WOTLK Classic Fool For Love Guide 2023: How To Get Love Is In The Air Achievements Fast

2/6/2023 7:57:41 PM

Monday, February 6th Love is in the Air update begins and it's everyone's first chance to get the “Full for Love” achievement in Wrath Classic. This achievement is required to get the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake which is a 310 move speed mount, one of only a few mounts with that speed. There's only a limited time to take advantage of getting this mount because the WoW WOTLK Love is in the Air event ends on February 20, which only gives you 2 weeks to complete it. If you don't get the WOTLK Love is in the Air achievements, you'll have to wait an entire year to get another chance at it, so this is your warning to get this achievement completed. In WOTLK Classic Full for Love guide, we talk about how to get all Love is in the Air achievements.


WOTLK Classic Love is in the Air Achievements Guide 2023

The first thing you're going to want to do when the WOTLK Love is in the Air event starts is get to Orgrimmar or Stormwind and talk to Kwee Q. Peddlefeet.  He will offer you a quest that begins with a gift depending on which major city you're in and the objective will be to give a lovely charm bracelet to the leader of the city like King Varian Wrynn or Thrall. When you pick up this quest, you'll get a very important item the lovely charm collectors kit. This allows you to collect lovely charms from monsters and players that grant you experience or honor and 10 lovely charms can be combined to form a lovely charm bracelet. 

It's important to get the Lovely charm collector's kit from the start, so that while you're off doing other things you're actively collecting lovely charms at the same time which are useful for generating love tokens, the currency used to purchase items from the holiday vendor called the Lovely Merchant.  To complete all the achievements for the meta-achievement, you'll need a minimum of 108 love tokens, but if you're unlucky you could need more because of the RNG involved with the bag of heart candies which we'll get into later on. 

You can get a maximum of 30 love tokens a day through daily quests earning 5 per Daily quest, but you can also buy love tokens one at a time in exchange for a lovely charm bracelet at the Lovely Merchant. Next, we are showing you the best tips to complete all WotLK Valentine’s Day achievements.


How To Get Full For Love Achievements Fast In WOTLK

Since we're already in Ogrimmar or Stormwind, we recommend completing your daily quests for tokens, and one of those daily quests is required for Dragonflight Love is in the Air Meta achievement, so that is the achievement we'll go after first that achievement is called Dangerous.


No.1 Achievement - Dangerous

In order to complete this Wrath Love is in the Air achievement, you'll need to assist the Steamweedle, cartel in stopping the Sinister Crown Chemical Company plot. This involves completing a daily quest called “crushing the crown”. But it needs to be unlocked through a short quest chain taking place within Stormwind if your Alliance or Orgrimmar if you're Horde. So we recommend you do it first while you're there. 

-The first quest is called Uncommon Sense which have you report to Inspector Snip Snagglebolt if you picked it up from somewhere else. 

-Once there snip or snap, if your Horde then gives you the next quest called something Stinks. You need to use the quest item snagglebolts air analyzer to test 6 guards that are perfumed. 

From there the next quest Pilfering Perfume will turn you into a running Goblin that can't stop. Run to the entrance of Stormwind or Orgrimmar and right as you exit, follow the wall left and pick up a box and then run straight back to the quest giver. You only have about 2 minutes to do this.

-The next quest for the Alliance is Fireworks at the Gilded Rose, which has you turn around and go inside the Inn which is right next to the quest giver and find Marion on the second floor. For Horde, it's called Snivel’s Sweetheart which involves going to the drag from the quest giver and then on the first door on the left. 

-On the ground level floor, there is Roka who will give you the next quest hot on the trail. Go to the bank the auction house and the barbershop, this is the same for both factions. 

-Once you go to all 3 places return to Marion Call and the final quest in the chain is a friendly chat. You'll find Snivel right next to the second North pier in the Stormwind Harbor if you're Alliance. If you're Horde, you'll find him about to board the Zeppelin to Grom'Gol  Stranglethorn Vale. Talk to him, and he gives you his Ledger and finally returns to Inspector Snip or Snap Snagglebolt. 

