Dragonflight 1K Travelers Log Fast Guide - Best Way to Farm Mount in WoW Dragonflight

2/3/2023 11:47:48 AM

For those that just want to get it out of the way to get the new mount and then not think about it. There are some other quicker ways, BUT this is able to be done without having any renown from any of the factions in Dragonflight and has no real requirements vs just going and doing it.

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Dragonflight 1K Travelers Log Fast Guide

Note, you can ABSOLUTELY just do it at your own pace just doing content and have it by the end of the month, but we quite enjoyed just doing it in a quick space of time and may help those that don't typically raid or do M+ etc.

You Should took about 3-4hrs to do in order to get the mount, could definitely be done faster as did a couple other things inbetween too.

List of Dragonflight 1K Travelers Log Fast Guide:

- 25 Raid Bosses (ANY Raid boss - Can do old raids for bosses OR for the one right below this one)

- Show Love to Fallen Dragons - if doing #1 then do Dragon Soul & ICC if need mount chances too, can also do Ulduar (and DS; or do Onyxia + Malygos if not doing #1) or any other raids with mount chances you may need such as Nighthold.

- Complete a world PVP quest in Dragon Isles (Only one its easy)

- Defeat Dragon Isles World Boss (Easy)

- Fish up Items in the Dragon Isles (50 items, can get 2-3 items per time. FISH COUNTS!)

- Use Happy Pet Snacks (2.5 gold in Northrend Dalaran get a companion out GG)

- Eat 3 Slices of Cake (List is in Travelers Log, was like 70g each in AH, or can go buy them via vendors Mtmmo? )

- Imbibe Zanzil's Slow Potion (Is like 1g on AH)

- Tuskarr Community Feast Participation (Once every 3.5hrs just gotta do it once and do 10 tasks, YES CHEF = 1 task btw; putting 1 piece of meat from a mob = 1 task, etc.)

- Resurrect Players (10 times; a guildie and we killed ourselves via fall dmg outside of SW and ressed 10 times)

- Show Love to Dragon Aspects (love on Dragon Aspects easy).

- Show Love to Trading Post (love on NPCS in Training Post easy).

-And boom done. Can also do 30 quests instead of 25 raid bosses we believe.

-NOTE: 5000 Gold from AH is bugged, does NOT work for progress, we had tried it otherwise would've gotten it sooner.

Other Tips

-The reputation one is incredibly easy if you have a main with 20 tuskarr rep. Just do the feast on a 60+ alt with <10 renown and it gets you almost all the way there. +250 points.

-Another easy one we did was the 10 work orders. Just use an alt to send orders to your crafting character for the cheapest item possible.

-The Lunar Festival Elders count as "Quests", so that's an easy 200 points there, if you still need to do that event.

-The gathering quests are easy too. You can just buy the mats off of the auction house if you don't already have them. Easiest/cheapest would probably be leatherworkers.

-A easy one for if you just need 50 more points is go to Wrath dalaran and buy 5 happy pet treats to feed to your pet.


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