't have to upgrade it to reach everybody else. So where everybody else is at you immediately get 411 offer just basic honor gear. So you should be doing this while you're leveling. For a win in a Battleground, you get like 500-600 honors. That's basically a piece of gear you've got like 15 slots.

So like 11000 12000 honor to get a full set. But if you're doing that the whole way, you're leveling just in between quests whatever you want to do. You're going to be 411 in PvP item level already. There you can still upgrade the gear but basically, it just upgrades the item level itself. It doesn't upgrade the PvP item level and conquest gear is only like 10 item levels more, you are best in slot PvP gear for right now. So you're ready to go right when season 1 starts.


How to get PvP Gear Fast in Dragonflight?

Now let’s go over some best tips to gear for PvP in Dragonflight.

1. PvP Vendors

First things first, you're going to come over into a tunnel into the cave in Valdrakken. The first vendor we're going to talk about is the honor vendor all the way in the back over here named Calderax who is the conquest vendor and will be to the left. If nothing pops up because there's no conquest gear at the moment yet until December 12 that is when the season 1 starts. Everything is actually really cheap. Winning one battleground will essentially just get you a piece. So you just have to go and queue up and snag that gear.


At the moment, the horde has been slightly under-geared. Because Alliance gets an enlistment bonus. Now if you are having issues and you feel like you're spam losing as horde, don't worry. When you are looking at the PvP vendor in Oribos, he's all the way hugging the wall. Go talk to him, swap over to the Alliance side and play with them. Granted as the days go on, the horde will be able to have gear and everything will be fine. Something to look out for will be a star over the random BG, the little icon with the chest.


Just make sure that you're looking for that, that's going to increase your honor by about 50% for objectives and also for victory. That's going to be able to speed up the process too so if you do have that, make sure to go and just spam queue up. The grind is really not that bad for the honor at all. It's really easy and quick. You don't have to upgrade anything from your honor gear. You don't have to upgrade anything at all. If you do upgrade, it's just going to help in PVE. The item level for the PvP gear for Honor gear goes all the way up to 411. That is the highest at the moment.


World PvP Gear

Now when you come when you turn around the first person when you do walk into this cave to the right. These two guys are going to be for the world PvP pieces of gear. This is going to be for the four sets that some people are talking about. When you talk to this vendor Fieldmaster Emberath. He's going to have a whole new set for your entire gear. You want to make sure that you're looking at your stats depending upon the like for the pieces that you have and whatever is best for you depending upon the class that you are in.


If it's a heist whatever it may be, make sure that you're looking out for these pieces and starting to plot and figure out how exactly you're going to snag the 4 sets. Because the 4 sets that's very big, you get the two sets to increase your versatility, and then the 4 sets are going to give you a hardened resolve which is going to give you a shield that can pop every two minutes every time you get stunned. Really great for survivability, you want to make sure that you have this. You're not really losing anything at all to this, it's not like it's full PVE gear, and it's not at all you get versatility for this. This is World PvP gear now.


Bloody Tokens

You're going to be getting this gear from blood tokens. You can snag this by killing people out in the world when you're running around. If you were making an alt and you're you're looking to do PvP to gear later on. If you see people in the world can top them up a little bit right, if you're leaving the zone, we can just body all these people and walk away and keep questing. Not to worry about them because they're being held back in a passing zone, snack some tokens leveling.


World PvP Quests

Now another thing that you want to make sure that you are on the lookout for is World PvP Quest. Once you do snag this gear which you can snag from doing World quests are also from ganking people with the bloody tokens. It's quite a bit but the Malicia vendor will be the upgraded version of that gear. This will be the upgraded version of its primal infused. Trophy of strife is not available yet, this is going to be from when you open your Vault. So right for right now before the season starts, if you want to snag your honor gear just queue up, and make it rain.


Epic Battleground

When it comes to Epic Battlegrounds as well. Just so you are aware, they are really a bit over-tuned. It feels like when you do hop in Valley just becomes a big PvP war zone killing reinforcements. If you're in a losing Alterac Valley right out the gate, if you're like 100 down or whatever, it's more beneficial to just leave that Battleground. Get hit with 15 minutes, go hop on an ALT for 15 minutes, come back over, and hit the queue back up. Epic bgs, they're kind of a waste. If you're losing, it takes way too long, it's very time-consuming if you're going to be losing altered Valley. It's just not even worth it. You could avoid this if you wanted to.


Brawl Weekly Quests

Make sure you also do the Brawl for a packed house, hopping into there, you don't get too much honor for the dub quick 160 or whatever. But you do get a quest for winning a PvP Brawl just win one time, you get 250 honors. This is a nice little plus, we'll take it. Hop in that queue for Brawl and random BG and you just go in and get a nice little 250 honor with the 160.


PvP Supply Crates

When you are farming out the four sets for the tier when you're out in the world and you're ganking people for the bloody tokens. The kills only give you one perk but you have to make sure that you are paying attention to the supply war crates that'll pop up on the screen. Make sure you're definitely taking notice of this because you can easily get like 100 or 200 tokens. They have a good amount of tokens that are available when you do get these crates.


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