-You can now accept the daily quest Crushing the Crown. You'll need to go to Crystalsong Forest in Northwind and destroy a chemical wagon using snagglebolt's corian bomb and also slay 5 crown sprayers. Then return to Inspector Snip or Snap Snagglebolt. When you do, you've completed the first achievement “dangerous”.

-The second daily quest for love tokens is random but it can be one of 3 different quests. Boban Blitz is one of the 3 and requires you to pass out 10 samples using the crowned chocolate sampler. This is as easy as going around town and just using the sampler on 10 different targets, you can even use it on NPCs. The other 2 quests are a Perfect Puff of Perfume and a Cloudlet of Classy Cologne. Both involve doing the same thing. Using the quest item on 10 targets to pass out samples of cologne and perfume which again you can just do within the city you're in. 


No.2 Achievement - Nation of Adoration

The other 4 daily quests are for our second achievement we're going after called “Nation of Adoration”. For this achievement, you need to complete the lovely charm bracelet daily quest for each Horde or Alliance Capital. There are 4 different quests for 4 different Capital Cities. The location of the quest Giver Queen Q is sometimes hard to find.

1. For Silvermoon, is in the bazaar. For Thunder Bluff, he is on the first rise near the auction house. 

2. For Orgrimmar he is near the auction house. 

3. For Undercity, he is in the throne room above Undercity.

4. For Stormwind, he's in front of the bank. 

5. For Darnassus, he's right near the fishing trainer just to the north of the bridge leading to Taranda. 

6. For Exodar, he's at the east entrance of Exodar. That's the entrance you probably use 100% of the time.

7. For Ironforge, he's in front of the bank around where the holiday events are usually staged. 

You only need to pick up the quest once to get the lovely charm collector's kit. From there, we recommend you just collect all 40 lovely charms all at once and then go City to City accepting and turning in the quest. So that you aren't constantly going to a city collecting the charms, going back to that same city, and so on. Just collect all 40 charms and then turn in all 4 all at once, one for each City, and the achievement is complete. You can collect charms while doing other things like Crush the Crown's daily quest.


No.3 Achievement - My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

Our next achievement which is “My Love is Like a Red Red Rose”. For this achievement, you need to obtain a bouquet of red or ebon roses during the Dragonflight WoW Love is in the Air event. This item has a 100% drop chance off any of the following bosses on normal or heroic. 

-Prince Keleseth, the first boss in Utgarde Keep . 

-Prince Talderam in on Ahn'kahet or the Maiden of Grief and Halls of Stone. Whether it's a bouquet of red roses or ebon roses is random. 


No.4 Achievement - Charming

After doing all of your Love is in the Air daily quest for 3 days, you'll naturally complete the next achievement which is “Charming” This achievement requires you to craft 12 lovely charm bracelets. 4 of the 6 daily quests involve crafting a lovely charm bracelet and giving it to the leader of the major city. So after 3 days of 4 crafts, you'll have completed the 12 needed for this achievement. At this point, you should have a bunch of love tokens. 


No.5 Achievement - Be Mine!

Hopefully, over 100 which is what we'll need for the rest of the achievements, we recommend starting with the next achievement called “Be Mine!” Because there is RNG involved and you may need to keep collecting more love tokens if you got unlucky here. For “Be Mine!”, you need to eat the 8 different bag of candies heart candies. So buy a bag of heart candies for 2 love tokens and open it repeatedly until you've got all your heart candies out.

If you don't have 8 different candies, you need to go buy another bag and empty it again and do this over and over until you count 8 different heart candies. You can tell they're different because they won't stack if they aren't the same. So eat 1 of each of the unique heart candies until you've eaten 8 different heart candies and the “Be Mine!” achievement is complete. 


No.5 Achievement - The Rocket's Pink Glare

Now while you're at the vendor you can easily complete the next achievement called “The Rocket's Pink Glare”. Just like during the Lunar Festival when you needed to shoot off 10 rockets fast, this is the exact same thing. Purchase 10 love rockets and then fire them off as fast as you can. Then this achievement of WoW WOTLK Love is in the Air is complete. 


No.6 Achievement - Shafted!

