WotLK Phase 2 Ulduar Alt Leveling Guide: How To Level & Gear Up Fast Before Ulduar Release

1/17/2023 11:31:16 AM

Ulduar is on the way and you don't want to miss out on the best raid in Wrath of the Lich King. From secrets to get your alts leveled up faster WotLK Phase 2 to tricks to get this gear the minute you step foot in Ulduar, we have a guide with all the tips to get your characters maxed out and raid ready as quickly as possible. Read on and learn how to level alt fast and gear up fast before Ulduar release. 

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WotLK Phase 2 Ulduar Alt Leveling Guide: How To Level & Gear Up Fast Before Ulduar Release

Leveling to 80 Before Ulduar

Leveling to 80 as fast as you can. To keep it simple, questing is the best way to level up in WotLK Phase 2 Ulduar right now. The recommendation is to use the completely free questing out on like guideline which has a full 1 to 80 route available. And questing is even better since blizzard has implemented a 50 XP bonus from December 13th to January 16th and that all year olds can take advantage of heirlooms to level much faster. Your big priority should be getting your chest and shoulders which each give a bonus 10 XP. Also getting an heirloom weapon as well to slice through mobs like butter and everyone may know that mailing your alt the Tome of Cold Weather flying will double your leveling speed. On a lesser-known boost for your alts, the wintergrasp combinations which are available 2000 alt item. You can send these to your alts and buy overpowered PvP gear instantly. You can also mail your all to Enchanted heirlooms and enchant scrolls. A melee in particular should prioritize throwing fiery weapon enchants on your melee weapons and upgrading the Crusader by level 40. And don't forget about minor move speed on your boots to increase your questing speed even more.

Gear Up Fast in Phase 2 WotLK

Gearing up alts in Ulduar as quickly as you can. Once you hit level 80, it's time to gear up fast, you should start by hitting winter grasp as often as possible on every one of your characters, plus the daily PvP quest, we want to get every deadly PvP off piece plus the Battle Master trinket. These will Skyrocket your stats and your gear scores so you can instantly get into raids. On top of getting PvP gear, hit heroics to get gear and emblems as quickly as possible to shore up the rest of our slots. 

You can also check the auction house since it's a great source of cheap aoes, you can use to crank up your gear score. For example, you buy an arguably best Darkmoon card for priest for only 1000 gold, another strong item you can buy is your Kirin Tor ring. In phase 2, you can even buy an upgrade for 1250 WotLK gold that will give you a better ring than everybody else 

Do Naxx and Pugs

Once you finally got some gear, it's time to hit up max 10 and 25 pugs since they're easy to get into right now. Even if you don't get loot from your raids, you'll still be getting emblems for free for even more gear. Another raid is Volt of Archavon, that PvP gear is a big upgrade over priebus and as for what gear you actually want from each raid, the Loon Best in Slot Addon and you'll be able to tell immediately what's worth reserving in your runs. You've gotten to 80, you've started getting gear.

WotLK Gold Making Tips

Now you need gold and lots of it, so you can get bis enchants and Phase 2 BeEs. You can do dailies for 600 gold every day, also prepare alts for Phase 2 dailies. The Bags of Fishing Treasures from the fishing daily can contain stormjewels in Phase 2 for big gold, and you can even get a bonus Bag of Fishing Treasures from losing the fishing tournament. So start waking up early for it. On top of dailies, do Auction House Flips for Gold. One of the flips is to buy Netherweave cloth below 15 silver and then turn it into heavy Netherweave bandages to vendor. You can consistently make hundreds of gold each week just doing this. The open world gold farming is really attractive, there are just so many spots that can net you over 400 gold per hour with little ever effort.