WotLK Heirloom Guide: Best Heirloom Gear, How To Get Heirlooms (PVP) | Fastest Way To Level Your Alt To 80

9/22/2022 4:12:13 PM

Heirlooms are the perfect way to level your alts all the way to 80 in Wrath of the Lich King. You'll get big experience bonuses from specific heirlooms and the gear auto scales saving you so much time at the auction house. Today we're going to talk about how to get WotLK PvP heirlooms, why heirlooms are so good for leveling and which ones to buy first, plus why you may want to stay away from them if you're not planning on more alts. 

Why Use Heirlooms When Leveling Alts In WoW WotLK?

Why are heirlooms so good for leveling alts? Heirlooms are armor and trinkets that scale up while you level good pieces of blue gear that never need to be repaired or upgraded at all. Once you hit max level, you can pass them on to new alts and a cross faction, and blizzard will even let you mail them to different servers on the same account. There are pve and pvp heirlooms for pumping battlegrounds, and the best part, specific heirlooms even give xp bonuses for quests and killing monsters. Heirlooms are just the perfect way to zoom your alts to 80. 

How To Get Heirlooms WotLK for Alt Leveling?

So which heirlooms should you be buying first and how do you even get them? The PvE heirlooms for alliance come from Enchanter Isian in the Silver Enclave. For horde, PvE heirlooms can be purchased from Enchanter Erodin in Sunreaver’s Sanctuary. PvE heirlooms cost between 40 and 65 emblems of heroism, they cover specific weapon slots and trinkets, plus you can get chest and shoulder armor as well. The chest and shoulder pieces should be your main priority, that's because the chest and shoulder offer 10% bonus experience each. Speaking of xp bonuses, there's one more PvE heirloom, the dread pirate ring, this sweet ring gives 5% bonus xp while leveling. You'll just have to win the Kalu’ak Fishing Derby, that should be easy enough.

How To Get WotLK PvP Heirlooms?

If you're looking for PvP pieces instead, head over to the Wintergrasp Fortress when your faction controls the zone. PvP heirlooms cost stone keepers shards which are obtained from Wintergrasp quests and from killing dungeon bosses when your faction has the essence of Wintergrasp buff, just like PvE, there are weapons, shoulders even a scaling PVP trinket, but no chess piece. The PVP heirlooms scale every level in pvp focused stats like resilience. Buying the PVP gear wouldn't be recommendation unless you plan on pumping battlegrounds while you level, or if you want a specific weapon like the upgraded Dwarven Hand Cannon. By the way, if you buy Tome of Cold Weather Flight, you can mail it to your all and start flying right when you reach northrend. So heirlooms are the best thing ever for leveling alt.

Should You Get WotLK Heirlooms?

Heirlooms cost a ton of your hard-earned emblems and shards. If you plan to raid early on, you won't just want to go out and buy heirlooms day one. Getting the 80 emblems for the chest and the shoulder will take at least two days of farming heroics, that means heirlooms aren't really worth it unless you have multiple alts to level to 80. 

So now you know all about heirlooms and Wrath of the Lich King, do you like the system of not having to get new gear while you level?

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