WoW Dragonflight Season 1 M+ Dungeons Guide - Mechanics, Gimmicks & Tips Of 8 Mythic+ Dungeons

12/22/2022 4:29:17 PM

The first season of Dragonflight and game content has just begun which opens up 3 primary paths of gearing your main and all characters. Either by slaying bosses within raids participating in rated PVP or by diving into Mythic plus dungeons. Dungeon gearing has got through quite an overhaul in Dragonflight, offering competitive item level upgrades when tackling some of the more challenging content which lets dungeons stand on a more equal footing with other forms of the end game. In this Dragonflight season 1 dungeons guide, let's go over the 8 Dragonflight dungeons available in the spool of Mythic+ content.


WoW Dragonflight Season 1 M+ Dungeons Guide - Mechanics, Gimmicks & Tips Of 8 Mythic+ Dungeons

Dragonflight season 1 dungeon has also gone through quite a bit of change. Each season consists of four of the newest expansion instances as well as four dungeons from the previous eras of World of Warcraft. With new enemies bosses and a new seasonal affix to overcome. If you're looking to farm these dungeons for gear, it's best recommended to brush up on the most basic strategies to be better prepared before diving into the new Mythic plus content. Today, we wanted to go over every mechanic, gimmick, and tip that you need to know in order to succeed in season 1 of Mythic Plus in WoW Dragonflight.


Dragonflight Season 1 Affix

Before we go over the new season 1 dungeons in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, we want to cover the new seasonal affix of thundering. Periodically your dungeon group will get empowered by the thundering affix increasing your healing and damage done by 30%. Thundering will last for 15 seconds and will stun your party if the buff is not removed ahead of time. Some of you will get a positive charge of thundering while others will get a negative charge. Thundering is removed when a positive and a negative charge collide.


To avoid being stunned, make sure all players with a negative charge are cleared. Less experienced groups may want to clear the thundering early just to be safe. But once you get used to the new affix. Try to hold on to those buffers as long as possible in order to maximize its combat benefits.


1. Dragonflight Algeth’ar Academy Guide

1st Boss - Overgrown Ancient

The first two bosses of Algeth’ar can be done in any order. But the first boss we will cover in this Dragonflight M+ dungeon season 1 guide is the Overgrown Ancient. The Ancient will periodically cast germinate which will spawn hungry lashers below the player's feet. Try to keep their numbers low. His ability of bursts forth will awaken nearby lashers causing them to join in combat and apply a nasty poison on your party. The Ancient will also summon a branch that will try to heal the boss while blading party members. This ad should be prioritized and interrupted. When the branch is slain it releases a heal in its current location. You should try your best to keep the boss out of the heel, but make sure all the players are standing on the hill to help you recover.


2nd Boss - Vexamus

The next boss is Vexamus. Arcane orbs will periodically travel toward Vexamus from the edges of the room. These orbs should be intercepted by players, usually the tank so that the boss doesn't soak any of them. These orbs will apply a stacking debuff causing players to take more damage from the orbs which can be cleansed by your healer. Your tank will have to face a Vexamus away from your party, astronaut hit your allies with the arcane expulsion frontal. Vexamus will attack the group with arcane fissures and Mana bombs. Both of these abilities leave arcane pulls and explosions on the ground which should be avoided.


3rd Boss - Crawth

Next, we have Crawth. Your tank will take serious bleeding from her savage back. So make sure to keep an eye on their health make sure to stop casting for the deafening screech ability and stay away when the boss turns to you with the overpowering gust. Periodically you will be able to play ball, scoring them at either the red goal or the blue goal.

-Scoring 3 points into the red goal will cause fire to rain on the floor, but will also stun the boss causing her to take 75% more damage.

-The blue goal causes winds of hurricanes to disrupt the boss arena but empowers players with movement speed and a large haste increase. This goal mechanic also helps you clear the debuff of deafening screech.

So be sure to score either the blue goal or the red goal whenever the deafening screech gains too many sacks.


4th Boss - Echo of Doragosa

Finally, we have the Echo of Doragosa. All of her attacks will cause players to gain overwhelming power debuff which buffs the damage of your character by 3% per stack. However, if you gain more than 3 stacks at a time. Your character will erupt into an arcane rift which will continue to fire off arcane damage throughout the room. Be sure to avoid the boss's frontal ability of astral breath, spread for energy bomb, and try to run out when she uses a power vacuum.


