New World Best Rawhide Farm Spots 2022/2023 - Best Places To Farm Raw Hide in New World

12/21/2022 5:03:13 PM

Looking for a ton of Rawhides for tanning and making leathers? Check today’s guide, we’re going to show you 7 of the best rawhide farms in New World 2022/2023. 

New World Best Rawhide Farm Spots 2022/2023 - Best Places To Farm Raw Hide in New World

Rawhides are the basic materials used in Leatherworking, they can be turned into Coarse Leather, which is used to craft different items in the game. In addition, you can also use Rawhide to level up Tanning fast and earn some New World gold. Where to get rawhide in New World? How to get rawhide fast in New World? Below we list some of the best rawhide farming locations.

Spot 1 - CK Island

The first rawhide farming spot in New World is the CK island. It's in Cutlass Keys and it's in the literally south west of the map not quite at the Unbound Island. There's quite a lot of wolves and the good thing about this bit is effectively it's an infinite spawn. So you can keep killing them and keep skinning them all the time. You could get 25000 rawhide here. There's so much spawning going on and so many animals that you can just kill, but that 25k is probably the right amount now. The spawn is so good, you're almost inevitably going to get people right which is unfortunate but it makes sense because it's probably the best place. This little island is undeniably a fantastic place to farm Rawhide, but you may not get it solo, it's quite likely to be contested because it is the best.

Spot 2 - CK Camps

The next location to farm rawhide in New World is going to be in the Rusty Spoon Camp. You can basically do a circle of all of these camps and you'll find the little doggies and the doggies give good Rawhide. You can ball them down or you can just walk over to and kill them. They give quite a decent amount of Rawhide per doggy and are pretty easy to kill. They're in the little camps, you'll get quite a decent amount of Rawhide, just running around in circles at these camps, nothing fancy, nothing too amazing, but very really contested because it's such a big area and you've got to run around, but it's quite a decent spot.

Spot 3 - CK Ramos

Make sure you're doing if it's worth it to you is to pick up any interesting materials that you find along the way. But for Ramos, it's also in Cutlass Keys, it's just a little bit south west of the teleporter like the rest, the key thing about this place is that there are these doggies again, but there's quite a batch of them inside, you can just AOE down very easily and they spawn quite quickly. 


Spot 4 - CK Extra

The next place is a little bit of a bonus area, if all else failed, this is quite an empty area and that is still in Cutlass keys. But basically right down at the bottom of Cutlass Keys in this area, there's a bit of Rawhide that you can get, it's not the most amazing farm but there's quite a bit of like fiber and stuff like that as well. So there's Stern metal in the Stone Skull Fort as well and there's some weird wood from memory, it's not like the most amazing best of places, but it's actually quite decent if that's something you want to go out and check out. 

Spot 5 - CK Fort

The next best place to farm rawhide is the CK fort. This one is also a bit of a classic. This one is in Cutlass Keys again by the fort, there's two little loops you want to do, and a loop up north and you're basically killing everything, you're killing wolves, you're killing cats, whatever's near you, you kill them, they'll probably not be much competition in this area, it's not like the best but it's one of those areas where you'll get a decent amount of Rawhide if you just come here and find for a couple of hours. There's a little leopard and there's balls and there's all kinds of stuff, there's quite a lot of mobs basically that you can very easily just come absolutely annihilate get the Raw Hide. Cut with keys really is the Rawhide capital of New World.

Spot 6 - CK Gators

You can generally find Rawhide in a couple of areas, one is on the salty marshes but they are also along the coast, generally they give a decent amount of Rawhide, they are Elites, so you're probably going to want to be a high level if you want to do them quickly. But for the one on the marsh it's about finding a good spot and then pulling them towards you, so if you want to be efficient, you want to be popping them like trying to bring as many of them to you as you can.

Spot 7 - Offal Grotto

The last Rawhide farming spot New World is the Offal Grotto in Monarch's Bluffs, it is the lowest leveled area but still provides a huge amount of Rawhide, around 1500 every 10 minutes. It is conveniently located close to a Shrine and there is a lot of links to kill. It’s recommended to grab a ranged weapon to help you lure enemies to you, so you don't have to run to each one of them, as that's going to waste more time. You are just luring the enemies with your ranged weapon, don't want to one-hit kill them, otherwise, you can have to walk to each one of them. Ice Gauntlet is also a good option for AOE damage and these are always something to consider with all the hide farm locations. The actual amount of Rawhide you can get from each kill is also depending on your luck.

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