Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide - How To Get Rich By Crafting?

3/29/2023 3:57:53 PM

Take a look at some Diablo 2 items that can really make you rich, it's all about crafting for the various recipes, perfect gems, any jewels and various low runes are needed, and a blue item of a certain type as base, the item level of the base can be important, just like the Character level,  the crafted items level becomes the result of Base item, level plus character level divided by two when crafting amulets, they must get at least item level 92 roll plus 2 class skills.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide - How To Get Rich By Crafting? 

If you want to use amulets from the vendors, you should do it at character level 93 or higher, then the bot items vary between item level 88 and 98 always in the area between plus and minus 5 levels above and below the Character level, if the level 93 chart takes such an amulet for crafting,  according to the formula at least item level 90 comes out.

If you get some blue amulets from a level 96 Terror Zone, you can already craft them with a level 84 Char and when you are sure that it dropped from an elite monster, you could already do it at 81. 


3-4 fix mods depending on the recipe

up to 4 random affixes

most likeable affixes:

str, dex, resistances, attack rating, leech, life, mana

10% fcr, +2 class skills (amulet)

20% ias, +2 skilltabs ama, assa maonly (gloves),

ar/char level, sockets (helmet), fhr (belt 24%, helmet 10%)

The item level is always equal to the monster's level, the chances to get nice rolls are of course very low, just like with good rare items, and similar is the rating here, depending on the crafting recipe, a few fixed mods are added to the item which nevertheless varies in the exact value and in addition up to 4 random affixes. High valuable are only those D2R items whereas the given mods of the recipe are useful, and preferably all for FX has become very nice too.

The most worthwhile recipes

Look at the most worthwhile recipes, most popular are Caster amulets which basically all classes can use, even non-casters need to castrate to teleport, this is not only relevant when farming, but also in PvP.

  • Ral Rune

  • Perfect amethyst 

  • Jewel and an amulet

  • Corruption Mark Amulet

  • Viper Necklace Amulet 

  • Blood Scarab Amulet

  • Raven Noose Amulet

The craft recipes, perfect amethyst, Jewel and an amulet, it rolls five to ten percent cast rate, five to ten percent Mana regeneration, and plus 10 to 20 Mana.

In addition, like some further useful attributes, like the plus-to-class skills resistances strength dexterity, or even further 10 cast rate by the ethics rule, a total of 20 fcr is possible, such amulets are of course worth a lot, but even 10 can be very expensive, if the role is good and someone only needs a total of 10 cast rate for his Char in this case, you rather have another useful ethics instead of 20 fcr. Some of you maybe remember that this Paladin amulet here for over 25 bedrooms, all the affixes are nice and high rolled, many of them maximum, and they are exactly the ones, Paladin was looking for the only thing that the Slow Roll tier is the Mana from the recipe which is pretty uninteresting though.

  • A Perfect Ruby

  • A Jewel 

  • A Ring 

A perfect Ruby, a jewel and a ring as a base, it rolls one to five strength, one to three percent life leech and 10 to 20 life.

  • Eagle Grasp Ring 

  • Bone Loop Ring 

In addition, like fcr and or attack rating, as well as more strength,  dexterity, resistances, life leech and Mana, leech, crafted this ring which is already pretty nice. 

Here are a few examples that were created, as you can see good rules can bring you lots of runes. 

There are two different recipes being used, the block recipe needs a nephron, a perfect Ruby, a jewel and some gloves of the type heavy gloves sharks, skin gloves or vampire bone gloves, these are the dark brown ones, by recipe get five to ten percent crushing blow, one to three percent live leech and 10 to 20 life.

Additionally, 20 per cent attack speed is popular, of course, other affixes like strength, dexterity, resists, magic find or even Mana leech skills for Amazons or assassins are also useful.

Of course, also a good pair of gloves can sell very expensive, the other one is the hit power recipe here, an art Rune, a perfect Sapphire, a jewel and some chain gloves or higher versions, regarding the fixed mods, the only knockback is useful here, because such clothes are especially interesting for PVP bosons.

Jewel of fervor

Godly Heavy Bracers Of Chance

Perfect Sapphire

Pain Fist Heavy Bracers

Viper Clutches Chain Gloves

In addition, definitely attack speed and preferably also stats and resists here, you can see that 20 IAS and plus 2 to passive already makes the gloves very valuable, and if the other affix is also rolled well, it gets really expensive, belts are crafted less often, but there are two useful recipes here, as well blood and caster for blood, a towelroon, a perfect Ruby, a jewel, and some belt mesh belt or mithril coil 5 to 10 open ones, one to three per cent life leech, and 10 to 20 life are the fixed mods.

In addition, because like faster hit recovery, strength, life, and resistance, this is the best belt, it has some quite good affixes, so it should be worth more than a bear here, you can see some more expensive examples.

For the Caster belt, to knit Rune, a perfect amethyst, a jewel, and a light belt, shark skin belt or vampire fang belt, get a five to ten per cent cast rate, five to ten per cent Mana regeneration,  and 10 to 20 Mana plus best again, fhr strength life and resists, many builds like to have more fcr on the Belt slot, and also likes the extra skill point and erect net mesh is often a better solution, so such crafted belts are rarely used, often as a sideboard item also kinda rarely used, as a blood recipe for helmets, a niche product for certain builds, you need a perfect Ruby, a railroon, a jewel and a helmet Cask or armored the helmet gets one to three per cent life leech 5 to 10 deadly strike and 10 to 20 life, because on headgear, the Vizio mod with ar on character level can roll, it is of course in demand also hit recovery, and the usual attributes, such as life or resistances also possible here, two sockets they add a lot to the value. Those were the most valuable crafting recipes, otherwise, maybe Caster shoes are crafted, but good rares are usually better, so it's only worth it to craft for self-use.

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