2. Dragonflight Ruby Life Pools Guide

1st Boss - Melidrussa Chillworn

For the Melidrussa fight, you want to avoid all ice attacks by dodging hail bombs and running out of the ability to chill storms far away from the group. When the boss hell drops to 75% and 45%, she summons wolves to help her in battle. Your group's first instinct will be to attack these ads and focus them over the boss but try to prioritize Melidrussa instead. As Melidrussa will cast frost overload which will do a ton of group damage. But can be interrupted after you break your shield.


2nd Boss - Kokia Blazehoof

Before fighting her, however, you'll need to clear out the primeless forces on the second floor. Part of the enemies, you will fight will be Thunderhead, a dangerous Primal enemy which has a nasty frontal attack and will debuff your allies periodically. Your healer is meant to dispel these debuffs in a staggered fashion as every one of the dispels will do a massive amount of group damage. Also, watch out for flame gullet which also has a nasty breath frontal and is grouped by damage that ramps up over time. 

Afterward, he could fight Blazehoof. All of Blazehoof's abilities will leave lava pools on the ground but you're afraid to use the entire upper area of this dungeon in order to drag this boss around. Blazehoof will summon a firestorm elemental that needs to be interrupted and prioritized. But be sure to back away when you slay them in order to avoid the fiery explosions. Also, watch out for the molten boulders which the boss will target at one of your party members allowing your group members to bait this ability mechanic,


3rd Boss - Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein

Erkhart is a shaman who will try to storm slam your tank with increasing damage which can be dispelled. Erkhart will summon a wound that will push your party in a random direction and will use interrupting cloudbursts against your casters. Kyrakka will provide air support, raining fire upon the party. Any players hit by her attacks will gain stacks of inferno core which shortly explodes into flaming embers. These embers can also be affected by the winds as well making them sometimes difficult to avoid.


3. Dragonflight The Azure Vault Guide

1st Boss - Leymor

When you first enter the Vault try to avoid all sidelines of the whelpling, otherwise they'll call for backup to overwhelm your party which can quickly ruin your dungeon experience early into your Mythic plus run. The first boss is Leymor who can summon magical roots spread around the boss arena. These routes can be cleaved with eruption fissure frontal which you think must aim. The ability of an explosive brand will also help clear those roots as well. The possibility of consuming stomp will do increasing damage for every arcane route active. So try to clear the room as best as you can or brace for impact.


2nd Boss - Azureblade

Then we have Azureblade, a blue dragon who summons allusions to aid them in combat. Be sure to focus down on any draconic Illusions whenever they're active and dodge any arcane bombs. When the boss casts overwhelming energy, try to slay all Illusions quickly while dodging the arcane orbs as best as you can. Also, watch out for the tank's frontal ability which will cleave onto nearby allies.


3rd Boss - Telash Greywing

The third boss of this dungeon is Greywing and you should try to position his frost bombs ability towards the edges of the room and try to keep them together to conserve space for your party. Clear away from all party members when focused on by the icy devastator's ability to not splash the damage on allies and hide under shields when the boss casts absolute zero.


4th Boss - Umbrelskul

Finally, we have Umbrelskul which will punish your party causing miasma to build up whenever you move, so be very careful when it comes to positioning throughout this encounter. When Umbrelskul drops to 75%, 50%, and 25% of his health, his brittle scales erupt into detonating crystals which will apply big group-wide damage if not dealt with immediately. Otherwise, avoid arcane orbs throughout the room, his crystalline roar frontal embraced for impact when he uses Unleashed destruction knockback.


4. Dragonflight Nokhud Offensive Guide

1st Boss - Granyth

This WoW Dragonflight season 1 M+ dungeon allows the use of dragon-riding to get around the large open spaces and the first 3 bosses can technically be done in any order. First, let's cover Granyth which is a simple boss where your healer will need to manage the periodic group damage of shards of stone and back away when he starts using his tectonic stomp ability or risk a knockback. When the boss casts eruption, it needs to be interrupted by the nearby lands which players have to interact with in order to stop the boss from attacking. But the no-good sub-materials will try to dismantle them, so be sure to stop them in their tracks.


2nd Boss - Raging Tempest

The next boss is the Raging Tempest. The main mechanic you want to watch out is for lightning orbs. The entire fight you're playing Pac-Man so can these orbs before they reach the boss. With every orb grant a new surge of power, increasing your damage and healing for 15 seconds. Spread away when targeted by lightning strikes which can also be used to help create your own nearby lightning orbs in the area. Try to save your defenses for the electrical storm ability in order to help out your healer.


