Lost Ark Artist Class Guide - Release Date, Skills, Builds & Tips Of Lost Ark Specialist

2/2/2023 4:39:34 PM

There are a bunch of other changes happening during the Lost Ark Anniversary event. The February update includes the new continent, Rowen, along with special events, as well as the first Specialist Advanced Class, the Artist to celebrate the anniversary of Lost Ark launching the west. If you want to get prepared for the upcoming class, stay tuned for our Lost Ark Painter class guide. We talk about the Lost Ark Specialist (Artist) release date, awakenings, skills, build, and tips.


Lost Ark Artist, Specialist, Painter Class Guide - How To Play Artist In Lost Ark

The Lost Ark Artist or Painter will be accompanied by a power pass and progression event similar to the previous express event the help of the Artist Mains or those are in another class quickly prepare for both the Brelshaza a hard Legion raid and the Hanumatan guardian raid arriving in April. We cover all things you need to know about the Artist Lost Ark. As the Artist class will perfectly settle down as a supporting character, it'd be great to show you a more detailed in-depth version of the build of the Artist.


Lost Ark Artist Class Release Date

The Lost Ark painter class arrives next week on February 8. The artist class has been moved, it was meant to come in 2023 April.


Lost Ark Artist Awakenings

1. Landscape Painting

2. Heavenly Dream


Lost Ark Artist Skills

Brushing Technique

-Ink Shower (Enemy Takes + 10% Damage)


-Pogo Stick


-Splitting Tiger


Ink Technique

-Rising Ink

-Butterfly Dream

-Moon Drawing

-Milky Way

-Illusion Door

-Spring Pool

-Sun Well

-Flying Crane

-Drawing Sun


Writing Technique

-One Stroke

-Rising Hit


Lost Ark Best Artist Build - Full Bloom Artist Build

Class Engravings

Full bloom build is a supporter class engraving, it'll generate the wavelengths when installing that older than a rising sun and those wavelengths provide healing for our teammates. The full bloom guaranteed descent and stable healing performance and smooth light control and low tripod leveling required. However, it is pretty hard to gain identity until you're used to it and also she has intricate shield skills.


Skill Build 1

This is a supportive class, she has a lot of skills that are capable of protecting your teammates and buff skills that increase the damaging defense for teammates. So she has three buff skills, and two shield skills, and her noticeable purification skill gate up the illusion. Gate of Illusion is not only the skill that is capable of gaining identity but also it can remove the debuff of teammates like a sacred charm during the raid. For example, it can remove bleed in the Valtan Gate 1, stun feared, and Kakul Saydon. 

Her shield skill is quite different like powered in paladins, those classes are more like passive shield skills right? If you just use the skill, it'll automatically provide shields to nearby teammates but Artist is not. You have to aim your cursor toward your teammates in order to provide shields. So her shield performance can be a little different by the players. Above all, her shield skill can perform great at stagger gamex2. 


One tripod you need to know is the ink mark. If you make a hit with those skills with the ink mark tripod, the marked target will get 10% more damage from your teammates including yourself.


Skill Build 2

The last skill can be filled with three flexible skills so you have to use it in a different situation in the right. Tiger slash is capable of weak points, and stagger gimmicks. Milky Way is an additional shield skill that has a paralyzed mute tripod and ink blow is a skill that leaves ink marks for the enemy it has a defense orb drop tripod that can enhance your survival. 



Her recommended gem setting is like this. As a support class, her performance quite depends on our scale cooldown. So her gem composition is consistent with crimson gems.


Relic Gear

Swap of Yearning


Combat Stat

1. Full Swift

-Necklace Spec, Swift/Others Swift

-Decent Performance

-Stable Buff Supply

-Commonly Used


2. Full Spec

-Necklace Spec, Swift/Other Spec

-High Deal, Healing Buff Than Swift

-Not Commonly Used

-Bad Reputation, Hard To Get In Party

-Hard To Take Care of The Dealer


As you can see she has a two combat settings available. Her performance from the skill cooldown, so full swiftness that is commonly used full spec build can be a good choice. If you want to provide more yelling and attack right buff. But full spec has now a much more distinctive advantage than swiftness that and it has a little bad reputation for those stats. So it can make it hard to get into the party. 


Identity Skills

Rising Sun is a healing skill. Consuming one identity orb and installing one stationary healing orb that can be interacted with. Falling moon. Consuming two identity orbs and providing 10% attack right increase buff for 10 seconds.


Lost Ark Artist Class Tips

Lost Ark Specialist class has a little intricate skill management. First, skill code Helmer needs to step on those areas to get attack right increased buff. If you want to give a buff and gain identity at the same time, you need to consider two things: Are teammates inside the helmet, and is that area effectively making hits to your enemy?

Second, her shield skill is an active skill so her shield skill scatters, and a small lead needs to target your teammate. So hopefully scanner affects only the inside of the ink. If you wish to gain identity and provide Shield at the same time it can be more intricate inside of the actual gameplay.

Third, the buff cannot be overlapped. If you wish to give a continuous pump, you need more accurate calculations.


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