Love in The Air 2023 Gold Making & Lovely Charms Farming Guide in WoW Dragonflight & WotLK

2/7/2023 12:00:30 PM

Love in the Air is back in WoW from February 6 to 20, 2023. The opportunity to wear your best costume, get the various cosmetic items and maybe even add the Heartbreaker X-45 mount to your collection, if luck is on your side. What's more, this is a great opportunity to get make tons of gold with the valentine's day event if you are diligent. How? So in this guide, we will explain how you can make a lot of gold passively just by doing this simple thing on all your different characters whether they are level 70 or level 10, and again this is something that is really only taking one or two minutes, so try to do it right now on all your different characters, and like that you will be able to make quite a lot of gold just by doing all your usual activities whether it is from WoW Dragonflight or from WotLK Classic.

WotLK Classic LOVE in the Air 2023

How To Make Gold with Love is in Air Event in WoW Dragonflight & WotLK Classic?

This is something you will only be able to do for the two next weeks because this technique is linked to the limited time event - Love Is in the Air events that will end on the 20th of February, try to do it right now on all the different characters that you're playing on. 

  • If you are playing on the Orc character come here to the Valley of Strength in Orgimar, just next to the auction house

  • Talk to this little Kwee Q. Peddlefeet right here and basically, you just need to either accept the quest that he will give you or you can also simply ask him to give you this box and what we're after is the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit

  • If you are playing on the Alliance character, you can do exactly the same, this NPC is also available just outside the Auction House in Stormwind City.

  • Basically, when you have the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit in your inventory, you will then be able to receive some lovely charms each time you kill some enemies whether they are rewarding you with experience or with honor points. It's very important to mention it's only when you are the one actually killing the enemy, so the final blow on the enemy that you will receive one of these little returns

  • Then when you have 10 of these lovely charms, you can click on them and transform them into these lovely charm bracelets this bracelet can then be sold at the Auction House for quite a lot of gold especially right now as the event just started.

So basically just by having this Lovely Charm Collector's Kit with you on all your different characters, you will get some of Lovely Charms just by completing all the normal activities and each time you have the time for them you can transform them into one of these Lovely Charm Bracelets and sell them on the AH, this is really something that is extremely easy you can do it on any of your characters and again you will only be able to actually do it for the two next week.

What Items from Love is in the Air Event To Sell For The Most Gold Profit?

Lovely Charm Bracelets - Directly sell these lovely charm bracelets directly on the auction house, so this is definitely something you can make also quite a lot of gold with

Swift Lovebird - The main item you want to purchase with love tokens is of course the Swift Lovebird mount, as this mount is only something you can get during these two weeks' event, and then after that, you can set it on the AH throughout the year. 

So now if you're wondering why people would actually buy this bracelet, it's actually pretty simple. If you go and talk to the different lovely merchants in the different big cities, you will see that they sell some of these love tokens for one of these lovely charm bracelets. So each time you have one of these bracelets you can basically get one of these tokens. Then with these love tokens you can buy a lot of different things including the mount - Swift Lovebird but also all these over toys and all these other items. So it means that basically you are kind of able to sell all these different items even there are blind when picked up. Simply by selling all these bracelets and the rewards exchanged with love tokens on the optionals are the most effective gold-making method in WoW now. 

Best Way & Place Lovely Charms Fast in WoW Dragonflight & WotLK Classic?

So first of all. you need to farm Lovely Charms as many as possible during the event time, here we give you more tips to help you farm:

1 - Best Places to Farm Lovely Charms in WoW Dragonflight & WotLK Classic?

Level 60 Farming Spots

  • Any Torghast wing on Layer 1

Level 50 Farming Spots

  • Moonclaw Vale in Val'sharah

  • Gloaming Reef in Val'sharah

  • Saltsea Droplets in Eye of Azshara (Broken Isles)

  • Karazhan Dungeon

Level 45 Farming Spots

  • The Everbloom Dungeon

Level 10 Farming Spots

  • The Starting Zone of Each Race

The spots where there are a lot of foes with low health and are within your level range are the greatest for farming Lovely Charms. We advise you farm on a class that can consistently draw enemies with AoE damage from a distance because all the awards listed below are account-wide. Death Knights, Druids, and Hunters are the best classes for this kind of farming. Here are some excellent locations to farm Lovely Charms for different levels, however keep in mind that your class will also affect how many Lovely Charms you receive.

2 - Create More 10-Level Characters To Farm Lovely Charms

This Farm is something that you can do mainly on level 10 characters and it is extremely easy to do, so what we would recommend you to do whether you're playing on an Alliance character or Horde character:

  • Simply create an Allied race character so either like Vulpera, Zandalari Trolls or something like that.

  • Go to the Hall of the Brave, Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar, or go to the War Room, Stormwind Keep in Stormwind City, then lock your experience.

  • Once your level gets locked, create your set of Heirloom items, and then go into your toy box and use some of these maps. These are the toys that you can buy from all the different Heirloom vendors in Iron Forge Orgrimmar, when you use them on your outs you will learn all the different flight points from all the different territories, so you will be able to fly very fast to the areas where you can then farm a lot of lovely charms.

  • Then, for Horde players, have your character with the locked experience come to the Valley of Trails, this is the starting zone for Orcs. For Alliance players, come to the Starting zone for Night Owl. 

  • Keep the Lovely Charm Collector's Kit in your character inventory, and go to kill the mobs there again and again until you have your wanted amount of Love Charms.

  • Then you can transform them into some of the lovely charm bracelets or Love Tokens to buy Love in the Air Rewards including the most sought-after Swift Lovebird.

So this is something that you can do really easily and like that you will be able normally to get a lot of Lovely Charms every hour. Though it will still take you quite a lot of time to get a lot still this is probably one of the most efficient ways when it comes to farming these different lovely returns.

Best Time To Sell Love in the Air Items For The Most Profit

By using the farm methods in a way, you should be able to get enough Love Tokens for buying the Swift Lovebird from Love in the Air in a few hours, and then you can set them on AH, but what is the best time to sell for getting the most profit? We also have some tips for you:

  • So keep in mind that during, these two weeks a lot of people are going to be farming lovely charms out and probably the value is going to decrease a lot on minerals. So we would not really recommend you to try and sell them out right away because probably the value is not going to be very good, maybe it's better for you to wait a little bit maybe just a few days to just have a better value.

  • Also of course another very important WoW gold-making opportunity with the Love is in Air event is to simply wait for the value on these mounts to drop a lot, and then to simply buy out all these different mounts, and wait again a few weeks and then start selling them back during the year. Because again people won't be able to farm new ones and so once they sold all their stock, unfortunately, they will just have to wait until next year. So this is another thing you can keep in mind and try to do but just wait probably a few days or like one week and a half before starting to invest in these Love in the Air mounts.

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