3rd Boss - Terra and Maruuk

Next, we have Terra and Maruuk which need to be kept together at all times, otherwise, they grow stronger apart. Terra will leap around and fire gales of arrows creating tornadoes, make sure to spread out to make dodging them a little bit easier, and be sure to interrupt her when she casts her guardian wind ability. Maruuk will primarily focus on the tank with his relentless onslaught and will constantly attempt to fear all of your nearby allies. Try to avoid his earth splitter attack at all costs.


4th Boss - Balakar Khan

Finally, we have a Balakar who has two phases. In phase one he will target one player with a spear, then charge toward them through the spear's location. Try to aim the spear towards a wall away from other players. Be sure to move if you cast upheaval and watch your tank when they take increased physical damage. When the boss reaches 60% health, he'll transition into an intermission where nearby storm casters enter combat. These should be interrupted and grouped together in order to be cleaved down. After the ads are dealt with the fight moves on into phase two where all of the boss attacks are empowered. Static spear will pull all nearby allies to its location but should be handled roughly the same. Crackled upheaval should also be avoided and the tank will need to be dispelled from the healer once slammed by the conductive strikes.


5. Dragonflight Court of Stars Guide

In Court, certain classes and professions can gain your party bonuses, benefits, and even mechanic skips depending on your composition, so be sure to keep an eye out for all items to interact with.


1st Boss - Gerdo

Before the first boss Gerdo, tries to disable all of the beacons. Otherwise, guards will join him in combat during the encounter. Gerdo is a simple boss try to dodge all of his frontals and arcane blasts and start jumping well affected by the arcane lockdown ability or ask for a dispel from the friendly healer. When Gerdo drops low in health, he will try to drink the flask of solomon knight. Increasing his haste and damage by 30%. However, if you have a rogue in your party or an alchemist, you can poison the flask ahead of the fight which will cause the fight to end once he drinks it.


2nd Boss - Flamewreath

Before fighting, the second boss of flame wraith you'll need to deal with her lieutenants first, which can be summoned by either slain enforcers or interacting with certain elements found in the dungeon outdoor area. Flamewreath will empower her with burning intensity. Making sure that the fight will be more painful, the longer it goes on. She will also cast withering souls which need to be interrupted regularly. You should move for infernal eruptions or suffer fire damage. These eruptions will summon infernal imps to aid her. Try to stack all these eruptions together and then move out before they explode in order to keep these imps under control.


3rd Boss - Melandrus

Before he can access his boss's arena, you'll first need to find the spy hiding amongst the crowd of nightborne nobles. Certain partygoers will tell you clues about your target's appearance with 5 clues in total. Classes like paladins and demon hunters can make finding these demons much easier. When you found your spy, you will need to slay it. Grab the keys and then open the door to the boss arena, otherwise, Melandrus is pretty simple. Try to bait his blade surge into corners away from the group. This usually targets your range party members or healers and spawns a copy of Melandrus. Avoid enveloping winds and pierce gale's ground strikes and save your defensive cooldowns for slicing Maelstrom which does bonus damage to targets in close proximity where the boss's images all mimic all of his attacks.


6. Dragonflight Halls of Valor Guide

1st Boss - Hymdall

Starting with the first boss of Hymdall. This one is pretty simple, avoid the dragons which will cover a portion of the boss arena with lightning, but you'll see the dragons ahead of time hovering in the air right before the strike. Otherwise, avoid the spinning sword on the ground and watch out for tanks to make sure they don't bleed out.


2nd Boss - Hyrja

The next boss Hyrja will either call upon the storm or the light depending on which side of the arena she is currently standing on. The more time she spends on either side the more powerful those powers become. During the lightning side, jump onto the shield and use your defenses to help your healers survive the encounter. In the holy phase, avoid getting hit by any of her swirlies which are very unforgiving. Your tank can use your frontal and knockback ability to quickly shift to either side.


3rd Boss - Fenryr

Next we have Fenryr which will cleave all targets near him periodically with this damage being split amongst the party members, so make sure to huddle clothes. It unnerving how will interrupt old casting and will summon wolves to fight in combat after the boss drops to below half health. When the boss uses a ravenous leap spread out in order to limit the number of blades put amongst the party and when the boss fixates on you with the scent of blood, be sure to start running.


4th Boss - God-King Skovald

When fighting Skovald, be sure to wield the ages of aggramar usually handled by the tank at all times. Once Skovald casts a Ragnarok, use the shield to protect your allies. Afterward, Skovald will use this show for himself to summon flames of woe which need to be focused down quickly and lightly spread to avoid cleaving into one another with a fell blaze rush ability.


