D2R 2.6 Mosaic Assassin Build - Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 3 Assassin Skills Guide

2/23/2023 4:43:34 PM

We've maxed phoenix strike, claws of thunder, blades of ice, fade, and remainder into tiger strike for skills, also d2r items. 1 point into all finishers down to dragon flight. 1 into weapon block.


We typically build charges in this order:

-3 cobra strike, used for leech, and we get it first in case we need to do a kick or dragon claw to stay alive while we charge up others.

-3 blades of ice, used for cold damage, but more importantly, the CC.

-2 phoenix strike, used for lightning damage and large AoE.

-3 tiger strike, used for large increase in physical damage.

IMO, fists of fire isn't useful except for it being a synergy for phoenix strike charge 1 meteor. You don't leech with it and it will be to your detriment because of that.

Claws of thunder is also a bit useless if you're using phoenix strike due to the next hit delay. If we’re using phoenix strike, then we'll occasionally use charge 1 of claws of thunder for the added lightning damage on the single target, we'll also occasionally use 3 charges of claws of thunder alongside phoenix strike, but haven't seen much of a difference in damage (if I'm using phoenix strike charge 2 or 3). It is nice to change it up, though, and use 3 charges of claws of thunder and no phoenix strike charges.

Blades of ice is nice, because it doesn't have next hit delay, provides exceptional CC, and deals cold damage which just adds a different element to your repertoire


Phoenix strike is the big one and the most customizable:

-Charge 1 really puts your system (PC or console) to work.

-Charge 2 is great AoE, does good damage.

-Charge 3 is also good AoE, but we prefer to use charge 2 since we typically are using blades of ice. That way I'm doing multiple diff. damage types across the board.


Tiger strike is great for the added physical damage:

Overall, IMO the build is a bit of a glass cannon and we highly recommend maxing fade, even with GG gear, but as you get GG gear and have quite a bit of +skills we suppose could respec to then place those skills invested into fade into something else. The only time we don't use fade is when we’re running places I know aren't all that dangerous with ranged enemies (ie. quill rats, archers, souls, frenzy taurs, vipers, etc.)... also use fade in chaos sanctuary, because of curses and such.


We can see one hybridizing it with traps if they wanted, too, as well. Mostly by just maxing tiger strike and having 1 into cobra strike, perhaps even 1 into blades of ice for the CC, but that is debatable. You can lay traps for AoE/packs while you dragon flight/run around kicking or using dragon claw while your traps fire off. I'm sure would be beneficial against bosses as well.

Perhaps even a hybrid death sentry/phoenix strike charge 1 meteor for a kind of fire/explosive theme. IMO you can manage the meteors a bit by just not using dragon talon lol. That way you don't stress out your system too much (PC or console), but even then they will probably start to add up a bit.