WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Release Date & Patch Notes (Class Changes, Winterpelt Furbolg, Forbidden Reach, Legacy Armor)

2/14/2023 5:12:47 PM

Patch 10.0.7 is a minor update to WoW Dragonflight. It will contain novelties for the Forbidden Reach, the starting area of the evocative Dracthyr. In addition, Orcs and Humans players will be able to recover their Ancestral Armor, while the Monk can be created with new races. Finally, Blizzard announces the update of the referral program for WoW. Here we will break down all details about the Dragonflight 10.0.7, featuring the release date, changes, and new content!


WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Release Date

The release date of patch 10.0.7 is scheduled for Spring 2023, and most likely in March.

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Patch Notes (New Content)

Here we go over all the new changes, items, quests, and new content to expect in Dragonflight 10.0.7 patch:

1. Class Balance Changes (Talents & Nerfs)

We actually really like how this patch seems to be narrowing down and focusing in on some classes or specs specifically, we've seen a lot about Paladins and Shaman so far which is great because they were two of the classes kind of left behind at the start of Dragonflight and have had quite a few problems in season 1 so far, so with 10.0.7 hopefully these classes get into a good place before we head into the next major patch of 10.1.

We'll start with the class changes as we know a lot of people like to know whether they're getting buffed or nerfed:

Frost Death Knights Changes

  • We'll see some more changes remorseless winter might of the Frozen wastes and Frost Reaper have all been removed from the talent tree and will become Baseline abilities and passives that you'll learn via leveling, so that frees up quite a few points to spend in other places. There are new talents, some talents have shifted around and obliteration has been changed to interact with Soul Reaper in some potentially powerful ways. The overall goal with these changes seems to be to give Frost some more variety in their talent choices while still giving you access to some of those key Frost death knight abilities.

Monks Changes

  • Monks will also see a handful of changes for Mist Weavers, Sheilun's Gift  will now trigger Mastery exclusively on the primary target. Sheilun's Gift  healing was increased by 10% and there's going to be a new talent that lets it heal two additional allies and reduces the cast time.

Windwalker Changes

  • There's a new talent Sky Touch that turns Sky reach into a choice node to let you keep the crit buff but remove the dash effect, that's actually huge and will hopefully keep our wind walk among alive just a little bit more. 

Paladins Changes

  • There's a lot to break down here, we're going to see a lot more changes too because the big rework is finally starting to bleed through the cracks, to start with Seal of Mercy will be a one-rank talent instead of two Divine Toll and Divine Resonance and now in the class tree instead of spec trees, so everyone will have access to them and it won't cost you any spec talent points. 

  • Seraphim and Sanctified Wrath have been removed from the class tree and Retribution Aura has been completely redesigned, it now grants 5% damage and healing increase for 10 seconds to all party and raid members, whenever a party or Raid member within 40 yards takes more than 50% of their health in damage, could only occur once every 30 seconds. 

  • The most important part here is that you can get the bonus without everyone having to die for it and it's a raid wide bonus, that's probably going to be one of the stronger raid bosses available even if you don't go out of your way to actively maintain its uptime. For more specific changes, Sanctified Wrath has been added to the prop Paladin class tree, talents around the 20-point gate have been adjusted spell warding will be lower in the tree some talents of swap position and face armor have seen some changes, we don't have the nitty-gritty specifics for the rep paladins just yet but there are some Dev notes here, the rework is nearly ready to be unveiled so maybe next week or the week after more changes can be expected for the Paladin class 3 as well, there are some notes going over why they changed Rhetoro which make a lot of sense turning it into a party or Raid buff instead of just a personal buff, but then they also go on to say that rep paladins will gain a new passive Baseline instrument of Retribution which is basically the old red Aura. Anyways anytime a party or Raid member dies within 40 yards you gain avenging graph for 12 seconds so you don't even lose that, functionality you just gain a brand new raid or party-wide buff.

  • They also touch on why seraphim was removed to reduce button bloat but apparently they're going to take seraphim's throughput and just bake it into core abilities, so expect to see quite a few Buffs to General rat rotational abilities.

Shamans Changes

  • Shamans are the other big class getting lots of changes for 10.0.7, it would seem like because here they are again with another long list of changes. Curiously one of the first changes is to revert the Earth Elemental changes that prevented them from taunting off tanks. Earth Elemental was very useful in Mythic plus dungeons especially to give your tanks a moment to breathe, but if they weren't taunting off your tanks anymore they would completely lose that functionality so that has been reverted.  

