Best WoW Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Specs - Dragonflight PvP Tier List And Ranking

12/13/2022 5:48:57 PM

The biggest round of changes we have seen in a long time just hit PVP in World of Warcraft Dragonflight and completely obliterated any current power rankings that you might be aware of up to this point. What are the best Dragonflight season 1 PvP classes and specs to run? Check our Dragonflight season 1 PvP spec tier list, we rank every spec from S to A tier.

Dragonflight PvP Tier List Season 1 - WoW Dragonflight PvP Specs & Classes Tier List

Today, we are going to be covering a Dragonflight specs tier list for PvP and trying to predict where they're going to be landing given their current power strength and where it's going to be estimated after being nerfed. We have been looking in at a lot of different opinions from a lot of high-ranking players as well as our own personal experience to try and input the possible best prediction for you moving into the new season, so you can maybe have a better idea of what to expect and where to go.


S Tier

Feral Druid

Feral Druid is surprisingly going to be on the S tier. Feral Druid is one of the few melee DPS that has the highest amount of healing output still remaining of all of them in personal survivability. The damage profile it has that is going to synergize with a lot of classes. Feral Druid already has top-tier comps like the Hunter Farrell Druid composition.

Preservation Evoker

Preservation Evoker is probably the Dragonflight best PvP spec in season 1.

It managed to get through without really getting touched. Maybe they just wanted to be the best healer for this patch, given that it's a new class, it's super fun.


Shadow Priest
Shadow Priest is still going to be S tier and the best WoW Dragonflight spec PvP. The scyphy nerf is a big deal but now you can shield the siphine. So there are going to be other ways to make that more annoying for players, but you still bring mind games and catharsis. Shadow Priest is absolutely crazy, you're going to absolutely pump people. Shadow priest is a really good class hybrid multiple stun DPS or crowd control DPS. It's still going to be a phenomenal spec.


Given the nerfs that Demonology is probably still going to be the best bet for Warlocks at the moment in competitive PVP whether it's a solo queue or ranked threes. Just because of how much control it has to be able to either prevent a game from ending or in the game itself.


A Tier

Havoc Demon Hunter

This one got hit really hard on both offense, defense, and CC. At the same moment, the highest-rated games when you got a lot of Rogue play because Subtlety Rogue has definitely propped up an Assassination Rogue has propped up quite a lot that Havoc Demon Hunter was actually being run down by those compositions specifically. You're still really well-rounded in the solo queue with lots of crowd control diminishing returns. You're still going to have some self-sustain. it's like not like it's non-existent you're laying on hands heal is now instead of a full heal. Only going to be half of a heal but it's still a larger heal than a lot of other classes currently have. Havoc Demon Hunter will still be in a good spot just given how strong its kit is, and how easily it synergizes with a lot of other classes, it'll still be strong PvP spec in WoW Dragonflight.


Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter is the best solo PvP spec in WoW Dragonflight and you can flex it in 3v3 as well. Survival Hunter is doing a lot better than it was anticipated. It's really underrepresented spec-like niche pick, hard to get a lot of detail on, but it's got really good damage and really good control. In a solo queue environment, Hunter probably is not going to be the best but it's going to be the best Hunter spec of them all.


Arcane Mage

For Arcane Mage, the healing reduction on things like Warlock really big deal for you Death Knight, and Demon Hunters those classes were going to really make it a nightmare for you as a mage. Arcane is definitely benefiting, it's still going to be a high-ranking spec, probably the best of all of the Mage specs.


Restoration Druid

Again you're not a Preservation Evoker but still, Restoration Druids are a very strong class overall maybe close to a second or third-best healer in the running at the moment. So we are throwing Restoration Druid up on A Tier, but it's really tough to compare healers to Preservation Evokers.

Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monk is a really solid healer. We are going to have a lot of throughputs. It's possible that Mistweaver Monk comes back.


Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin is surprisingly strong. With the Judgment build that it's got at the moment, you are doing huge amounts of burst damage. People were saying word of glory healing is low, but we have seen flash of light doing a lot of healing. Retribution Paladin is one of the melee DPS with like the most healing now given all the other nerfs.


Holy Priest

Holy Priest is a really solid healer that has a lot of escape mechanisms in the solo queue to avoid cheese mechanics which is going to be really good. It has decent healing output, probably its lowest of the A tier healers at the moment. But it is still the only healer that brings the ranged stun, again it's really tough to compare healers because Preservation is there's so much more on top of them, but they're really close in the running.


This one is really sleeper because Assassination is going to be running people down with how much damage it's able to do and having two charges of shiv to apply its mortal wounds that got nerfed by 5%. But still having two charges that no other class can amplify their mortal wounds that rapidly or that frequently. So damage can just be overwhelming and immediately just crushing people. We will leave it in A for now because its survivability is lower than the ones currently in S and that's the main reason.


Subtlety Rogue

Subtlety Rogue got a big healing nerf, and got more burst damage nerf onto it but is it going to be bad? So in a ranked threes environment, things can be really good. Also, we have been seeing a lot of people raiding Sub Rogue in the solo queue but we saw a solo queue Sub Rogue in the tournament even when Outlaw was like a hundred times better than every other spec in the game. Still, a Subtlety Rogue made it into the top four in North America's region, so Subtly Rogue is not completely written off in the solo queue. It doesn't work because it needs coordination. A strong Subtly Rogue that knows how to work around blind shadowy duel and smoke bombs can create win conditions completely on their own given their own tool kit. If they know how to follow those lines of CC and execute, given those cooldowns, you can make it work.


Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman pumping out monstrous amounts of damage. It's really happy that the defense of a lot of other classes has gone down. It may be better than a Hunter, given that you can win without crowd control whereas the Hunter specs might be more dependent on it. So you're probably a bit better bordering close to A tier um similar to Windwalker Monk.

Affliction Warlock

 Affliction Warlock does not have the same CC as Demo, it doesn't have mortal wounds. So given some synergies with other classes, you might start to struggle more than other Warlock specs and it's really tough with changes and your survivability going to be like. It is true that at the same time survivability has gone down for everything else. It's possible that you end up completely fine. It’s more safe giving it an A tier ranking as opposed to an S.

B Tier

Balance Druid

Balance Druid had given all the changes to the other classes and the reductions in their healing output have actually been kind of an indirect buff to Boomkin. Things like Boomkin Ellie Shaman and Hunter classes that didn't really heal a lot to begin with are actually a lot better off now.


Frost Death Knight

Death Knights were like bordering immortality like the strongest class in the game Unholy was still edging a bit ahead of frost, but now your survivability is going to definitely be noticeable. But do note at the same time that the survivability of everybody else has now also gone down. Death Knight was much lower than it was before. It's probably just going to feel average possibly below average. If you were a Death Knight player, you're going to find a way to make it work.


Unholy Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight is better than Frost but still probably going to end up in an average position. After all of the changes have gone through, you're going to struggle with classes like Warriors, Hunters, and Feral Druids, and those classes are going to be gnarly Assassination Rogues this type of deal. Those classes are going to be really strong so probably better than Frost.

Frost Mage

Given all of the nerfs though, Frost is going to play with only casters. But it’s better than fire and Frost DK.


Beast Mastery Hunter

This class got a lot better with all the defense nerfs of other classes. It's going to be pumping up monstrous amounts of damage, it can keep its ranged distance unlike um the Death Knight specs. Because of its synergies with Feral Druid, it's going to be doing a lot better.

Windwalker Monk

This class does a tremendous amount of damage. It has decent synergy with a lot of other classes but the main class that you've worked with was Death Knight. Death Knight got hit the hardest of all the classes. Your synergy is there in 3v3 is probably going to be abysmal. Your survivability is probably better than Hunter though. With the mobility that you have, your burst damage is going to be comparable, so probably the middle of the pack.


Holy Paladin

We have been seeing a lot of melee wings, and a lot of indefinite uptime with that build on Holy Paladin, the healers are really close in comparison. But Preservation Evoker is probably still the best so it's probably B tier on this Dragonflight Season 1 PvP tier list at the moment. Compare melee to melee, range to range, and healer to healer because if you're trying to say Holy Paladin is better than Warlock, better than Boomkin, it doesn't not going to make sense. Think of the healers as directly competing in melee DPS directly competing and ranged for now.


Protection Paladin

Protection Paladin got big nerfs, Protection Paladin was going to be the best WoW Dragonflight PvP spec. It's probably the most competitive tank spec. This thing even given the nerfs could still be a really strong spec. It’s really annoying to deal with especially in like double healers scenarios like Warrior Prot healer that's constantly been popping up and it's not going to completely disappear.


Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest is probably closer to where Paladin is. Compared to the other healers, Discipline Priest is probably going to be a problem for you. But being able to pump out damage is definitely going to be a benefit, it's so kind of wait and see if this could be higher than this Dragonflight PvP specs ranking.

Fire Mage

Your combustion is no longer going to be purgeable. Fire could be a sleeper and we have been putting it down on the low B just because it's going to have Rogue Mage and solo queue it's probably the worst class. Mage is just going to really struggle we saw that in the tournament. In Shadowlands, mages are still in a similar position in terms of performance in that environment so it's probably not too great there.

Outlaw Rogue

We haven't seen enough of it. Really tough to say how good or bad it's going to be at the moment. But its survivability is definitely strong.


Enhancement Shaman

He got nerfed really hard in this most recent one. It's really tough to say where you're going to end up now. Your synergies were also already the lowest of all the other classes. Your buddy Fury Warrior got hit pretty hard on this most recent one which is going to give you know probably one of your 3v3 comp options.


Resto Shaman

Resto Shaman is the worst healer of all the healers. It’s still going to be a functional healer but in comparison to everything else, it's the lowest-ranked.

C Tier

Guardian Druid

This was a big one. It already wasn't going to be seen in competitive play because you can just ignore it and then deal with it as the last person in the arena match also in rank solo Kevin kill someone else the game immediately ends and you have to deal with the rage of sleeper mechanic but they did nerf it off the face of the earth. You are not going to see it in competitive play world PVP but it's probably better than all the other tanks other than Prot Paladin.


Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlock is very similar to Devastation right now. If you don't have enough damage to close out a kill on a target, it just completely runs out of steam. So you are just in the same boat of like that play style of damage just doesn't really work in PvP. You're probably going to have a hard time and Destruction feels some of the nerves.


Devastation Evoker

This class is going to really suffer given its current kit and the way that PVP is playing out right now. Without being able to complete 100 zero somebody, the reverse executes mechanic doesn't work in PvP. Its survivability is just not there and then reverse execution just really is not good in PvP.

D Tier

Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunter this is another one much like Blood DK. In World PVP and 1v1, these tank specs are probably still the best but if we're talking like 3v3, solo queue, these guys to not really perform too well.

Brewmaster Monk

Non-existent and not enough information to know if it's good. It didn't actually really get any nerfs compared to the other tanks. So if there is something sleeping there, it could pop up but it's probably not going to be too great.


Protection Warrior

Protection Warrior had shield charge damage, he got nerfed and this spec probably coming in at the bottom not really going to be able to make it work.


Blood Death Knight

We are going to be putting this on D because we've literally never seen it and it got nerfed.