D2R 2.6 Mosaic Runeword - Guide to Mosaic Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 3

2/17/2023 11:50:42 AM

The Ladder Season 3 officially launched with updated gameplay features and new things in Diablo 2 Resurrected. When focusing on the impact of new runewords in the game, we are going to talk about Mosaic Runeword in D2R 2.6, covering its stats, bases, runes, review and build tips.

D2R Mosaic Runeword Stats, Bases & Runes 

Compared to the PTR version, the Mosaic Runeword in D2R 2.6 Patch has been improved. To get this runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you need to insert Mal, Gul, and Amn into a claw in the right order. The good news is that the set of new D2 Ladder runewords added in Patch 2.6 will be obtainable for both Ladder Season 3 and Offline Single Player. 

Claw (Level 53)

Mal + Gul + Amn 

+50% chance for finishing moves to not consume charges

When a finisher is executed this way, it now refreshes the expiration timer of the stack

+2 to Martial Arts (Assassin only)

+20% Increased Attack Speed

+200-250% Enhanced Damage

+20% Bonus to Attack Rating

7% Life Steal

+8-15% to Cold Skill Damage

+8-15% to Lightning Skill Damage

+8-15% to Fire Skill Damage

Prevent Monster Heal



D2R Mosaic Runeword Changes & Build Tips - How to Use Mosaic Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.6 Ladder Season 3

Is Mosaic a good runeword in D2R 2.6 & Ladder 3? How to use it and what builds to make around it? Based on the changes of Mosaic, and considering the character that benefits the most from it, here are some tips for the use of Mosaic runeword and Mosaic Assassin build in Diablo 2. 

The first thing that they changed is the 25% chance for finishing moves not to consume charge to 50%, wearing two claws would allow the effect to stack and having two 50% charges on, which brings it to 100% chance to not consume finishing charges, this means when you are using dual Mosaics together in sequence, you will not burn any combo charges at all. The combo orbs will no longer expire as long as you are attacking, so if you build a specific set of orbs, they are going to continually stay on your character until you finish beating the monster, which makes this completely insane in terms of the way that is going to affect the Martial Arts Assassin build in D2R 2.6 and Ladder. 

They also changed some other stats and effects, including the 7% life steal, +8-15% cold skill damage, +8-15% lightning skill damage, and +8-15% fire skill damage, to make this even more powerful in terms of this particular character, they also made some changes to the Assassin class in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.6, one of those is fixing the issue where missiles created from Martial Arts charge up skills would not gain the benefit of +% to Elemental Skill Damage modifiers. And now the Assassin Trap skills benefit from negative enemy resistance, you can potentially create a negative lightning damage Assassin build specifically around Mosaic, like building the lightning portion of Phoenix Strike, the lightning Claws of Thunder, and then going with the lightning Traps and putting on D2 items like Griffon's Eye. If you want to focus on Phoenix Strike, do not use Dragon Talon as a finisher move as it releases charges slowly, Dragon Tail scales much better than Dragon Talon with tiger strike charges. And if focus on Dragon Tail, you can still get a full-strength lightning setup from Phoenix Strike and Claws of Thunder.

What you would potentially be able to do is build up your charges in advance and keep them up, once you utilize one of these charges, you are going to see tons of meteors coming down and other crazy stuff. With the 100% that they are offering you and also the ability to reset the timers, you are going to have these charges all the time, every monster that you hit, every single time you apply a finisher to a target, this is going to make for some absolutely insane builds. The Mal, Gul, and Thul runes are cheap to get, so making two Mosaic claws for Martial Arts and is going to be extremely worthy and easy, looking for the perfect claw.

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