  • We have more changes to various passives and talent effects lots of talents are moving around yet again and there are some bug fixes thrown in for good measure but Elemental specifically Electrified Shocks duration was increased and there's a bug fix for the same ability. 

  • For Rastown there's a new choice node with two new talents thrown in just below the Mana Thai totem Talent they're also getting an 8% healing increase across the board but a 20% Nerf to acid rain damage. 

  • There's also buffs for Ancestral Awakening, Earth Harmony has been redesigned, Cloudburst Totem has been changed with how it interacts with Ancestral Guidance and Ancestral Awakening, and then Earth living weapon will no longer deafen you

Warlocks Changes

  • Warlocks are going to round out this week with a couple of quick changes demonic inspiration and wrath minion have both been redesigned and Dread touch will last two seconds longer for affliction warlocks.

  • We can't wait to see how the rep Paladin rework looks when it's finished remember that all of these class changes are for patch 10.0.7, so if you want to test them out you can pop onto the PTR whenever the bill gets updated and give your feedback to help shape your class.

2. Return to Forbidden Reach

Blizzard is planning new features for the Forbidden Reach, the starting area of the Dragonflight race. We should learn more about their story and if I have one piece of advice for you, it's to mount an Evoker by then so you have a character ready to enjoy the new ones when they come out! 

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Forbidden Reach

3. Legacy Armor for Orcs and Humans

For their part, Orcs and Humans will benefit from a series of quests leading to their ancestral Armor. After the Goblins, Worgens, Gnomes, Dwarves, Blood Elves and Taurens, the two iconic races of Warcraft will be at the heart of the story. Given the care taken in the scenario of Dragonflight, it is very likely that the stories will be worth seeing. Blizzard should not miss because the number of users who play one of the two races is very high. They represent no less than 20% of WoW characters!

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Legacy Armor for Orcs and Humans 2

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Legacy Armor for Orcs and Humans

4. Hidden Treasures in Zskera Vaults (Toys, Pets, Patos)

One of the new features in Patch 10.0.7 is Zskera's Vault. These vaults can be discovered and explored on the Forbidden Island and promise some new rewards. On Morqut Isle, Zskera Vaults have drawn the attention of the Dragonscale Expedition. Because there are supposed to be countless hidden treasures that need to be found. There are many locked doors, and behind each door a new adventure and rewards await.

These doors are reset daily. Not every player will find the same challenge behind every door. The entrance to the vaults is open at all times, but to get behind the locked doors, you need a key of the vault of Zskera. You get it when you complete activities on the Forbidden Island. It has been confirmed so far that they can be found in chests and are dropped on rare opponents.

With each key, you can open one of the doors and solve the puzzle behind that door to get the reward. Many doors house experiments that Neltharion seems to have forgotten. For example, you can find holograms of the aspects, a prototype of Blingtron or the task of mixing potions.

As rewards, the new gems of the primalists have been found so far, which have a wide variety of effects. There are also some toys and pets. For the successful hunters, two successes will be up for grabs. For one success you have to have opened 50 doors, for the second even 150. But you also get the title "Key Master"

New toys

  • Holoviewer: The Lady of Dreams

  • Holoviewer: The Scarlet Queen

  • Holoviewer: The Timeless One

New pets

  • Gilded Mechafrog

  • Kobaldt


  • Successes

  • Door To Door

  • Door Buster

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 New Pets

5. New Primalist Gem System & 424 Onyx Annulet Rings

When the dataminers released the new primalists' pedestal stones, a murmur went through the World of Warcraft community. It had the appearance of borrowing power, which according to the developer should not play a role in Dragonflight. With suspicion and little enthusiasm, players took the news, which will move into the game from patch 10.0.7. Because the stones look powerful and would also take away some customers from the craft.

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 New Onyx Annulet

To dispel these doubts, Kaivax has now spoken out in the official WoW forum. Most people already knew that Zskera's vault will be unlocked via a small introductory quest. While solving some puzzles and riddles in this solo content, you get the ring Onyx Annulet and the new primalist stones. Three of these stones can be plinthed in the ring at the same time. Thus, the ring gets similar effects as pieces of jewelry and can really bring something by clever combination.

Kaivax explained that the new pedestal stones will only be in Zskera's vault. The keys to the doors in the vault can be obtained on the Forbidden Island via chests and rare enemies. The keys will also be account-bound - so they can be sent to twinks without further ado. In addition, the stones can be disassembled to obtain fragments. These, in turn, are needed to upgrade the stones.