The next achievement to complete while you're in town at Lovely Merchant vendor is "Shafted!". By 10 silver shafted arrows and use them on 10 different players around the city and this achievement is complete, and super easy achievement. The next achievements are going to require you to actually move around and away from the vendor. So we recommend buying a couple of things before you leave. 

-15 handful of rose petals, you only need 12 but they're sold in stacks of 5.

-5 love fools

-1 perfume of your choice, not cologne though. Make sure it's perfume. 

-1 box of chocolates

-1 romantic picnic basket

-You'll also need some alcohol. Most players probably don't know off the top of their head where to get some so head to the Orgrimmar Inn and Barkeep Morag supplies liquor if you're Hoard. If you're Alliance on the opposite side of the Stormwind Inn, there's actually a wine shop you can go pick up a bunch of alcohol there. You will need at least a sack of 20 if it's a typical beverage or maybe 10 or so if we're talking a strong beverage Something like a jug of bourbon.


No.7 Achievement - Fistful of Love

For the next achievement, we recommend we go after is “Fistful of Love”. You'll need to use a handful of rose petals on each of the race class combinations listed. There's 11 total and the best method to get this done in my opinion is to go to Dalaran and find as many as you can there. Probably going to be mostly your own faction, considering faction balance. Then head to Alterac Valley to find the others. You could also queue for Wintergrasp if it's available. Use your handful of rose petals on each one and this achievement is complete. 


No.8 Achievement - Lonely?

Now while you're in Dalaran, we recommend doing the achievement called “Lonely?”. You'll want to use your romantic picnic basket somewhere in a high traffic part of town. Because you'll need another player to right-click your basket and enjoy the picnic with you. When someone sits down, you need to open up your box of chocolates and eat the buttermilk delight while that player is still sitting with you. Do that successfully and you'll complete the “Lonely?” achievement. 


No.9 Achievement - Sweet Tooth

By eating that chocolate you also just started the next achievement called "Sweet Tooth". For this, you'll need to eat a buttermilk delight, dark desire, very berry cream, and sweet surprise. Since you just ate the buttermilk delight for the “Lonely?” achievement right before this. Just eat the other 3 that you got when you open the bag of chocolates and this achievement is complete.  


No.10 Achievement - I Pitied the Fool

The next achievement is going to require some traveling this achievement is called "I Pitied the Fool". You'll need those 5 loveful target dummies and we recommend queuing up for Arathi Basin right away. 

-Since you'll need to go to the Arathi Basin, Blacksmith and slash Pitted the Love Fool once you place it down. 

-Since you just came out of the Battleground in Dalaran, then head to Wintergrasp. Stay outside of the Fortress for this one and just place a Love fool and slash pitied it there. 

-Next closest is Naxxramas, you need to actually go inside the instance for this one. So grab a friend, make it a raid, and go inside. 

-You'll also need to summon the Love Fool in the Culling of Stratholm. So find a group for that or just run it solo. Just go inside from the Dalaran portal and use inside of the actual instance.

- Finally the last place you need to use the Love Full and pitied it is the Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena. 


No.11 Achievement - Flirt with Disaster

We recommend taking the Ironforge portal if you Alliance or the Undercity portal if you're Horde. Because we're going to make a quick stop before we head to the Gurubashi Arena which is our final achievement for the Wrath Classic Loves is in the Air. You'll need to find Jeremiah Payson if you're Horde. He's a Cockroach vendor near the bank in the center of the Undercity. Or if your Alliance, find Sraaz. He's the Pie vendor who circles the inner ring of Ironforge. 

Next, once you've found them and stood next to them, get completely smashed. You need to see in the text box that your character is completely smashed. Then put on some perfume and throw a handful of rose petals on Jeremiah or Sraaz and then finally kiss him. Congratulations you've just completed the achievement “Flirt with Disaster” Don't forget to head to the Gurubashi Arena and finish up the "I Pitied the Fool" achievement. 


Once you complete that last achievement that's it you've successfully completed the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Fool for Love achievement in our one step closer to the Violet Proto-Drake. If you need to buy WOTLK gold, MTMMO.COM is the best place with no doubt.