WoW Dragonflight M+ Melee Tier List Season 1 - Ranking Best Mythic+ Melee Specs in Dragonflight

12/22/2022 5:07:46 PM

Today we are looking at the ranking tier list for Dragonflight melee specs in Mythic+ based on what we have done in the dungeons, what we have seen and what we have heard from the better key pushers in our community.

Dragonflight M+ melee tier list & rankings

WoW Dragonflight M+ Melee Ranking Tier List Season 1 - Best Melee Specs for Mythic+ Dragonflight

S Tier List for M+ Melee DPS Season 1 

  • Havoc DH

Havoc Demon Hunter received a lot of changes and obviously to together with the wind walker, the new talent trees are something new for these two specs and it's been surprised at how well they went in depth into the mechanics that the specs can pull off and the options when you when you do Mythic+, you do actually have tools as Havoc to deal with different situations, one build is probably going to be better than the others, but Mythic+ is always different depending on the group that you're in, depending on the dungeons that you're in and the week and the affixes and that Havoc among other specs as well, but most like more than Fury for instance, Havoc has more tools to deal with Mythic+ and what kind of damage they want and with the actual numbers that they're pulling out, they have higher numbers. So put it in S tier.

  • Windwalker Monk

They did a fantastic job with the talents and the builds and most importantly, the problems with the spec that were like predominant and then like the last three expansions at least have been addressed and fixed. So Windwalker was a like great performer in Mythic+, it was like top melee for a lot of seasons and this is kind of continues. Right now Windwalker is the best spec in the game. We're probably never gonna have like a range and then melee tearless at the same time because that would just take two hours to do, but moonwalk is probably doing more damage than any other DPS in the game, it's still probably likely to use some of the bugs that are still not fixed. You can have like a ridiculous single target as well on top of its like super potent AOE damage. 

A Tier Mythic+ Melee Specs in Dragonflight

  • Enhancement Shaman

It has a surprising similar to the shaman in terms of damage, it's doing really well. Enhancement is doing a lot of damage and you do have the versatility of building different kinds of tools to deal with the AOE, pretty much everything that you had in shadowlands, by the end which maiden has been a lot more viable and we will have to see with the addition of Elemental Blast being a part of a toolkit and it slaps really hard, but also gives you a percentage of stats based on it. It's likely that enhancement is just going to scale really highly with gear, so we should put it in A tier.

  • Feral Druid

Feral Druid has been struggling in Mythic+ for the longest time, we’ve made it into season 1 and shadowlands and it was good, but you felt bad when you saw a fire Mage or above the marksman hunter. Federal Druid is a goddamn Beast Man and we can see literally really good, it can deliver on super giga single target damage, it can also deliver now on AOE and it deliver the toolkit change for Feral just makes it such a blasted plane. It's maybe one of the funnest melee specs in the game right now and it's playing a lot better, you have a lot more tools, the damage profiles needs to be nice and it'll probably be even better with the tier set. So put it in A tier.

  • Fury Warrior 

Another success stories in terms of its talents and synergies and play Styles, you can do high amounts of damage. With the addition of ordinary that just makes Fury even better in Mythic+. The builds can change, however the builds that we've been playing on AOE so far are pretty good, there's a lot of fast constant bursts on almost every pack, when they burst with all of their coolons up are probably the best DPS in the game or at least at the very top, it's just hard because like outside of that's where it kind of starts to fall off outside of cooldowns. So put it in A tier.

  • Outlaw Rogue

There are not too much change for but Outlaw Rogue, it is a difference in playstyle, every Outlaw man knows about the audacity talent and you know the little gameplay loop there, audacity will get you to do an ambush for free and that will proc out for pistol shot, you do pistol shot that will procure for audacity and that's like the gameplay loop and to that with blade flurry is just tons of damage. Put it into S tier. It can get really super fast, so it's still target cap, so whatever you're going to have a beyond 5 targets, you're going to start falling off in damage plus you're not using the 8 targets, you still have that. But it's still low, you use that, but you're going to have picks packs way higher than that and when you're gonna have in a team of boom, what are you gonna have with the other specs over there even flame strike. That Outlaw was traditionally a Mythic plus spec.

