Best Ways To Start Preparing for WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 - How To Pre For Gold Making in Patch 10.0.7

2/22/2023 10:47:14 AM

This guide goes over a few ways to start preparing for Patch 10.0.7! It is still pretty early, and we do not know everything about this upcoming patch, but we do know the basics! Start leveling your toons and professions now, so you don't have to stress about it later!

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Tip 1: New Zone - The Forbidden Reach

So the biggest feature of this patch is a brand new Zone, kind of this is called The Forbidden Reach, and the reason why we say kind of is because if you've leveled a track there, you have actually already been here, this is the starting zone of the track there, but it's finally being brought back is a full-on zone for everybody, now the zone itself is going to be very easy to get to, it is just North of the waking Shores and Thaldraszus.

Prep 1 – Level your Alts/Crafters to 70.

But this is a Max Level Zone which brings us to our first prep point which is you should start leveling your alts to 70, dragonflight has been great so far for alts in the crafting scene, because you've never been forced to level to 70, as long as you've hit 70 at least once you unlock adventure mode and in the crafting scene, your 60s have basically acted at like max levels, you've been able to do your weekly quest, you've been able to do World quest and all of that, however, if you actually want to take part into this new Zone, you do want to get those Crafters to 70, so you're not scrambling a week or a few days before patch, thankfully, if you have been an active crafter you probably have leveled a little bit passively some of Crafters are already 68 by just doing weeklies, so you shouldn't be super behind, but just in case you definitely want to take time to level now instead of later.

Tip 2: New Primordial Stones & Ring System

There is a brand new system in place that revolves around a specific ring, players will unlock keys which can allow them to do these Vault activities, this is a brand new dungeon type system in the Forbidden reach, during your first Vault that you do players will automatically unlocked a brand new ring called the Onyx Annulet which acts very similar to the mechagon trinket if you remember that one with the punch cards, but instead of punch cards they will be able to slot, three different stones into this ring, now these slottable Stones can actually be found through various ways, you can actually find them you know around the Forbidden reach, you can even gamble for them at a vendor, but the big thing for us wow gold makers is that they can be upgraded by Jewel crafters, and so Jewel Crafters definitely listen up.

1. Players find/collect Primordial Stones when playing.

Basically, how this works is that players will gather Stones when playing.

2. Unwanted Stones can be broken down into Fragments.

They can either use these Stones themselves or any sort of unwanted Stones they get, they can be broken down into fragments, these fragments then it can be redeemed for new stones at a vendor.

3. Fragments can be used to buy new stones or craft upgrades.

They can be used to craft upgrades to upgrade their existing stones to a higher item level, that is where the jewel crafters come to play.

New demand for dust & jewelcrafters

This is just a basic item with no quality it doesn't stack, and it seems like resourcefulness is the only thing that affects it, so maybe you do want to start getting your resourcefulness up if you haven't already, but most importantly, you should probably get yourself a jewel crafter if any of this system seems interesting to you definitely hop on it, and so that is kind of my second prep suggestion, if you are interested start leveling up your Drew crafter, now and keep in mind that this recipe itself drops from a rare, meaning once again your jewelcrafter should be level 70, so you can comfortably kill rares within the Forbidden reach, and actually gain this recipe.

Tip 3: New Recipes - More Rep with the Winterpelt Furbolg

Moving on from all of those new features, we're finally getting more information about the winterpelt furbolg, many of you if you guys have completed all of this side quest within the Azure span are probably sitting at unfriendly with this reputation or faction, you were probably confused at who in the world these people are, finally in 10.0.7, we're finally going to progress with this faction, and actually unlock some new rewards, and so this brings us to point number three which we recommend to go completing there's a few quest lines to already hit unfriendly if you are interested in this reputation, and so why does this matter for us crafters and actually a few crafting recipes are so far locked behind this reputation, the first one is a brand new cooking recipe, and it is called the firewater sorbet, it looks like a very good healing item, currently, this item requires revered with this faction and it is another use for snow and accounts, this is a very popular cooking recipe which we highly recommend getting if you don't already but this will cause the demand for that item to go up even more.

Final Tips

Start your new professions, don't wait.


Feb 21st: Start Inscription

Week 1: 14 Weekly Knowledge Points

Week 2: 14+14 Weekly Knowledge Points (28 Total)

Week 3: 28+14 Weekly Knowledge Points (42 Total)

Week 4: 42+14 Weekly Knowledge Points (56 Total)

March 21st: Patch Release, has 56 kps waiting to be used.

You will always have someone ahead of you, but you can easily be ahead of someone else as well.