Stones that you may not want to base yourself are therefore quite important so that you can get the most out of your favorite stones. However, this requires the help of a jewel cutter, so craftsmanship will also play a role in this new feature. You can also exchange the fragments for other stones from researcher Imareth. Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase a specific stone. After all, you can choose from which group you would like a stone, so that you will not be completely dependent on luck.

6. Winterpelt Furbolg Faction Rep

Winterpelt Furbolg is a neutral faction of the Dragonflight expansion introduced with patch 10.0.7. As you build your reputation, you unlock new quests with unique rewards, but you can also buy lookout manuscripts, a 34-slot component bag, and a mascot. Find below all the information about the available objects and how to accelerate the reputation gain.

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 Winterpelt Furbolg

7. Easier to farm a reagent for Mount "Divine Kiss of Ohn'ahra"

Divine Kiss of Ohn'ahra is probably one of the most exciting mounts from World of Warcraft Dragonflight. The Eagle Spirit is considered by the Maruuk centaurs to be the fierce goddess of the winds. It is a secret transformation mount that transforms our character into an eagle spirit. Farming Divine Kiss of Ohn'ahra takes some effort, but it's made a little easier with patch 10.0.7.

What is changing? To obtain the transformation mount, we need, among other things, the reagent Stolen Breath of Ohn'ahra. So far, this could only be captured in the normal, heroic, and mythical version of the instance of The Attack of the Nokhud. However, starting with patch 10.0.7, we also get it in the Mythic+ variant of the dungeon, which allows us to get the reagent even when increasing our rating or keystone.

8. Catch-Up Gear via Account-Bound Tokens

If you currently want to get to 385 Gear via the elementals and wrath of the storm event, you have to collect a lot of elemental abundance and purchase a thunderstorm item in Valdrakken. Upgrading goes through the storm seals. The catch with this story is that these storm seals are limited and you can't collect as much of them as you would like or need.

This will be made easier with patch 10.0.7, because the rare enemies on the Forbidden Island, which can be visited by all players at the highest level from patch 10.0.7, will drop armor parts with Ilvl 385.

And Blizzard has thought along this time, because account-bound tokens are dropped, which you can then easily send to your twinks. This makes it even easier for newer players to get the equipment or equip their twinks.

9. Improves Dragonriding with New Talents

The skills in kite riding are growing. On the one hand, a flight stop is added. This allows you to slow down a bit when you're going very fast. The dragon briefly beats backward with its wings and now the player has it much easier to make a precise landing, for example on ledges.

In addition, you no longer scare neutral mobs if you land near them and have a skilled dragon-riding initiative. In addition, there is the possibility to skill flight recreation. This causes you to regain momentum by using the "hold in the air" ability during the thrills of the skies.

In order to get enough points to unlock these abilities, you have to collect dragon glyphs again on the Forbidden Island. A total of 8 pieces can be obtained there. If you want to further customize your dragon, you can look forward to 16 new dragon guardian anuscripts.

10. New Races for the Monk

The Monk will be available to Goblins, Draenei Lightforged and Worgens.

11. New Hair Colors for Humans

The development of patch 10.0.7 continues its way. We propose you to take a look at the new hair colors for Humans. There are four of them and you will soon be able to select green, pink, dark red or blue.

12. New Bakars Mounts

As you will see below, these are the faithful companions of the Maruuk Centaurs present in the Plains of Ohn'ahra, the Bakars. Here's what should probably be part of the next goals of many of the players among you!

WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 New Mounts

13. Referral Program

Blizzard is planning new features for the World of Warcraft Referral Program.

Right now, you can link up to 10 friends and you get rewards when your friends buy months of WoW subscriptions. Sponsors and recruits can invoke each other once every 30 minutes and sponsors receive the following rewards:

  • 1 month: Mascot Rikki

  • 2 months: 30 days of playing time

  • 3 months: Explorer's Dune Walker Mount

  • 4 months: Title Renowned Explorer

  • 5 months: 30 days of playing time

  • 6 months: Illusion sand prickles for your weapon

  • 7 months: Renowned explorer's tabard

  • 8 months: 30 days of playing time 

  • 9 months: Explorer's safari gyrocopter mount

  • 10 months: Renowned explorer's backpack

  • 11 months: 30 days of playing time 

  • 12 months: Renowned explorer costume

  • After your 12-month reward, you will receive play time every 3 months.

Know that there are other rewards for participating in all kinds of in-game activities with your recruits. Characters created through the referral program also receive a unique bag at 30 slots. 

That's all information we've known about the WoW Dragonflight 10.0.7 so far, this page will be updated when Blizzard unveils more news.

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