How To Get Love Tokens WoW WotLK 2023 - Best Farming Locations for Love Tokens & Lovely Charms

2/13/2023 2:28:21 PM

Today we're talking about the current event that is happening in Wrath Classic which is the “Love is in the Air event”. We talk discuss how to get love tokens WoW WotLK 2023 during the Valentine’s Day event, how many love tokens per day, what are best places to farm love tokens in WotLK.

Best Way To Get Love Tokens in Love is in the Air Event - How To Farm Love Tokens WoW WotLK 2023

The Love is in the Air event brings with it a couple of interesting things. Now the most interesting thing is that it gives you some daily quests you can do like “present a lovely charm bracelet to King Varian Wrynn in Stormwind” which gives you some straight up gold to do them as well as love tokens. These love tokens can be exchanged for some very unique items which are the colognes and the perfumes. These are basically consumables that you can use and they last for one hour and they will increase your attack power, spell power, defense rating and lots of good stuff like that. So you can increase all of those and you can get the ones you want to have. 

how to get a love token in WotLK Classic 2023

So a lot of people right now are using these ones in raiding scenarios, they can also be really useful just for leveling alts. So if you're leveling alt right now, you can try to get these ones while you're leveling them, or if you're just doing pretty much any content, these colognes and perfumes are worth looking into like you get love tokens super quickly, you can get them from doing the daily quests or you can simply pick up the Lovely Charm Collector’s kit and then you will just passively find lovely charms while playing the game. And you can turn those lovely charms into a lovely charm bracelet.

Once you have 10 charms, you can combine charms into 1 bracelet, and then you can also use that bracelet for a daily quest like the gift to the king which also gives you 5 love tokens for 1 charm. And that is a daily quest for every single King in your capital cities. Or if you want to have more than that as well, you can exchange them at a rate of 1 to 1 between lovely charm bracelets and love tokens. So you can farm as many love tokens as you want to buy as many of these consumables as you want. 

If you're thinking you can buy these ones now and you can see they don't have any duration in your bag, so in theory you could buy them right now and stock up on them and when the event is over, you can start selling them for a lot of WoW gold. But Blizzard has been one step ahead of us here, so when the event ends, these items will disappear and according to all the research happened last year is that these items will disappear after the actual event is over. So that idea is out of the way, but even still you really want to have some of these perfumes and colognes to increase your DPS output, healing output or tanking output in raids while the event is active. 

Now we take a look at a couple of locations where you can farm for these lovely charms & WoW best place to farm love tokens in Love is in the Air event 2023.

Best Farming Locations for Love Tokens in WoW WotLK 2023

Once you pick up the lovely charm collectors kit and if you don't have that yet, talk to NPCs, you can talk to Kwee Q. Peddlefeet and he will give you one of lovely charm collector’s kits. Make sure you have this kit in your bags before you go out and farm. Otherwise, you won't get those lovely charms. With that being said, we show you the most efficient locations to farm for lovely tokens & lovely charms in WotLK Classic Love is in the Air event 2023.

  • WotLK Love Tokens Farming Location 1 - Malykriss: The Vile Hold

The first farming location for love tokens is going to be in Icecrown, so you have a location in south of Ymirheim, where you will find a lot of mobs stacked up really nice together, and the battery gear you have and the more of an aoe class you play, the better this one will be for you. So just stack them all up and go for some DPS on them and basically just create some short charms that way. All of these mobs will be able to give you lovely charms that you're after while you're farming. So basically just pull as many as you can get and every now and then you will get a lovely charm. These charms are not a drops, they will be created for you like if you get them they will be created when they die. So you can loot them afterwards as well, they get even more gold while you're looting. But if there is a lot of competition in this area, then it might be difficult for you to farm especially if you are playing a very good class with some very good gear in which case you want to farm the entire place to yourself. 

  • WotLK Love Tokens Farming Location 2 - Aldur’thar: The Desolation Gate

The next location is going to be a lot better for those of you who are playing more of a chain pulling class where you're focusing more on pulling one, two or three months at a time. Or if you're playing a ranged class because of this way you can deal a lot more damage while running around and pulling at the same time. Now this location has a hyper spawn mechanic which means there will always be mobs available for you. So even if there's two people forming at this location, you can just divide the form in half. So you can split it where one of you pulls on the left side and one of your pulls on the right side. So no matter if you have some competition after this area, it will still be doable as long as you're not playing like 10 people. 

How this one works? 

It’s not as packed with mobs, but there are quite a few mobs available at this location as well. So basically what you want to do is just pull as many mobs as possible to your location. Once again, just like what we did in the previous farm and you want to try to group them up if you're playing an AOE class, so if you're playing a kite in class, you can just kite them around as well. It is very simple, just throw around a couple of scenes right now and burst them down and that should be just about everything we have to do and they're all dropping the lovely charms. So all you have to do is just keep pulling. If you don't care about the raw gold, then you just want the charms, you can literally run around and just dot everything you see and it will just happen by itself, you will create the charms, you don't have to loot them. But we prefer looting them because you can get a couple hundred gold raw while farming here. And if you are in the farming raw gold, these farms have just been improved by the addition of these charms because even though you can't buy these perfumes and trade them after the event is over, you can buy them and try them right now. So you can make some additional gold from the gold farms you're already doing just by grabbing the kit. Farming lovely charms while you're farming the gold you're already farming and you can sell the perfumes and the colognes for some additional gold. They're probably not going to sell for that much gold right now and finding buyers might be a little bit difficult because most people will be farming them by themselves. But still it is just going to boost your gold per hour while doing the farms you're already doing it. 

If you want to get even more locations where you can combine lovely charm farming with the gold farming, check out the Wrath Classic Gold guide which mentioned a lot more gold farms in Wrath of the Lich King. A lot of these farms have been improved right now because you can get these lovely charms while farming there which just gives you another item that will add to your totally gold from doing those farms. And the reality is right now might be the best time to do a lot of these farms simply because they have added value for the duration of this event.

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