WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts in 10.0.5 | Dragonflight Trading Post Rewards

1/27/2023 4:32:02 PM

The Trading Post is a brand new system that is coming to WoW Dragonflight on February 1st, offers a wonderful way to gain Cosmetics from simply just playing the game and being subscribed to the game, and with the 10.0.5 data mining there was a ton of mounts which were data mined and listed as rewards from The Trading Post. So now we have a pretty good idea of what's coming in February and go over the 10 new mounts confirmed for the Trading Post so far. 

The 10 Brand New Mounts in WoW Dragonflight Trading Post

Trading Post in WoW Dragonflight is essentially a fancy vendor that you can buy Cosmetics for each month, uses a currency called Trader's Tender which you can get 1 000 of each month, and you can purchase cosmetics, mounts, and pets with that and that rotates every single month. But on top of that, there is a guaranteed reward from filling your bar on the Trader's Log and the February reward is Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn which is the first Mount we're going to take a look at.

1 - Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn 

This mount is a spectral Warden tiger and the coolest thing about this mount is the fact that it changes color depending on the time of day - during the day it's a yellow color and then at night, it is more spectral. This cool mount is going to be a guaranteed reward from the Trading Post in February if you fill out your Traveler's Log. 

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn

2 - Celestial Steed

Now the other confirmed mount is the Celestial Steed, this was previously a storm mount and this is going to be available from The Trading Post in February. 

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Celestial Steed

3 - Magenta Cloud Serpent

The description for this is more affectionate than their cousins,  Magenta Cloud Serpents are known to form close bonds with their Rider, so this is a recolor of the Cloud Serpent mounts. A lot of these are new recolors for patch 10.0.5 but obviously, models that are originally in the game, so this is the purple version of the Cloud Serpent mounts from Mists of Pandaria. This coloration of the Cloud Serpent looks really really good in the game and it's a lot more Poppy and obvious than some of the other ones apart from obviously like the raid ones.

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Magenta Cloud Serpent

4 - Crusty Crawler 

This rare giant crab has taken a break from its nautical nonsense deep under the sea to explore the surface. So this is a recolor of the mount from Nazjatar - the meta achievement mount from Nazjatar. That not many people have honestly because it is a little bit hard to get, but this is going to be a reward from the Trading Post at some point. It's a blue variant of that Original Mount, the mount special for this is phenomenal, it runs sideways as well or gives the illusion that it runs sideways. If you are a big fan of the crab mount, you will be really happy to see it coming in eventually to the Trading Post and being obtained a little bit easier than the Nazjatar meta-achievement.

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Crusty Crawler

5 - Quawks

Squawk's older (and somehow louder) brother appears to tolerate your presence. For now, you should probably track down some crackers where you still can. So this is a purple variant of the parrot mount which we saw in the battle for Azeroth for the first time. Now there are two parrot mounts which are available: one from Freehold and one from the Island Expeditions. Now, this is probably going to be a lot easier to get than those two, not really relying on RNG, we would imagine it's just going to be either a kind of Traveler's Log reward or a reward that you purchase with Trader's Tender. This is a purple and green one, as we know purple equals win, so for we think quarks is probably one of the better-looking parrot mounts.

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Quawks

6 - Coral Stalker Waveray

This is a new coloration of the Waveray mounts from Patch 8.2 in Azure time, so there are a few of those available already. One of them is from the glory achievements of the raid and there's one that's a rare drop as well, so this is going to be one from the trading post. It is a kind of green and blue variant of it, a lot brighter and unique coloration of the Coral Stalker Waveray, which is going to be available on the Trading Post at some point.

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Coral Stalker Waveray

7 - Armored Golden Pterrordax

Many an unwary direhorn has met its end in a flash of glittering gold before becoming this pteranax's next meal. This Mount is super unique for the Alliance specifically, the Horde already have a very similar amount to this but the alliance does not, now the only similar amount for the alliance is a Pterodactyl Mount but it doesn't have the horns. This mount is actually going to be the very first one for the alliance to use with those horns attached. It is a cool-looking mount obviously eventually inspired the dragon riding mounts of Dragonflight, so we're going to be seeing the golden pterodacts come in Trading Post. 

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Armored Golden Pterrordax

8 - Cerulean Marsh Hopper

Gotham's expansion into export markets was inevitable with the news of the Trading Post reaching even the depths of the Frogmarsh. So, Gotham is the vendor which sells all of the Frog mounts we believe they're 333,000 WoW gold or something. There are a couple of them available and this is going to be a brand new one available on the Trading Post. It's a blue and red variant of the Frog mount which is nice obviously. 

WoW Dragonflight Trading Post New Mounts - Cerulean Marsh Hopper

9 - Armored Siege Kod

Only the strongest and most fearless of kodos can be trained to become living Siege weapons. Even the highest walls won't keep them out for long. So no idea what this looks like as mentioned, the model is encrypted or just not in the game yet, it could be a recolor of the vicious kodo mount, could be Horde-specific as well.

10 - Savage Green Battle Turtle

Turtle too slow to chase down your foes? Just add cannons, nothing can outrun a cannon. So we think this Mount might actually end up looking like Blastoise or something. This could be an Alliance-only one or they could both be for Alliance and Horde. The Savage green battle Turtle could be a recolor of one of the vicious Turtle mounts or a brand new model nonetheless, but it doesn't have a model in the game files as of right now which is either encrypted or just not in yet.

So there you go, that is the 10 mounts that are confirmed for the Trading Post. So if you do want to add one of them to your collection, get ready for the upcoming Dragonflight 10.0.5 update now.

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