D2R 2.6 Runeword Inspired MF Phoenix Strike Assassin Build - Best Ladder 3 Phoenix Strike Martial Arts Guide

2/22/2023 2:33:04 PM

In today's guide, we're going to go over the d2r ladder build for the patch 2.6 runeword inspired magic find Phoenix strike martial arts, and or the nuclear assassin, that is much more radioactive than Chernobyl while still being considered budget, also we're not going to be using Thunder charms for this build, so we will be taking on immunes to the damage we'll be dealing, hopefully, this can help indicate how powerful this can be with a focus on the rumors that were just introduced to us in this patch.



For the attributes, this is a max Vitality setup, meaning we have enough points into strength to be able to equip our gear, enough dexterity to be able to use our Claws, and the rest of the points are dumped into Vitality, nothing into energy.

Strength: 156

Dexterity: 99

Vitality: 454

Energy: 75



Shadow Disciplines

  • 1 Point into Claw Mastery

  • 1 Point into Burst of Speed

  • 1 Point into Fade

  • 20 Points into Weapon Block


Martial Arts

  • 1 Point into Cobra Strike

  • 1 Point into Dragon Talon

  • 1 Point into Dragon Claw

  • 1 Point into Dragon Tail

  • 1 Point into Dragon Flight

  • 20 Points into Fist of Fire

  • 20 Points into Claws of Thunder

  • 20 Points into Blade of Ice

  • 20 Points into Phoenix Strike

With the understanding of the skills out of the way, this build is focusing around using Phoenix strike, so we have maxed out fist of fire, Max claws of Thunder, Max Blades of ice, one point into Tiger Strike, one point into Cobra strike, and max out Phoenix strike, then you need at least one point into the skills onto the right to unlock dragon flight, as this is our means of teleporting without Enigma, but do keep in mind that you need an enemy to click on to be able to use it, meaning that you can't teleport without tele stomping an enemy, the ideal charge build up that we're going to be using will be all three charges from fist of fire, the first charge of cause of Thunder for the enemy, as well as we want the chain lightning from Phoenix strike which does considerably more damage than either the Nova or the chargeable proc of cause of Thunder to be effective in dealing damage as the chain lining will Circle back around, and deal additional damage aside from the initial pass of Fanning out from the kick, all three charges of blaze of ice as enemies that are not super unique or bosses will be put into hit recovery and Frozen when pairing using claws of thunder and Blades of ice, helping with crowd control and survivability lastly for the charge-ups only going to charge 2 for Phoenix strike to get the train lightning, then the primary finisher, we're going to be using is Dragon claw for a large group of enemies to be able to have good AOE and if we're fighting any act bosses switch over to Dragon Talon using Tiger Strike, and Cobra strike are great additions, but on Lower player settings they aren't necessary, but do add them into your rotation if you want more damage and need to lead slife and mana, the remaining points go into weapon block as when we think of a budget build, we think of gear that could still work as decent to good damage is still done, but survivability needs to be a top priority as you're using non-ideal gear, so weapon block will help us to block as our resistances aren't great by any means but if you decide to more focus on using Dragon claw, and get better gear shifting points into Cloud Mastery will be the more ideal way to go, however, if you want to eventually do ubers, it's best advice to keep your points in weapon block.



Diadem: Bulwark

Body Armor: Dusk Shroud (Hustle)

Weapon: Suwayyah (Mosaic)

Amulet: Saracen’s Chance

Legs: Myrmidon Greaves (Gore Rider)

Ring: Dread Grip/Raven Frost

Belt: String of Ears

Gloves: Plague Fist

Large Charm: Hellfire Torch

Small Charm: Annihilus



 2023-02-22 143140

Weapon: Thresher (Infinity)



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