5th Boss - Odyn

Finally, we have Odyn who needs to be brought down to 80% health in order to defeat this encounter. Odyn has summoned spears of light that will expel glowing fragments that should be avoided. Periodically he will shatter all Spears which spawns forth even more fragments for you to dodge. Odyn will summon a stone forge obliterator which should be interrupted and focused down. But roughly the same time he summons them, he'll also use the radiant tempest which will wipe out anyone caught in its radio location. When Odyn marks the party with the runic brand, try to find the runes associated with your marker. There are five runes that can be found on the floor in the boss arena, matching the correct ruins empowers your character increasing her damage and healing by 50%.


7. Dragonflight Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Guide

1st Boss - Sadana Bloodfury

Sadana Bloodfury away from any daggers to mitigate your party's group by damage and you can either focus down any spirits shoot summons quickly before they reach the boss and heal her or crack control them to keep him away from the boss's location. Her ability of dark eclipse will engulf your party in darkness causing an immediate wipe unless you stand in the lunar raise on the ground which reduces damage taken momentarily.


2nd Boss - Nhallish

The next boss is Nhallish whose main mechanic is social where he'll send you into the void where you're tasked to defeat your soul and then click on the light shimmer in order to get put back into combat. Besides that, avoid everything that is void like his planar shift ability which will draw you closer in, or the voided projectiles from void devastation and your tank should be careful of his void blast frontal in order to not aim it at nearby allies.


3rd Boss - Bonemaw

Next, we have the carrion warm of Bonemaw which will use his body slim ability to knock you off the platform. The boss will also cast inhale which will draw players closer so you can chew them up and spit them out, causing them to have to swim back to the platform. But the boss also uses the corpse breath ability which leaves corpse breath puddles on the ground. You should stand in corpse breath puddles whenever the boss uses inhale to stop yourself from moving. Throughout the fight, the boss will also summon two carry-on worms which should be prioritized by DPS players. Just having a player next to the worms prevents him from doing group wipe abilities. These worms can technically be avoided or focused on depending on your difficulty with the boss.


4th Boss - Ner’zhul

First things first, avoid his malevolence frontal ability and try to position the boss away from many omens of death to help reduce your party's damage taken. Focus on one enemy down to create a break before being covered in the miasma of ritual bones.


8. Dragonflight Temple of the Jade Serpent Guide

1st Boss - Wise Mari

Starting with the boss of Wise Mari. When fighting Mari, try to avoid standing on water and try to run out of the corrupted vortex away from the center of the boss arena. When he cast the wash-away ability, dodge the beam at all costs. If you're careful enough, the center of the arena should be clear for movement.


2nd Boss - Strife and Peril

For this boss, you'll be fighting two targets though you should only prioritize one at a time. As you focus on one of the Monstrous bosses that build up in intensity causing him to become a more aggressive and intense tax, they become immune to all damage for a limited amount of time. It is recommended to focus on one boss until about seven to eight stacks, then hard swap to the other target, causing the initial boss to lose all of their stacks which helps finish the encounter faster and watch out for players afflicted by the superiority debuff which allows them to grow stronger but they will also take more periodic damage over time.


3rd Boss - Liu Flameheart

Try to back away when she casts her serpent kick ability and be sure to dispel any allies affected by the serpent strike. When flameheart reaches 70% health as she transforms and she'll cast a jade serpent dance which empowers all of her attacks with jade of fire. The tank can no longer be dispelled with jade fire and will require some assistance. When it comes to surviving all of her attacks and fire abilities will also be more effective, leaving green puddles on the ground. At 30 Liu will be released to defend flame hard primarily focusing on fire breath frontals which can be dodged and jade fire ground attacks which should be avoided with movement. All of the jade fire attacks will leave a burning puddle on the ground, so try to manage your space as best as possible with the current common strategy of trying to keep the boss in the center of the room.


4th Boss - Sha of Doubt

The Sha will infect two targets with a touch of nothingness which will cause nearby allies to take shadow damage over time. Try to isolate yourself from this debuff actively and call for dispels. Periodically this shot will cause players to face their own doubts, spawning ads in the image of your party. These ads will fixate on the related player, stack them together to cleave them down, and take care of them much more quicker.


This should be everything you need to know about every single dungeon for season 1 in order to help you get started. If you need to buy WOTLK gold, should be the most reliable store.



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