Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Summoning Skill Guide - Necromancer Skills & Abilities In Diablo 2

1/30/2023 2:13:22 PM

Today going to be looking at the Necromancer summon skill, it is a very important one and that is skeleton mastery. Here are the details. 


Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Summoning Skill Guide - Necromancer Skills & Abilities In Diablo 2 

Necromancer Summon Skill



Level 99 Necromancer

Strength 100 

Attack Damage 10k-10k

Raise Skeleton

Attack Rating  20383

Dexterity 85

Defense 61156

Vitality 75

Stamina 90/90

Life 7406/7406

Energy 70

Mana 525/525

Necromancer Summoning Skill Tree

Skeleton Mastery 40

Raise Skeleton 40

Clay Golem 21

Raise Skeletal Mage 21

Blood Golem 21

Iron Golem 21

Revive 40

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Skill - Skeleton Mastery 

Skeleton Mastery affects so many things, it affects your skeleton's life your skeleton's damages, your magi's life, the monster's life down here as well as the monster's damage.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Skill - Raise Skeleton 

All of this is of course very useful, if you're going to be levelling up your skeletons or you're going to be putting points into your skeleton Mages or you're going to be using revives, all of this comes in handy to obviously up your total damage output and for a measly 20 points, you get a massive bonus in pretty much three different skills, and it doesn't really matter which one of these that you end up using.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Skill - Raise Skeletal Mage

It's absolutely a great one, now skeleton mastery's bonus is actually applied to these monsters on the cast, not as a passive ability, so it doesn't matter what level the ability is later, it only matters what level the ability is when you cast the spell, for instance, if cast asked a skeleton without skeleton mastery.

With no skeleton mastering, he's gonna have no skeleton Mastery forever, this poultry little skeleton is going to be a very sad little skeleton, and he will always be a sad little skeleton, there's no way to beef him up, even if you eventually put points into your summon, your skeleton Mastery later like if put one in now, he will not get that effect.

However, any skeleton that summons afterwards will get that effect and he stays at the level 21 skeleton Mastery,  if take these two skeletons out and for instance, you will notice that the one without the skeleton Mastery is going to die super easy and the one with the skeleton Mastery will not, and you can clearly tell the difference between the skeleton Mastery one and the non-skeleton Mastery one,  the non-skeleton Mastery one died almost instantly, and the skeleton Mastery one is literally in there just tanking it up. Right now eventually he will die, but he took a lot longer to die than the non-skeleton Mastery one, not only does skeleton Mastery give you such amazing effects,  but obviously you can beef it up.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Skill - Point of diminishing returns 

There is a certain point of diminishing returns where you basically spend your entire time summoning them, and spending Mana to summon them only for them to immediately die essentially upon, once you've finally completed the Army, and then they all start dying,  and it's just a process of repeating that cycle over and over again where you're just constantly summoning new revives to replace the ones that are dying, it does become a little bit of obnoxious, but having a large number of revives can certainly be useful for tele stomping.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Skill - Tele-somping revives skeletons

Obviously, if you're gonna do tele-somping revives skeletons and skeletal Mages with your Golem and your mercenary and all that and you end up with a really large army, like you can basically what roll in with a potential Army of 15, and then 15 which is 30, and then you've got your 40 revives, so you know 40 50 60 70, and then you got 71 with your Golem and 72 with your mercenary and maybe even throw in some freaking summon wolves from a Hodo or something you know,  you can teleport onto somebody with a very large army and do some pretty significant damage.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Skill - Skeleton Mastery

Obviously, all of this is being propped up by skeleton Mastery, because without the skeleton Mastery, your skeletons will be garbage without the skeleton Mastery your Revival of your race skeletal Mages will die all the time, and without the skeleton Mastery, even your revives will be pretty pathetic without that 400 per cent extra damage and the 200 extra life that is given to the revives, they may not last very long, in fact, some of the revives, just are terrible in general and having that additional life is the only thing that makes them.

Unfortunately, actually, work properly and that's pretty much it with skeleton Mastery, there are a lot of Diablo 2 items that have skeleton Mastery on them as effects, go over like a brief list real quick mirror walks have skeleton Mastery on them, they have one to two, definitely want to get yourself a pair of plus two skeleton masteries, if you can arm of kingly auric house skeleton Mastery on it a plus three, and it also has plus two summoning, so it's very nice at a plus five which is honestly really good.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer Skill - Summon Mastery

In general, when it comes to Summon Mastery, it's best paired with obviously other things, if you're not going to build a scallymancer, if you're not going to have revives, there's no reason to put points into the skeleton Mastery, it doesn't do anything for your Golems, and it's best supported with other abilities, if you do end up getting skeleton Mastery, you're definitely going to want to get Summon resistance as well, because summon resistance is going to help keep your monsters alive also, so these two abilities between skeleton Mastery and summon resistance are going to make or break your army whether it is skeletons or skeletal Mages, it's also important to note however that summon resistance does not work on revives, so if you're strictly using revives, you do not need to summon resistance. However, if you're using the skeletons the skeletal Mages or the Golem, they are affected by summon resistance, just a little tidbit there that's pretty much it for skeleton Mastery as always.

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