Lost Ark Witcher Skins Guide 2023: Release Date, Costumes, Weapons & How To Get Them

1/11/2023 11:02:27 AM

A cool Witcher themed collaboration coming to Lost Ark and it's advertised to include characters like Geralt and Ciri with special cosmetics and many more for characters in Lost Ark. This collaboration originally started in Korea. The truth is there's concept art included in the western Lost Ark announcement that wasn't included in the original Witcher event in KR Lost Ark. In this Lost Ark Witcher Collab Skins guide 2023, we talk about the release date, Witcher skins & how to get them.


Lost Ark Witcher Skins Guide 2023 - Witcher Collab Skins, Weapon Skins & How To Get Them

The Lost Ark Witcher Crossover is just going to be a magical island event, you go to the island event just like any other special event that has existed. You go there, you do quests, it's daily quests possibly weekly quests and you'll unlock new cosmetics and options for your characters. Including new character customization scars, cards, stronghold structures, emojis, and more wait adventures who participate in the Lost Ark Witcher crossover event.


Lost Ark Witcher Skins Release Date

This Lost Ark Witcher skins update was announced to be in January which means we're getting them within the next week or two. We will be also getting more details on how this event will work. However, since they mentioned this has arrived in the Korean version, they also mentioned some extra things here that didn't exist before.


Lost Ark Witcher Skins 2023

By looking at the actual announcement that they gave from AGS average on Amazon game studios for us for Western Lost Ark. It includes some hints at what might be also added. These core skins Geralt and Ciri for all classes and subclasses in Lost Ark that was in the original version plus the concept art. In this Lost Ark Witcher event, we have this Ciri outfit and Geralt, base Ciri and Bass Geralt from the Witcher 3 game. The way they are portrayed in that game and includes weapon sets and skins. Now the majority of what was seen in court and KR was these two characters all of the male characters in the game. All the male classes like Gunner and Warrior ended up getting the Geralt presentation and all the female classes ended up getting the Ciri presentation and there was a weapon set for every class in the game.




Martial Artist (Male)

Martial Artist Arts (Female)

Hunter (Male)

Hunter (Female)






Warrior: Destroyer, Warlord, Berserker, Holy Night

Martial Artist (Male): Striker

Martial Artist Arts (Female): Battle Master, Infighter, Technician, Spearman

Hunter (Male): Devil Hunter, Blaster, Hawkeye, Scouter

Hunter (Female): Gunslinger

Wizard: Bard, Summoner, Arcana, Sorceress

Assassin: Blade, Demonic, Reaper

Specialist: Drawing Artist, Meteorologist


Wall Papers

Kaer Morhen


How To Get Lost Ark Witcher Skins 2023

In Korea, the Lost Ark Witcher Crossover Skins themselves were for Royal Crystals only and it's very likely that these will be tradable and not be. A note that we got from Roxx on the official forums and based on the way, this is warded from the community manager. It does seem like the Witcher event Lost Ark is going to be a time-limited option and then never available again. Just be aware that these Lost Ark Witcher skins 2023 if you love Witcher. These won't be available forever. So even if you're kind of dabbling, you may want to pick them up.


Lost Ark did a great job bringing Witcher skins to light. They took the iconic outfits of the two characters and brought them in. We probably will see Yennefer and Triss as they said they will bring more content during the Lost Ark Witcher Collab. If you need cheap Lost Ark gold, Mtmmo.com is going to be the best place to buy it.

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