  • Unholy DK

It's been very hard to place this, it's basically on the same spot as Outlaw. Holy Decay has basically all the tools it needs to be great on tyrannical, to be great on a fortified, the build variety is just amazing plus the performance is great as well. You probably have seen a lot of nerves to the bursting source which is definitely what's you know contributing to its quadratic scaling, however it does have an easier time spreading wounds right now as much as opposed to BFA. A bunch of other stuff that are actually really giving Unholy a really round out version of its damage profile and it's really good, it's very close. One more thing about Unholy so as opposed to Outlaw, Unholy will do very great in 15s and above because you really need those ruts going in and having the targets lift for a little if you're going to attack it like 15 below, Unholy is not going to have the proper ramp time to just have everything exploded around, this is another thing whereas Outlaw just does its rotation and you get the damage regardless of the key. 

B Tier Melee M+ Specs List

  • Arms Warrior

Some arms are middle of the pack, it feels like it's always in the shadow of Fury Warrior, but arms is a solid beat here. We'll put it in B tier, it does have the kit, it can do amazing cliff, it can do great single target damage. There's super strong competition and you're going to see some other specs that can really outshine it. So we are just speculating here predicting arms is going to be in the safe zone B-tier.

  • Assassination Rogue

Everybody who's playing assassination was expecting Rogues to do a lot better in Mythic+, this is guaranteed if you especially have tyrannical weeks, single target for assassination is going to be probably one of the best if not the best all around. However, you have a lot of targets to deal with from back to back and or assassination did have a indiscriminate carnage added to its toolkit which addresses the high maintenance AOE situation for it, but it is still on a too higher of a cooldown to make it work as fluid and as fast and as efficient as some of the other specs. So if this would have not been the case, assassination would have easily gone into a detail, however we can predict it being in the safe zone as well. So put it into a B tier.

  • Frost DK

Frosty DK is also kind of a spec that's a little bit awkward, it has to compete with unholy, there's a couple of steps in between but until then Frost DK even with the talent changes, it's still probably going to one breath of Central Coast in Dungeons and breath of Central Coast is a very difficult cooldown to do with low eye levels of face, low levels of crit and stuff like that because you are reliant on a ruining power economy which is very heavily influenced by your eye level. With that being said, your set is going to improve upon that overall and obviously higher level is going to improve upon that as well, so it's not Doom and Gloom. Frost DK is still pretty good. We don’t know if it's better or worse than assassination, you cannot really compete with that, so this assassination will win in tyrannical against the Frost DK because we can hardly see a super strong contender on single target for assassination. So put it behind it. Frost DK is like a one-trick pawn, you got the one cooldown.

  • Ret Paladin

This is a spec can have a bad talent tree and have good numbers, we've seen that with the bugs with ret paladin on the beta, we saw it in m0, it does fine. It's decent, the damage is actually really good, the problem that's better than arms, it's probably better than other specs as well. But the thing is probably what's gonna keep red from being higher in the materials because obviously dumb numbers are like what 90% of the reason why specs are in the way they are, they don't really bring a lot of other stuff. So put it in B tier.

C Tier M+ Melee Specs Season 1  Dragonflight

  • Subtlety Rogue

The thing with Subtlety is that you still have your cool Niche like you can do super high single target, super hype priority, you can still do a good AOE. They cannot really compete with any of the other specs plus this hard competition, so this is for the Mythic+. You're going to have hard competition as a rogue main with Outlaw, store assassination as well to some capacity, but Outlaw is going to be preferred in a lot of teams and at this point how Outlook has been constructed in the playstyle. It's a little bit more fun as well Subtlety fits a little bit more bland, they haven't really changed much with it. So for this matter, it felt like Subtlety had a lot more potential with the talent options that they're going with.

  • Survival Hunter

Its overall design seems to be a little bit better in Dragonflight right now, with a little bit focus outside of bombs as well. The talent tree is lackluster and unless they buff it to like ridiculous numbers, it's probably going to be a bad spec. We’re not sure right now if it's a bad spec because of the overall talent design, because of the overall damage numbers, because of the inconsistency and stuff, but it is one of the C tier specs that we see so far, because survival actually needs a lot of love to be able to compete with.