Best Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Sets & How to Get - New Dragon Outdoor Sets in Season 2 Patch 10.1

4/4/2023 10:33:18 AM

In today’s guide, we go through all the different black Dragonflight-inspired outdoor gear & weapons in Eembers of Neltharion patch 10.1, we review them and see whether they look great or not, how to get all tier sets in Dragonflight 10.1.

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Tier Sets & How to Get - New Black Dragon Outdoor Sets in Patch 10.1

A few weeks ago when patch 10.1 was announced, these are also announced that we will get some new black dragon outdoor sets in WoW Dragonflight. And from the only image that we had at the time, it looked pretty good and now you can see all the different armor pieces in game and also in the dressing room on Warhead and you can see all the different color variations. Tier sets aren’t only useful for transmog purposes, but also for set bonuses. Once all of the pieces have come together, they will give you set bonuses that will give you better stats depending on what class and spec you are using. You can also get a partial set bonus by having half of the tier set. Here’s a quick review of all the new tier sets in patch 10.1 from outdoor in Zaralek Cavern.

How to Get Tier Sets in Dragonflight 10.1 - Obtaining Black Dragon Outdoor Sets in 10.1

It's not sure exactly how we will get them, but if you go on the PTR, it says that it's from questing. So probably it will just be some rewards by when you complete some of the quest in patch 10.1. And it is possible that the tier sets can be looted from other places other than the Raid. Some of them will come from Heroic, whilst some will come from Mythic. But definitely it should be pretty easy to get all these different armor pieces which is crazy because some of them really look extremely good.

10.1 New Dragon-Themed Outdoor Sets & Weapons 

  • 1. Cloth Sets

The cloth set is well done, the chess piece is great, the shoulders are great, this looks really nice. And overall this is a very solid set, you will be able to get it in three different tints.

Then you have a blue version that looks also really nice. The dark colors on it and all the gluing effects even on the belts are extremely good.

Another blue version, it's a little bit more purple and this one looks great as well. It's a pretty solid set and a lot of people are going to use these different armor pieces because these look extremely good especially for green quest items that you will be able to get pretty easily.

This is what for instance the red set will look like in the game. As you can see, you will also have some of these weapons that will be matching all these different armor pieces and they are also from the different quests. So this is extremely good and this is such a good set for only green quest items. Maybe people’s favorite part about this set is the legs and this is one of the best armor pieces we had for cloth players in a long time.

  • 2. Leather Sets

Then we have the leather sets. When you compare it to the cloth one and the male and plate one, this one is just too simple, it's still pretty nice and people will be able to use a lot of these different sets. This is individually with over sets. So definitely something nice to have.

The blue version looks definitely better than the red one. The glowing effects on the eyes are really amazing, and the color theme and everything is just better, it's still something that is very simple but still a better set overall.

Then the light blue version is also nice very similar to the other one, and still something that a lot of people will use at some point.

This is where the set looks in game, you can find some matching weapons that are really nice as well. It looks pretty nice, the belt is very complete. And the blue version in game looks pretty nice overall.

  • 3. Mail Sets

Then we have the mail set. The mail set can remind people a little bit Shadowlands with this type of shoulders and it looks extremely good. All the different pieces have a lot of details and as you can see the cutters are really nice, there are some nice effects and so definitely a set that a lot of people are going to use.

The blue version looks absolutely awesome, all the details for instance here on the shoulders and on the legs and everywhere is absolutely amazing, definitely one of people’s favorites and something that if you were playing any characters that can wear male, definitely use this appearance as soon as possible

new dragon themed outdoor weapons season 2

As always, we have the lighter blue version again, weI don't see a major difference, still looks really nice and feels something that a lot of people will be happy to get. And on this shoulder, you have a dragon on this one nuts, but this is extremely good.

So this is what the set looks like in the game and you have matching weapons even a matching shield. It looks amazing and definitely these shoulders are some of the best we've seen in a long time. The blue version that is also absolutely amazing, for now we don't really have matching weapons with the overall colorations, but they will also add some of these weapons that will match the blue and light blue version of the sets.

  • 4. Plate Sets

Finally, we have the plate sets. After the Shadowland plate set for season 1, this is definitely something that we cannot wait to get. The detail on all the different pieces is absolutely insane. The colors are amazing, the shoulders are extremely big, but everything looks so nice. 

The blue version is absolutely amazing, the fact that this is only a set that you will be able to get when competing some quests. These are still green quest items is mind-blowing because this is by far even better than most of the sets that you will be able to get in the raid or by doing anything else in Dragon fights so far. So it’s not sure why they decided to use them as some of these outdoor sets, but this is one of the most beautiful thing we've seen in a long time in World of Warcraft.

Finally, we have the lighter blue version, that is really nice as well, we can see a little bit more changes, but really something that looks absolutely amazing.

This is what the sets will look like in game, it looks exactly the same, it's absolutely amazing and you have all the different matching weapons like the cool sword for instance. So the colors are amazing, the detail is amazing, so definitely one of the best set we've seen in a long time. Then we have the blue version that is absolutely amazing. This is definitely something that a lot of people are going to use as a transmog as soon as patch 10.1 is released.

  • 5. Black Dragon Outdoor Weapons

Here are all the different weapons we will get in patch 10.1. So right now they're only available in the gold and red version, but we will be able to get them also in all the different colorations.

- One-Handed Axes: Suffused Cleaver

- One-Handed Sword: Suffused Blade

- One-Handed Maces: Suffused Cudgel 

- Dagger: Suffused Shank 

- Two-Handed Sword: Suffused Greatsword

 -Staff: Suffused Staff

- Polearm: Suffused Halberd

- Gun: Suffused Rifle 

We have the one-handed axe that looks really nice, then one-handed sword is pretty unique and a lot of nice colors on it there. Then we have a mace as well, this one is just okay but still it matches the set. Then we have one of the daggers, this one is pretty cool as well, nothing too crazy. There is a two-handed sword that is okay, but doesn't look that great. We have one staff that is really nice and definitely matches the sets so well, so even on the Warrior. A lot of people will definitely use this as a weapon. Then we have a polearm which is nice as well, it's definitely refreshing to have a new colors and everything for a polearm, but it's just a little bit normal and nothing too exciting. The colors and everything matches very well the set, so definitely something that is a nice addition to the game. Then we have one gun and the gun is really nice as well, definitely something that a lot of people will use. 

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