Dragonflight Best Solo Shuffle PvP Classes & Specs 2023 - WoW Dragonflight Solo Shuffle PvP Tier List 2023

1/3/2023 10:41:37 AM

The time is now for an updated tier list for solo shuffle, here this is specifically for Solo Shuffle and someone's ability to get high rating and compete with all the different specs.

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WoW Dragonflight Solo Shuffle PvP Tier List 2023

 2023-01-03 103646

Go through the tier list, we currently rate all the different specializations in Solo Shuffle, the S tier are the absolute creme de La Creme, they're in most of the high rated games, then you have the a tier, these are specs that are also very strong and can carry, B tier also depending on the lobby can do phenomenally well, Frost Mage as a little caveat we think is on the edge of A and B, we think it's very strong, we also think arms Warrior strong, we think red is strong, the Rogue specs and Hunters, we're not that sure of we don't play them that often Devastation evoker close to C, but can also do very well if you're a solid player, Balance Druid can also do well, but it's hard to pull off, enhance can do well, in terms of healers you have mystery over in the B position, Restoration Shaman, s tier, Restoration Druid, s tier as well as the preservation of ocher, and then for tanks the best tank currently in the game is a Brewmaster Monk from the first time ever in Solo Shuffle, and the rest of the tanks are just absolutely terrible, so this is the updated tier list.


S Tier

The S tier specializations you see them all over the place, and this is what ninety percent of high rated solo shuffles are.

  • Death Knight

  • Shadow Priest

  • Havoc Demon Hunter

  • Affliction Warlock

  • Elemental Shaman (In Europe)

  • Windwalker Monk

  • Restoration Druid Healing


A Tier

  • Arcane Mage

  • Restoration Shaman Healer

  • Feral Druid


B Tier

  • Frost Mage

  • Elemental Shaman (In NA)

  • Arms Warrior

  • Destruction Warlock

  • Retribution Paladin

  • Mistweaver Monk

  • Fury Warrior

  • Assassination Rogue

  • Beast Mastery Hunter

  • Marksmanship Hunter

  • Survival Hunter


C Tier

  • Enhancement Shaman

  • Holy Priest

  • Discipline Priest Healer

  • Destruction Warlock

  • BM Hunter

  • Frost Death Knight


D Tier

We'll start in no particular order with some tanks.

  • Vengeance Demon Hunter

  • Prot Warrior

  • Holy Paladin

  • Brewmaster Monk